The term ‘’communication’’ can be defined as the method of sending or giving people information especially through telephones, radio, letters, etc. While media can be defined as the ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment e.g. television, newspapers and the internet. Also, a television is a piece of electronic equipment with a screen on which you can watch programs with moving pictures and sounds. The television is both a social media and a communication media in the sense that both deal with sending and receiving information by a large number of people for pleasure and being informed.

   Television is a good curse to Nigeria when not abused or when one is of addicted to it but judging on our today’s youth lifestyle, they live on it. So let’s ask ourselves this question ‘’is television a good communication media?’’ Yes and no depending on the way in which you tend to use it .But reviewing our youth’s today, one is left to ponder if it is a positive or negative influence on their lives. Why don’t we ponder within ourselves as we look at the following effects of television?

-A child who ignores the mother because he’s watching the television.

-A child who starts the generator when the parents are not around so as to watch a movie premiere.

-A child who beats up the younger one because he changed the channel.

-A child who wounds because he was running to pickup the remote.

-A child who steals money to buy petrol to start the generator so as to watch the television.

-A child who forgot to do his homework because of television.

-A child who practices a fighting skill on one of his playmates because Bruce lee did it.

-A child who fornicates because he saw it on television and wants to try it.

-A child who uses foul language/curses he learnt from a movie.

-A child who sits 6am-6pm watching television forgetting about eating or his personal hygiene.

   After looking at the stated examples, can we still say that television is a positive influence when on a scale of balance of 100%, the negative effects are 80% higher than the positive influence. Some parents may say yes as they see it as leverage to getting what they want from their children or getting them to do as they say.

      The health defects youth acquire as a result of excess television viewing is enormous. Medical reports have it that diseases such as heart diseases, Eye defects and Ear defects is mostly caused by television. Sitting too close to the screen, putting the volume at its highest, staying up late to watch television, waiting for light to come on at night, all these activities take up its toll in our body and thereby not making us physically fit. A child who stays up all night watching television  and sleeps all through the next day so as to keep a night vigil the next night, is these really good?, so we can see that television is such a bad effect on our children.

         Following this closely: is the academic effect it has on the youth; A child is caught sleeping throughout classes because he couldn’t sleep last night due to watching television, a child who forgot to do his assignment because he was watching television. After missing classes a child goes home with nothing to make of what was taught that day, thereby disturbing his academic performance. A child will go home and on seeing light, on the television first without eating or removing his clothes and resting his brain. So tell me how can a child who has done these entire thing face his studies or succeed in school, surely his mind will always be on how to watch the new episode coming up that day and so will miss out on everything.

        The next phase is the psychological effect it has on youths. This describes the effect of television on the mind and the way it works. There is a saying that “charity begins at home” and a child learns things easily during his prime.

After watching a war movie for four hours , he picks up a stick and tries to practice what he just say or after watching a romantic movie , he makes sexual advances to a girl ,this  is  due to what he or she has just watched. Based on a true life story, a child killed himself trying to practice hanging he had recently seen on the television; of course it is not his fault, but the influence of the television on him

          In additional to the above mentioned; the physical individuality of the youth is not left out as there are tremendous effects. It refers to the seeable effect of television on children. These can be seen on a child who stays awake all night watching television, such a child would be sluggish, lousy and dizzy and could even be seen sleeping anywhere, and these could lead to loss of weight, sickness, g. tiredness etc. A child tends to copy the latest fashion style or beauty tips on the television without considering what he or she represents or looks like to the outside world or a child could get very physical with others leading to early marriage or adultery.

A child could learn many things watching the television, both positive and negative but it is hard for a child to watch news packages when there are other channels including cartoon network, telemundo or zee world. Sometimes children do forfeit their food just to see the screen of a television or a child won’t even notice that the parents have arrived until the light is out, or the television is switched off. It also affects parents when the task that was assigned to children wasn’t done due to the fact of watching television so much as it affects the children, it will eventually get back to us.

    All hope is not lost as children of today could still be drawn back to the truth irrespective of all these negative effects, they are some ways which could be taken to avoid or prevent this influence such as;

-Drawing out a timetable for the child. These will include all of his activities and ensure he carries it out.

-Minimize the time for a child when watching the television.

-Make sure he or she is on bed before going to sleep yourself.

-Discipline a child if he does not carry out his task assigned to him due to watching television.

-Assist the child in doing his assignment after school.

-Put in or select channels that will influence the child positively.

-Stop late night watching of television.

-Put in parental guidance for children before leaving them at home. 

- stop putting television in the room of children below the age of 18 so as to monitor what they are watching at intervals.

- advise them on the effect of too much watching of television.

            With the above opinion duly carried out I think Nigeria will be filled with responsible people, incorruptible and prompt citizens and this will lead to development of the country. Even the parents will enjoy it as the children will pay more attention to their studies. Also the rate of buying unwarranted drugs for the health of our children will reduce.

            Youths will enjoy as the will be appreciated with gifts that would be showered on them when they perform well on their studies. This will also enable them to know the environment, economy and Nigeria. If all this is strictly adhere to, Nigeria will be a better country and our youths will be appreciated more in the outside world.