It is very essential today for parents to be fully aware of the things their children do due to the tremendous increase in scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, most parents have turned this to be a medium whereby they tend to get too involved in the activities of their children which is obviously not pleasant.

            In our world today, with the invention of the various social media like Facebook, Whatapps, Instagram etc., it is obviously true that apart from the actual purpose of chatting and interaction, other awful events also take place as they have been recorded cases of children sending their nude pictures, death threat confidential information and other acts which are very demoralizing to strangers.

            In terms of using electronics such as laptops, televisions and some other minor gadgets, some children also see this as a means of watching obnoxious movies which actually corrupts their mind set. Most of these children tend to practice these immoral acts that they learnt from the moving.

            In the word today, children enjoy mixing up with their peers and forks of the same age grade. In doing this, parents are always very interested in the choices of their children and they see to it that their children move with the right friends to avoid ending up in danger. All these and more are what every responsible parent will do in order to ensure sound training of their children. But, in doing this, some parents turned out to be overprotective and paranoid that they forget that there is something called “PRIVACY”.

           Nowadays, we find parents checking up the chats and conversations transpired between children and their friends. They also tend to check up the friend list and determine the kind of friends that should be eliminated and the kinds that should stay. They also want to be aware of what the children are doing, where they are, what time they left home,  when they’ll be back, the kind of movies thy watch and so on!

            Although it is right for every parent to know this these facts, it is not a basis for them to be all around their wards. This act irritates the children even though they keep it to themselves. They feel within themselves that they are incapable of making decisions for themselves especially with the “do this and don’t do that” syndrome. Sometimes, some may feel that they are under some kind of bondage and will tend to rebel to set themselves free. Others may even feel less capable of doing things that suit them. Rather, they do things that suit their parents as if they don’t have the right to make choices of their own.

            Sincerely, children are bored with such kind of happenings around them and demand to be given a space to take a deep breath. Of course, they demand to be free and have to make decisions not parents who always expect their children to be subservient in doing everything that seems right by their parents. If children are not over protected and the privilege to express themselves, it will be much better. In so doing, both the children and parents will feel worthy to be trusted because; the parents understand their children and give them the best advice that is beneficial to help them live right. In the other way, the children trust their parents and know the kind of things their parents expect of them of them and are satisfied with. They could even confide in their parents over the most minor issue because they solely trust them. Rather than seeking for wrong advice from their peers to feel among.

            When the parents are less protective, it gives room for further discussions and enhances the bond of the love they share even as they respect privacy and believe in what they are capable and incapable of doing. It could even make the child to trust the parents because he/she believes that their parents will always understand their predicaments.

            Surely, an understanding parent is more honoured than an over-protective parent.



SS3EKPE (2016/2017)