We hail our dear school in the ascendant
Fount of valiant boys and virtuous girls bound by vision of a brighter tomorrow.
In bonds of friendship, discipline and effort, pure hearts of noble spirits, yielding inspiring works and great deeds.
Oh Lord, keep our patharight and our bound forever strong
In life’s labour we shall never give up
Until victory’s certain guided by our eternal creed
To serve God faithfully, to live life cheerfully, to learn wholesomely
We vow to strive without ceasing
To excel and to recreate our world
So sing a blissful song and lift our banner high
Lift our banner high
Higher and highest.

I pledge on my honour in words, deeds and in truth, to show kindness to my fellow students and to uphold the spirit of friendship in school. To obey without question, schools rules and regulations, to be guided by the cardinal virtues of scholarship and to strive at all times to meet the school goals of excellence and distinction in all I do. To bring honour and glory to myself, family and my dear school. So help me God.

The mission of the school is to be a first class secondary school providing a conducive learning environment for students to excel in academics, discipline and all human efforts.
The motto of the school: Hard work and discipline. The motto is the same in all the Nigerian Navy secondary schools.

NNSS Calabar is one of the Nigerian Navy Schools. Others are at Lagos, Abeokuta, Port-Harcourt, Ogbomoso and Imeri. The school was originally planned as a State Model Secondary School until it was handed over to the Nigerian Navy on 28th May 1999 by the government of Cross River State headed by Captain C. Osondu the military administrator. The school did not start that year due to logistics and financial challenges. Consequently, the school premises were left idlefor 6 years during which the facilities were degraded due to natural wear and tear as well as alleged vandalisation. In 2005, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral GTA Adekeye decided to start the school and appointed the pioneer commandant Captain A Kpou in October. Thereafter the facilities were renovated in preparation for the take-off and the school was commissioned on Friday 4 August 2006 by the Executive Governor of Cross River State Mr. Donald Duke. The school has grown now to a full-fledged one with students in JSS1 to SSS3 classes and a student population of about 1200. In terms of expansion and infrastructural development, the school has grown to that point which put it in good stead as a centre for education excellence

NNSS Calabar is a mixed full-boarding secondary school open to all Nigerian secondary school-aged children provided they pass the entrance examinations. We have students from all parts of the country. The school is an equal opportunity and multi-cultural institution that allows you to bring out the best in you, to make lasting friends and to learn from many others. Although the school is owned and run by the Nigerian Navy, it is public in nature and it is not a military school. We run the normal school curriculum in addition to Naval studies and parades to give the students a sense of discipline.

The school is located at Ikot Offiong Ambai village along the Calabar Ikang highway in Akpabuyo LGA of Cross River State. It is about 15km from UJ Esuene Stadium in Calabar City Centre. The compound is 500m from the highway opposite the Nigerian Police Secondary School. The school has an area measuring about 54 hectares.


Captain A. Kpou DSS psc+Bsc PGD MBA

17 NOV. 05-13 JUN 09

Captain MO Amoda DSS psc BA MED

13 JUN 09-5 NOV 10

Captain EA Ogbonnaya DSS psc Bsc PGDE MLS PHD

5 NOV 10-27 AUG 12

Lieutenant Commander RR Eleazu-Uriri FSS pjsc BScEd PGD MED

27AUG12 -28NOV12

Commander RR Eleazu-Uriri FSS pjsc BScEd PGD MED

28 NOV 12-21 SEPT 15

Lieutenant Commander FO Ebhohimen FSS psc AMNIM MIADS

20 SEPT 15 - 4FEB 16

Commander FO Ebhohimen FSS psc AMNIM MIADS

5FEB16 – 14 DEC. 17


14 DEC. 17 -till date


Lieutenant Commander MK Gado

178 NOV 05-13 SEPT 06

Lieutenant Commander MA Adetunji

13 SEPT 06-22 OCT 08

Lieutenant Commander FU Arukwe

0CT 08-JAN 10

Lieutenant Commander PS Ozah

MAR 10-JAN 11

Lieutenant Commander H Salihu

04JAN 11-06 FEB 13

Lieutenant Commander AJ Bello


Lieutenant Commander AT Abdullahi

25AUG14- 20JULY15

Lieutenant Commander IA Adamu

20JULY15 – 11Dec 17


11Dec. 17- till date

Best student in West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

1 2012 Akpong Franklin Agweye M 17 5A1, 2B2, 2B3 9
2 2013 Udofia Odot-itoro Precious M 16 5A1, 4B3 9
3 2014 Ekpe Uduakabasi Emmanuel F 17 6A1, 1B2, 2B3 9
4 2015 Egor Elias Enang M 16 3A1, 2B2, 4B3 9
5 2016 Asuquo Ubongabasi James F 16 5A1, 2B2, 2B3 9
6 2017 Njoku Favour Enyinnaya M 16 7A1,2B3 9


NNSS Admission Portal is very easy to use. Registration is in 6 simple steps.
1. Obtain Scratch Card
2. Register Online and Print your Proof of Registration
3. Print out your exam slip online
4. Write the Entrance Examination
5. If successful, Print out your Interview Exam Slip
6. Attend the Interview Examination

Where to get your scratch card

Walk into any of our designated outlets and ask to buy a NNSS Admission Portal scratch card. Pay the fee of 1,800 naira and you will be issued with a card. Gently scratch out the grey patch of the card to reveal your Serial number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Find below available scratch card sales outlets
1. All Nigerian Navy Secondary and Primary Schools (i.e. at Ojo Lagos, Abeokuta, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Ogbomoso Oyo State, and Imerin Ondo State).
2. States Liaison Offices in Lagos.
3. Nigerian Air Force Primary School Victoria Island Lagos.
4. Nigerian Air Force Primary School 1 Ikeja.
5. Command Children School Yaba.
6. Command Children School Ikeja.
7. Command Children School Ojo.
8. Naval Unit Abuja.
9. Nigerian Navy Ship Delta.
10. Nigerian Navy School of Health Science Offa.
11. Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistic School Owerrinta.

How to Register your application

Click on the Candidate Registration link by clicking on the Admissions Tab on the menu bar of the www.nnedu.org. Choose application type as ONLINE CANDIDATE if you have purchased a scratch card for your application or as MANUAL CANDIDATE if you purchased the NNSS application form instead.
ONLINE CANDIDATES are to fill in the pin and serial numbers obtained from the scratch card. Click on Log in to access your form. Start by uploading your passport photograph. You will then be able to fill out your personal information, a secret question and its secret answer, your parent information as well as school information. Note that all pictures must be in JPEG, JPG or GIF formats and must be less than 20kB in size. Preview the form by clicking on the preview button at the bottom of the page. If preview is successful, submit the form and your application is immediately sent to the navy entrance exam team with your registration number and your Exam Number now displayed on the page. You are then to print the Exam Docket as Proof of successful registration. The print button for the exam docket is under your passport picture. Make sure to save this slip and always remember the answer to your secret question. You may log in at anytime using your pin and serial number e.g. for your Interview Exam Number if successful in the Entrance Exam.

How to print your exam slip

Log in using your pin and serial number, then click on the "print slip" tab. If your exam number has been allocated by the Directorate of Naval Education, you will see the details displayed on this page. Click on the print button and your exam slip will be generated. Print out this slip which you will take along with you to the exam center. If your number is yet to be allocated however you will see a message in red to that effect

How to view Exam results

Visit the website www.nnedu.org for the announcement of the NNSS Entrance Results. If successful, you will be directed to Log into this application again using the same pin and serial number. Upon Log in, print your Interview Exam Slip which in conjunction with a letter of invitation to interview from the Directorate of Naval Education, will admit you to the Interview Exam.

How to view Interview Exam results

Visit the website www.nnedu.org for the announcement of the NNSS Interview Exam Results. If successful, you will be directed on when and where to pick up your Letter of Admission.

if you forget your pin and serial number

Applicants who forget their pin and serial number can retrieve them using the registration number generated. Click on the "forgot password link" and supply your registration number and answer to your secret question. The system will retrieve your pin and serial number which you can use to log into the system

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