Every one of us students dreams of the perfect American movie - High School Life; the glitz, the glamour and all the partying and fun. I’d like to blot that picture out of our minds with three words “IT’S NOT EASY’.

I’m writing on survival among peers.

 Fore mostly , we are not day student or boarding students in an ordinary school we have found ourselves in a military environment where things are not quite  easy. Many of our peers (friends, classmates and course mates) mostly go about with frayed tempers.

From a teenager point of view, high school is where one makes good friends for life but from this girl’s point of view, it is also where you make silly mistakes, worst enemies and sad-sad-sad endings.

To survive among peers in high school, you have to be careful, amiable and smart.

When we see people with diverse upbringing, different tempers, wicked or kind hearts, mixing heard is a kind of heard but here are a few tips to make life easy.

  1. DO NOT BE PROUD: In school, many proud people end up being embarrassed and shunned by their mates. Many boys and girls (no offence) like to lie in wait for peers that feel themselves. Remember a humble person is truly dangerous.
  2. BE UNCONSPICIOUS AND DON’TBE AN ODD BALL: Try to mix up and don’t be the odd one out. Trust me, if you are always odd, you’ll have few friends and many insults. Try to have course mate spirit and don’t be outstanding in odd ways.
  3. DON’T INVOLVE YOURSELF IN GOSSIP: Take it from me, nothing remains hidden under the sun. When you gossip, expect to be haunted and hated. No one takes gossip lightly. 
  4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT INSULT PEOPLE: Especially people stronger than you. Bullies just love it when you insult them, it give them a reason to kill you

Now pray heard, work heard, have fun, follow advice from seniors and high school becomes fun.

Plus, remain cheerful always and above all remain an individualist who is not pushed around.