Один день в МГУ!

Один день в МГУ!

Marina is going to show me the Moscow state university, which is basically the best
university in Russia It looks very impressive from the outside in my opinion. I have been there one year ago So let’s get ready and let’s go to Moscow State University Wooah it’s so far away from where I live. Ok, so I have one hour to go there And Marina told me to be there in 30, 40 minutes so I am gonna be late a little bit I think Okay so I just get out of the bus, right now I need to find the Moscow State University It’s not the best place to cross the road in Russia Look at this “hectic” traffic As you can see I am here, I need to go there, to the Moscow State University It’s time to cross the road, and to go to some Russian forest in Moscow cityyyy We will see if the legend and stereotype about Russia is true!
Am I gonna find some Russian bear right here ? (lol) In.. In this Russian forest.. It’s actually very dense, and there are.. A lot of.. trees.. as you can see It looks wild, the wild Russia! Okay so Marina just told me what the fuck I am doing here because it seems
that it’s not the good direction But I really like this parc so I am going though it and there are some squirrels by the way on the trees
I saw some of them Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel… It’s very hard to say for French people This word, squirrel squirrel squirrel Okay I just get out of the.. oh my god my haircut is like a fucking disaster Okay so I just found the university There are so many Chinese tourists here, I don’t know why I mean, the university looks cool, yea, it looks pretty fucking cool… I need to find Marina.. Where are you Marina ? Where are you…! It smells shit by the way *doing weird sounds* There is a wild Marina there.. She is very wild To approach the wild Marina you need to be very careful.. To walk very slowly, and to don’t do any.. Oh my god she saw me!
I need to hide myself.. She is there, you see the wild Marina ? Make a surprise.. OH MY GOD SHE SAW ME OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD The angry, wild Marina.. She is very злая, oh my god she is there I need to hide myself! It’s very dangerous guys,
it’s very dangerous So now that you have the wild Marina saw you, you need to … Oh, don’t.. she is beating me! – Okay let’s go. – You are so bad with me. Hello Marina!
How are you ?! I am fine. – как дела, все хорошо ? – Do you like my university ? – Yea, so this is a normal day
in the best Russian university Is it the best one ? – Yea. – Is it the BEST BEST one ? – The best in Russia. Best best best one.. so you are one of the smartest girl in Russia, right ? How is it, how do you feel to be one of the smartest girl in Russia ? Not bad! – Not bad, okay good. So Marina ! Oh my god.. It’s like, echo.. People are living here.. – Living ? – Yea. So there is like apartments there.. – Appartement (marina showing off his French).
Apartment there. Is it expensive or is it free ? – No, it’s not free, but it’s really cheap for students – Okay. Patrimoine ? – Patrimoine (Marina showing off her French.) – Fuck you Patrimoine (Marina showing off her French again!). – Aurélien ? – Aurélien. Whaat ? – Amazing. Stoop ! – Well done Look look. – Кто молодец Marina ? – Look look! This thing is actually .. fucking… (I hated it so much, almost felt down) We need to wait for my friend.. That’s it! So what’s going to happen ? She will make an.. – She will make an invitation for me ? – yea yea, so you can come in It’s good. – Of course it’s good! I am the best friend ever You are the best friend ever ? – Yea yea yea I am the best friend for you, you know.
– Look at this best friend Okay so I am right now in the Moscow state university. I had to get a special invitation
from Russian.. Marina! She really helped me for this So there we can eat, right ? – No. – No ok. – No it’s a bad one Okay it’s like a bad one, because you have different one. – Of course, there are
like 5 one I think Oh my god it looks so fucking.. (beautiful!). – Stalin! Really ? – No ? – I don’t know it looks like something Roman something. – Yea I think. But they should put the light on you know. – Yea of course but.. People what ? – There is no people. That’s it ! – It’s like a museum. – Really ? I mean, this, place. – Yea yea yea yea Do you like it ? – yea. Can we go there ? – Let’s see! Yea yea yea it’s close. *doing weird sounds* There is nothing to see here let’s go back So marina is doing like a random visit of the building (1963, I don’t know why she was saying that) Yea yea yea you like it ? A random one. You like it ? It’s like a random university in Moscow right ? *angry marina* is it the tallest one ? The biggest one ? The best one ? – Yea of courseee
the best biggest ! yea yea yea yea. With the best student here ? Yea of course! I just bought the Moscow State university sweat shirt, it’s so cool! How is it sviter in English ? *trying to speak English* So I have here a borsh… Some potatoes, and a kind of “chocolate eclair” And there is some.. How is it in Russian ? – Арбуз. – Вот. Bonne appétit! They are a little bit crazy here you know You know it’s like something bad is going to happen Oh my gosh I don’t want to die now, with you, hu Let’s go! So we are… It means it’s open! So what is it here, Marina ? – It’s a museum. Of what ? – You can read. “земля”. It means Earth. It means to study about earth. – Is it the highest place in the Moscow State University ? – No it’s not but.. – It’s not the highest place ? – Can we go higher than this ? – I don’t know… – We should try.. – I think there are excursions. Okay so right now, we are at which floor Marina ? – *…* – Which floor ? – The fifth! – Fifth Floor! Let’s explore a little bit the building. Marina, what is it ? – I don’t know, there are a lot of weird things here. So those people are the best student of the faculty of geology. So well done! Girls What does it mean Marina Marina ? Marinaaa What is it zashishli (защищали) ? zashishli (защищали) – To protect *marina talking alone* *finding weird places in the university* It looks like Harry potter actually There is your favorite.. – You know, it looks like harry Potter. – Yes yes! Oooh- Moscow City! Look it’s so cute like here you can put your book you don’t read and take another one from here Like students do it. Can I take one, back to France ? Yea yea. – Really ? if you want But I don’t know, one which is like easy to read. Hmm, I don’t think it’s easy to read This one is my favorite. I don’t think it’s easy to read. No, no, no this one is soo thin. *showing you the corridors of the university..* *It really looks like Hogwarts* So where are we now ? – They are crazy, you know they are super old so sometimes they
are just crazy *finding others weird stuffs in the university* Aurel! But with my boyfriend, but I don’t have a boyfriend so it’s ok Can you stop talking about your imaginary boyfriend ? *bye bye Moscow State university!*


  1. Молодец, за то, что учишь непростой иностранный язык, за упорство, за целеустремлённость, за успехи! За то, что ты говоришь на родном мне языке, ты как родной, хоть и француз) Подумать только, благодаря интернету я общаюсь с настоящим французом, это фантастика) Удачи)

  2. Прикольно, можно сказать, что попробовал на зуб "гранит" науки.

  3. "Один день …" в одном из зданий МГУ, потому что МГУ – это целый город. И вы не показали дверь CUF (collège universitaire français), кажется, на седьмом этаже. Честно говоря, в этом видео слишком много суеты. На мой взгляд. (никому ничего не навязываю)

  4. Молодец, всю Россию увидешь, побольше бы таких видео, как ты все успеваешь ?!

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