Leadership is the act of organizing and guiding a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Effective leadership is the act of organizing and guiding a group of people or fellow leaders in an organized manner in order to achieve a common goal. In the diaspora today, leadership in most countries is seen as an avenue for enjoyment, extravagant and status booster which is incorrect.

The demands of leadership are far-fetched from the things listed above. As the saying goes ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’, the adage is no less of the exact statement it is portraying. To be an effective and committed leader, many things are involved. First of all, when you are elected into any position as a leader, your subordinates look up to you in numerous ways. Your level of responsibility should increase, you should be well dressed and appear smart at all times, you are a role model to others and so much more. The demand listed below will be looked and explained extensively one by one.

One of these is self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is the giving up of your own interest or wishes and needs in order to help other people to achieve a goal. In order to be a leader, irrespective of the benefits attached to such a position, a leader needs to give up many things to achieve his aim. This includes your time, unnecessary relaxation, some of his unnecessary friends and so much more to achieve his goals.

Another is humility. A leader, no matter what, must be down to the earth and humble. You should be approachable and bring yourself down since God exalts the humble as He is the maker and giver of authority, therefore to earn your people’s trust you must be humble and never educate yourself unnecessarily.

A third demand is care. This is the provision of welfare and protection for someone. It is also the ability to look after and provide for the needs of your subordinates. A leader that does not care about the welfare of his co-leaders and tends to only dish out orders to them is like using your generator, or car, frequently without refueling, oiling, cleaning and washing it. Everything will simply turn out to be messy since he cannot learn about his subordinates’ problem and reason them.

A fourth demand is kindness. This is a quality of being considerate and generous. As a leader you should consider the problems and needs of your workers and make provisions for their welfare. This builds trust and confidence in you from your subordinates since they understand that you really care about them. But this kindness is not to be overstretched as some people may take undue advantage of it.

Also, empathy. This is the ability to recognize people’s problems and sympathize with them. One as a leader must learn to console his subordinates when they are in physical or emotional distress so as to reassure them and also let them know you care. This works hand in hand with care and kindness.

Another important attribute is respect. A leader must be respected. He should not tolerate any form of disrespect from his followers in order to earn respect since respect is earned not forced on someone.

The next subtopic on this article is the mistakes most leaders make and how they can be addressed.

A major one is extravagance. In leadership, there will be privileges for sure and majority of our leaders tend to abuse this. Then when they are heavily paid and respected some still go on to inflate their accounts in order to feel rich among other leaders while their followers starve. As a leader, one should be contented and strive to help his followers not himself.

Another mistake is compromise. Most leaders tend to bend to the demands of the people he leads and also overlook most mistakes made by them. This is one time bomb waiting to explode in any administration and it is very dangerous. When anybody suspects compromising from an early stage. There are many dangers saddled to it. Therefore a leader must be firm in his ideologies and functions to avoid unwanted behavior from his subordinates.

Also, abuse of immunity. As a leader, you are immune to many unfavourable things. Most leaders tend to make the very mistakes and crimes they should be discouraging and get away with it. As a leader, respect your immunity as leadership is by example. If you commit and hope to correct that same offence it is like pointing a gun on your forehead and shooting yourself.

Among these problems include, too many friends and advise, which is in other words known as bad company. A leader must not listen to too many ideas and then if you do, filter them, look at the consequences of the future effects of that action and be careful while going through the phases of the actions.

From the write up above, many things can be learnt but these are only a few of the numerous mistakes made by people. Thank you!