Порноактриса VS Гинеколог.Венерические заболевания.Venereal diseases.(English subtitles)

Порноактриса VS Гинеколог.Венерические заболевания.Venereal diseases.(English subtitles)

about topics that people usually avoid to
speak about, such as sexually transmitted infections (STI). Thank you for inviting me! Do you also follow me on Instagram? Yes, I think I followed you even before you
did. How did you find me? I found you on the Yurohov’s account. Where do you work now? I work now at Smita’s Clinic in Saint Petersburg,
Technologicheskay metro station. I will visit you! Looking forward to meeting you! The reason, why I invited you is that I always
have a dream to speak honestly and openly with a gynecologist who has a modern way of
thinking. Before that I used to go for a consultation to the old woman, who always was saying to
me that I had the perfect age to have a baby, because I’m already 23 or doctors were cold
and closed towards me. I always wanted to tell honestly that I am a porn actress, have
been working in porn industry for 6 years and I’m in at-risk group. That’s why I
need to visit a doctor that often. The situation is that I have never thought
deeply about it. We used to do tests every month and that’s all. I have never thought
that something dangerous might happened in that business. But this year one of the most
famous porn actors Nacho Vidal was infected with HIV. All people in that business were
afraid and started to retest, as well as the system of testing was changed. I had been
spending all day and night by googling what would happen if I was infected. In this case,
when should it be found and so on? On the internet there is no certain information,
especially when it comes to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Symptoms and the incubation
period might be different depends on the website and that’s why I’m here – to get certain
information. Firstly, I would like to ask, where is it
taught that good? I was studying in S.M. Kirov Military Medical
Academy for 6 years, Faculty of Training of Civil Doctors, then I entered residency as
an obstetrician gynecologist at the Almaznyy center in Saint Petersburg. After that I was
also attending different courses and so on. How many years have you been working there? I’ve been working there for 4 years. Is it interesting? Yes, it is. Why is it interesting for you? Is it because
you help people? Why do you work as a porn actress? Because I help people. Me too. So, we are on the same side. Will you help me today? It’s my pleasure! The question is difficult. We do some tests
for sexually transmitted infections (STI). Here you can see the tests. It’s a clinic
in Hungary, where all porn actors and actresses do the tests.
They are: HIV ½, szifilisz, hepatitis, chlamidia trachomatis AG, gonorrhea. Is it enough, so I can say that I’m safe?
The question is difficult. Even if the test isn’t really bad, I would say that it’s
not enough for me, for example. What else should be done? There are some tests as Femoflor-Screen for
women, diagnosis of bacterial prostatitis for men, opportunistic pathogens, urea plasma,
mycoplasma that also should be done together with the test for the most dangerous sexually
transmitted infections (STI) as HIV for example. So, that’s not bad that you do the test
every year, every moth, every two weeks. Wait for a moment, porn actors do the tests more
often than doctors? Yes, they do. This is a really sad story,
especially for Russia. I don’t know how it works abroad. Porn actors, as well as doctors
work with blood and we are to at the risk group. Yes, we are on the same side again. The difference is that you do these tests
more often than we do. We do it because we want to be tested or we do these tests just
once a year under constraint because we are doctors. Okay, but now these tests have been changed.
After this situation with HIV infected porn actor, we do more modern tests. Also, in InterLab
clinic. They are: HIV 1 PCR, HIV ½, Syphilis, Hepatitis
C, Hepatitis Bs-Ag, Chlamydia trachomatis PCR, Gonorrhoca PCR. And we also do the throat
swab. Here I would like to ask you, why should we
also do the throat swab for chlamidia and gonorrhoca? The spectrum was developed to pretend the
possibility of being infected. It’s believed that ELISA is better than PCR. What does ELISA mean? ELISA – enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
is used to evaluate the presence of antigen ( such as with the HIV test). PCR is also
not bad, but PCR is used to find any DNA segment. Sorry, but I didn’t get it – why should
we do throat swab? We usually do only vaginal swab. Does that
mean that oral sex may pass chlamydia and gonorrhea? Yes, many STIs can be spread through oral
and anal sex. So, does that mean that oral sex is also dangerous? Yes, it does. Which STIs can be spread through oral sex? HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasma
– pretty much everything. Condyloma, for example, might also appear
at throat after oral sex. How is it possible? It’s also believed that
transmitting STIs through saliva is not possible. No, that’s not true. Vaginal and rectal
secretions might transmit the STIs. The same effect you will have, if sperm gets in eye. It means that if I have vaginal and anal sex
with a condom and oral sex without, I still can be infected. Exactly. The thing is that I have several friends working
as prostitutes and all of them have oral sex without a condom. They even have a special
offer for that. They all are giving a blow job without a condom.
Nobody uses any protection during cunnilingus. They must understand that they are at risk.
This is russian roulette After that they use miramistin to pretend
transmitting STIs. Why are you laughing? Miramistin can pretend… Well, it’s better
than nothing… Can miramistin protect from HIV? No, it’s not possible for 100 percent. For how many percent it still can pretend?
It depends on your immune system, dosage. It all sum up how dangerous a person might
be. Maybe he is taking antiretroviral medication, and he is not contagious or maybe on the contrary,
he is really ill. And if a woman has a low immune system, then the percentage of transmission
is 95 percent. Or maybe if a man is a man on a retro viral infection of viral therapy
and has sex with a girl who also has good immunity, the risk is minimized, but does
not exclude the possibility of transmission. This is a Russian roulette. Cunnilingus is the same thing absolutely.
It doesn’t matter if girls sleep with girls or boys with boys. Miramistin and chlorhexidine
are synonyms. Just one of them is well-promoted, the second is not. What do we have to do?
Condoms are needed after all. Can we use some latex wipes? Well, you can cut condoms. After all, it’s better to have sex with
a trusted sexual partner. Let’s go back. I was shocked to find out
about oral sex. All my life I have been thinking that it’s absolutely safe.
That’s really sad. Let’s get back to these tests. What is HIV PCR and HIV IFA. Why did
they add these analyzes? This is a research method. In this case, as
I understand it, since this is a person’s work, the more research options there are,
the lower the risk of both laboratory error and material. Could it be false positive or false negative
result? Yes, maybe, because no one excludes some laboratory errors or some other ones,
for example bacteria or something else that can change the results. This of course happens
rarely. But life is such a thing, everything might happen. Nacho Vidal has recently recorded a video
on his YouTube channel where he has bought a test in a pharmacy for HIV infection. He
has done this test in front of the camera and the result has been not determined. He
blamed everyone that they had accused him of having a HIV infection. He blamed the clinic,
blamed everyone. He says that the test showed negative result. Хорошо,я здесь в аптеке. Какая-то аптека,где – то. Я иду покупать..Вот это! Это 35.90 евро. С чем-то внутри полностью запечатанным. Для меня, чтобы проколоть палец. Ох,черт! Это маленькая игла! Чтобы помочь извлечь вашу кровь,образец вашей крови. Я должен..Дай мне прочитать это сначала.. Кровь, я должен извлечь это сначала. Проколоть мой палец вот так. Это выглядит как тест для беременных,не так ли?Это должно проявить одну или две маленькие линии. В зависимости от того,есть ли у меня ВИЧ или нет. Это должно проявить одну или две маленькие линии. В зависимости от того,есть ли у меня ВИЧ или нет. Я не знаю,сколько это займет времени. Я не знаю,должна ли маленькая линия проявиться скоро. Я не знаю,сколько это займет. Но мне неважно. Давайте подождём. Может здесь было недостаточно крови. Что я знаю. Дай-ка я проверю снова. О,посмотрите! Маленькая линия появляется! Так,так,так! Здесь что-то еще! Здесь должны быть две линии! Черт! Здесь должны быть две маленькие линии! Боже! Не говорите мне теперь, что у меня нет ВИЧ. Что у меня нет ВИЧ! Что у меня нет дерьма! Я не знаю,видите ли вы это.. Так, я вижу только одну линию,видите ли вы ее? With the help of the test, a person can get
the result, but this is not the final. The most sensitive ELISA – enzyme-linked immunosorbent
assay. The second most popular is the western blot. It is only now entering the medical
world. In any case, no one can be 100% diagnosed with only one test. If ELISA is positive,
then you should retest it or do additional tests. And only if the situation is confirmed
from test to test, then the final diagnosis can be made. But only one test strip, especially from the
mouth – is nothing. Well, I really confused. Actually, you did
two analyzes to more accurately determine HIV. Yes, and the frequency with which this
is done, as we said, once a month, once every two weeks, is good. Yeah, right now we are
doing it well. Why did we start doing once every two weeks? In order not to miss the
window period. It is reasonable. A window is a period of time when some type
of disease cannot be detected. What is called an incubation period. These tests are not
done for the purpose of treatment, but to prevent the consequences. How long does the actual incubation period
usually last? On average, it can be from two weeks to sixty
days, so what’s why you do it every 2 weeks. Can HIV also be detected in two weeks? Usually
3-4 weeks, but depends on the immune system. And what is the maximum term? 60 days. But it is better to do tests every two weeks
and, accordingly, in this case you will have an opportunity to determine the disease as
soon as possible. That also means that a person can be infected, I cannot know about it because
tests cannot show it now. It also means, that it cannot guarantee that you can be completely
healthy. For example, if a person comes and says, I
know for sure that I have had a contact with HIV-infected person. It was let say a week
ago. Then he gets tested, after that he comes in a month and then in half a year. And if
these three analyzes are negative, we have not missed the window, then we can say the
person has not been infected. Six months is a lot. Yes, it is. It just turns
out that this document is more likely for the safety of companies than for us. I will
not agree, I will not refute, but I think you understand. Would condoms solve the problem?
Yes, they would reduce the likelihood. Why don’t people want to watch porn with condoms?
Given this whole situation? If HIV cannot be sometimes be determined before six months? Apparently there is no such sexual energy
in that case. Do you watch porn? Of course, I even watched
the video with you. Really? Yes, you were in a pool.
So it does not matter for you, does it? If there was a condom on a young man, would
it bother you somehow? No, it’s absolutely fine for me. Do you mean if I watch porn or
if I participate? If I watch, it makes no difference to me. This list of tests, is it complete? I would
say no. What else is needed? For women – at least femoflor 16 or 18, the
analysis that shows in the first column general and increase the risk of HIV transmission,
for example. Everyone doesn’t care about the flora. Are there any other diseases that might be sexually transmitted? Ureaplasma, for example. This is not as dangerus as gonorrhea, for example, but can also be transmitted. And what are the consequences of ureaplasma? t reduces local immunity, respectively, a person becomes more susceptible to other infections, such as gonorrhea. That is also Russian Rullet. We had not even been tested for hepatitis B before, what can I say about ureaplasma. I heard about such a new disease as Human papillomavirus (HPV). Of course, we do not do any tests for that either. What is it? Tell us, is it dangerous? This is not a new disease. There are a huge number of types. I think most of the are still not discovered. It appears, for example, in the form of moles on the face, this is also not normal. That is, these are some kind of changes on the skin. For example, someone rubs from a bag. Different types of warts. There are similar warts in the vagina or on the glans penis. But this is more a question for andrologists. For women, this can be a dangerous story, because there are types that can lead to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer cannot exist without this virus. And returning to ureaplasma, which reduce local immunity and thereby provoke the disease. And is it sexually transmitted? Do condoms protect against HPV? No, unfortunately, not. How is it possible? Because the wall of the condom is not thick enough, although you don’t need to buy a super dense condom or put on 2 at the same time, as the probability that they will tear is higher. The HPV virus passes through the wall of the condom. During sexual intercourse, different parts of the body come into contact, due to which the virus can spread, even if the intercourse is protected. Is it possible to get HPV from giving oral sex, if you lick a ball sack for example? The question is good, I find it difficult to answer. Let’s call the venereologist. Is it really possible to call?
Yes I can Do not forget to warn him that he is on the speakerphone. What’s his name? Timur Andreyevich, venereologist, my superiors Timur, you are on the speakerphone, we are being shot. The question is the following. Is it possible to get infected if you lick a ball sack?
Did he hang up? He does not want to answer this question.
This question will remain on the next broadcast.
Let’s call back? Timur, you are now being recorded. The question is, is it possible to get infected if you lick a ball sack?
If there is a wound ther, then yes, it can. If there is no damage, then the probability is lower. Thank you, you helped us a lot. The human HPV can lead to cervical cancer within six, seven, eight years, in case of pathogenic flora. This means that if a girl is not being tested regularly and a virus has been detected in her, then the likelihood that this will lead to cervical cancer is high. Since I mainly work with the cervix, I often come to patients aged 20-21, who are at risk. If they contacted later, then the diagnoses would have been more dangerous. What is an erosion on the cervix? Erosion or Cervical ectropion is the absence of a sufficient layer of epithelium on the cervix. In other words, this is a wound. I always say that erosion is like a garden for other infections, so it reduces immunity. Therefore, it is not necessary to do a conization surgery. Why? Is this a wound? This is not a wound as we imagine.
If on this cervix there is nothing that can lead to more serious diseases, then this cervix does not need to be touched. But how do you generally check whether erosion should be cauterized or not? First, when the girls come to me, they do tests.
These tests include – Bacterioscopic examination of smears (vaginal, cervical), that can also show if there are any problems. The second test is HPV typing. The most dangerous types are 16 and 18 HPV types. They are highly oncogenic. But not all of the types are highly oncogenic. What kind of tests do the usual person need to do? HPV typing test, Bacterioscopic examination of smears (vaginal, cervical), Gynecologic ultrasonography, cytology test, colposcopy. What is cytology test? I call it an eyebrow brush. The wand is inserted into the cervix and rotated. I always warn that it hurts, although 80% of patients say it doesn’t Is it a test for cancer?
Yes, it is. But, personally, I do not like this analysis. That is, everything is individual. This analysis and Bacterioscopic examination of smears are basic. I once saw something like an ultrasound, such a big thing. This is a colposcopy, is a type of cervical cancer test. It’s used to find abnormal cells in your cervix. That’s when either a positive HPV result comes or if there is an erosion, then a colposcopy is necessary.
But, my doctor told me, we’ll do it when you rid of thrush. The problem is that I have it permanently. What is thrush?
I have vaginal discharge.
What kind of discharge? There is no smoke without fire. So you have either dysbiosis, or something else, you need to find out.
That means, I can do colposcopy at any time. Correctly? I usually do when patients have complaints to rule out various diseases.
Can I make an appointment with you? I have never done it before.
Sure! This is one of the offices of our clinic where our obstetrician works and not only. Here is a table of equipment for the doctor: here is a set for colposcopy. Solutions for colposcopy, because it is not enough to enlarge the cervix, you need to color it with a solution of vinegar and others. These are the solutions after which the gynecologist sees if there is a problem or not. Also here we have mirrors, they are divided into three sizes: small, medium and large. They are always selected individually, they are disposable. It is believed that they are reusable, but this is not so. The doctor always opens the package in front of the patient. What else is interesting? Actually, the throne: a gynecological chair where the examination takes, there is also a video colposcope for advanced colposcopy, an apparatus that is used to examine the cervix. And it is shown on the screen. That is, what I see on a small screen when I look at a woman on an armchair is also shown on a large screen in the same way and I immediately explain what nuances we have, that we will decide what we will think. Laptop, patient data are entered here, if the patient has already been in our clinic, then the lost colposcopy results are stored here and we can reproduce them. This is saved and immediately printed, issued to the patient in his arms. This is an online survey Here is an apparatus, a laser. – “And show the tubes!” Tubes? These tubes are used in obstetrics and not in gynecology. When pregnant women come, we are listening to the fetal heartbeat. – “And the tubes that you use for vaginal insertion?” . Tubes for insertion into the vagina? Mirrors? Little things! To take the tests, we use a soft stick, it is painless. Further for oncocytology .. A smear and oncocytology is an analysis that needs to be done every year by every girl. So, for oncocytology we take, I call it an “eyebrow brush” because it is with a rough coating. These bristles just pick up the cells that the doctor examines. And most importantly, tests for infections, jars for taking tests should be located only in the refrigerator. The analysis is taken with soft sticks from the vagina, from the urethra, it is put into a jar and all this is sent to the laboratory. Based on the results, we prescribe treatment or additional examination, if required. A tube! Air exhaust! If this is some kind of operation, something with smoke, all unnecessary elements get there so that the doctor does not breathe and the patients … “-Where do you put it in?” We do not insert it. This tube hangs over the perineum, but does not touch the patient. 10 centimeters between the patient’s body and the tube. “- And here is an ultrasound?”. Yes, in the same office, the patient can immediately come here from the chair. From the ship to the ball. All this in order to make a diagnosis faster and better. “-Many do not understand how an ultrasound scan goes.” If a girl is a virgin, if she did not live sexually, then we look with a surface sensor. If a woman has already lived sexually, then we use a vaginal probe. The procedure is painless, everything is done with lubricant. “- And do you have condoms?” Yes, yes, of course, condoms are used, there are a huge number of them, as it should be everywhere. “- I came to you with an ultrasound.” Come on! Well, here is a very well-filled bladder, before an ultrasound scan, you need to empty your bladder. A uterus appears under the bladder! Here is the endometrium, white, here is the cervix. Now everyone will know what menstruation looks like. “- And by ultrasound, you can determine the condition of the cervix?”. This requires video colposcopy. The cervix is ​​measured during pregnancy, if there is a threat, then the length of the cervix is ​​measured. And so – no. “-A can a polyp be measured?” Polyp – yes! Come for an ultrasound after your period. “-I have today the first day of menstruation. When do I need to come to you again?” On the fifth – sixth day from the beginning of menstruation. Well here! All the fun in a week! “-Ok! So, colposcopy, cytology. Let’s say everything is good, but HPV test is positive. What should I do? Is it being treated? Or do you just live with it and that’s it?
Difficult to explain. I’ll try. As for cosmetology, outgrowths can be removed using lasers. The procedure lasts about fifteen minutes. Does it hurt?
No, we did it with pain medication. I always say that in the evening you will still remember me, and tomorrow you will forget. As for HPV, as many say, HPV is not treated. I partially disagree with this. Since it all depends on the primary immunity. This is what we were born with. Someone does not have an immune system at all, especially among residents of St. Petersburg. Antiviral therapy is carried out. Isoprinosine or Allokin-alpha. There are options. The issue of finance and how quickly a person wants to recover. Most often, HPV cannot be successfully treated by young people.
If the age is already around 30-45 then the immune system is weaker. But sometimes it happens that the HPV does go away without any treatments. You just need to do tests once a year, right?
How often do you need to be tested? Annually. Sometimes it happens that women come once every 16 years, explaining this by the fact that she doesn’t have sex life. But why should she be checked?
The approach is not right. This is the same as a dentist. There are diseases that can develop even if there is no sex life. For example, uterine meomas. What is it?
It is not sexually transmitted. The uterus grows in size.
Why? It’s still not completely known. It may be genetics or hormonal problems.
Once a patient came to me with the myoma of the size of a ball. She tells me that it seemed to her that she was gaining weight. Of course, we immediately hospitalized her.
I personally operated on 18-year-old girls.
Do you operate? Not at the moment. It’s easier for me without this.
Why? Because we live in Russia, and we are not legally prepared in terms of operations.
I do not want to have legal problems this time. The second reason is salaries, probably, you already heard that doctors in Nizhny Tagil are leaving?
For example, I have a friend, she works in a hospital, earns 25 thousand rubles. It is sad. But do you earn more now?
Yes, I do. Who wants to earn more, can do it. It was a story from a children’s center. They were asked how they can be such bad people and leave children to die. But in another way, you need to feed yourself and your family too. Do you feel responsible for the patients?
Yes, I do and I like it. Everything is fine for me. Maybe for someone 30 thousand rubles is also fine. This is a personal matter for everyone. But I believe that medicine is work, it is love, it is a vocation, but first of all it is also work that should bring money. Because people want to eat, and want to travel or do something else. I’m also a teacher of Russian language and literature, but work as a porn actress. I understand you very well.
We are off topic. Is this list of tests only for porn actors? On average, you need to take all tests once a year. If a girl has changed her sexual partner or is preparing for pregnancy, it is necessary to take it too. But this list with hepatitis and HIV is only for porn actors?
Usually they are only done when a person is hospitalized or during operations. Is it right to do them so rarely?
Of course not. How often do you need to do a complete list of tests? It depends on whom, if people are at risk, as we are, then more often. Once a year is a minimum. If the person has several sexual partners, then more often. Let say, if a woman or a man lives with one sexual partner and is faithful to each other, then how often do they need to do them? Anyway, once a year.If a girl is confident in a partner, then she must do all tests before pregnancy. And how can you be sure of a partner?
I don’t know, doctors don’t believe. And you know, how often it happens, you’re going to sleep with a man, and he says “I don’t have anything, look at me.”
Is it possible to detect diseases by visually observing? Of course not. Even I need special equipment to observe. It is impossible to detect by yourself. Are they not visible?
No, they are not.
Even some diseases from this list?
Especially from this list. Let say, if a girl does test every few years, or a guy, well, now we are talking about girls. And she permanently lives with some kind of disease. Is this dangerous? Depends on the disease. If this is ureaplasma, then it’s not that dangerous. And if there is urealyticum for example.
What is this? These are varieties of ureaplasma. But urealiticum proceeds with symptoms, the girl will notice that. If, for example, the girl suddenly became pregnant, while she was not checked regularly. She has for example ureaplasma or some kind of gonorrhea or chlamydia, which very often happens. By the way, chlamydia is not so common.
And what does happen often? Ureaplasma. For the year of my work, I probably had 10-15 people with ureplasma, microplasma.
Well, let’s say she has these diseases. What are the risks of her and her pregnancy? The risks are higher, but do not despair. The problem is that a full treatment during pregnancy cannot be done. You cannot give her any doses of antibiotics that are needed for treatment. specially during the first months of pregnancy, because the risks of miscarriage are high. What should she do?
We do tests and try to improve her condition, but do not treat. What should be done? Abortion?
It all depends on the situation. Everything is very individual. We always try not to interrupt pregnancy, we observe. Is it easier to protect yourself from pregnancy? It’s easier to go to the gynecologist regularly. It is better to have one gynecologist and be honest with him. I have some patients for example, who have one boyfriend with whom she has protected sex, but she also has three other sexual partners, and she also goes to different swinger parties. She calmly talks about it, and I understand that. Everyone has different lives. I just want to understand what should be done, which tests. It’s better when they say “well, I’m here just because of oral sex”. Oral sex? Throat swab.
That is, it is important to be open with your gynecologist. I only found my doctor, with whom I can be open by the age of 26. Thank you.
In general, why do people visit doctors so rarely?
They have fear. Why? A woman is either not satisfied with her life, or with a man, or she believes that sex is equal to dirt.
This is not only about women, man, too. That is, you need to find a person who is neutral about this. I am not surprised and I come to work not for being surprised. It’s normal for me that a woman says that I went to Turkey; I had a story there and so on. Because of this, she came to me because there was a story; we need to solve it. She didn’t come for an judgment, not because she wants me to say: “you’re such a whore”. This is her personal life. Gynecologists are here to help, not to judge.
I just want to tell my story. For example, I stubbornly was very afraid to go and get tested and find some kind of diseases, HIV, for example. For me, ignorance was better than knowing that I was infected.
Here I am experiencing the same thing, although I am a doctor. So you know everything about these diseases, but still are afraid? I am running away from this; I also do not want to know.
This is a human factor, hence the fear. It’s natural to be afraid. And why are people so ashamed to talk about it?
Because these themes are like taboo in Russia. For example, I can calmly discuss everything with my mom. Mom told me everything, what should be done.
Many adult women do not know how to get an orgasm during sex. I tell them how to do it. After that they come to me with gratitude. And people are ashamed to ask a question or discuss, because they are not used to speak about it within the family. It depends also on school, on society. It seems to me that I can talk about it that openly, because I used to talk about it this way with my parents. And I think it should be so and I will raise my children in this way as well.
Will you talk to them about sex too? Well, of course, yes, why not. Before our meeting, I published a post on Instagram stating that I am meeting with you and
subscribers asked questions. I received a huge number of questions, and moreover, not only in the comments, but more in anonymous questions, for obvious reasons. I want to ask a few of them. In general, we have discussed most of it, but there are really interesting new questions. Most of the questions were surprisingly not about sexually transmitted diseases, but about the fact that during sex it always hurts for woman What to do to pretend it? What should I do, if I have pain during sex? One girl texted to me that she had polyp and sometimes during sex she felt pain. Is it bad if penis can’t fit into a vagina? Firstly, I can’t answer completely what is the reason. It is individually. It happens, for example, that a girl is really very tiny, and the size of the penis is huge and it just physically hurts to accept it. Maybe, most often, there is not enough lubrication. Secondly, sometimes a girl is not sufficiently aroused. Accordingly, more lubrication, more foreplay. It is not necessarily a disease, isn’t it?
I cannot rule out this either. It is necessary to do tests, firstly, and secondly, I had a patient of 16 years old, she had oncology and oncology grew in the vagina. When she did some tests, we found oncology. This can also cause pain.
That is, there can be anything from anatomical features to serious illnesses. The next popular question was cystitis. How can cystitis be prevented? For example, one girl texted to me – “I have a regular sexual partner, we have protected sex, but I have cystitis all the time.” If she has it all the time, then this is some kind of disease.
What is cystitis? This is inflammation of the bladder.
Is it urethritis? Ureaplasma? Well, gynecologists believe that yes, I believe that this part of the Klebsiella pneumoniae. The main point here is to do tests that we discussed earlier. You don’t need to be afraid to go to the doctor on the first day of cystitis, so that the doctor can use a urinary catheter to find out the reason of pain. It will be easier to find it and prescribe the medicine needed. Do not wait 3-4 days and then only go to the doctor, as my patients often do. But why?
Then it’s more difficult to find out what has provoked it. used to go to the pharmacy and take some medicine, monural for example.
This is a good thing, but it only helps to relieve the symptoms, not the disease. It’s painful to use a catheter.
It hurts, but there is no other way.
Is abstaining from sex unhealthy for woman?
Well, if only psycho-emotionally. If a woman does not have sex for a long time.
How long?
A year or two. Nothing will happen. Will the ovaries or chest begin to hurt?
No, nothing like that. And if a girl has never had sex?
It might happen that virgins come in old age. They decided so for themselves. I constantly come to my gynecologist, usually these are women from the Soviet time.
Do they promote massage? They promote birth. They constantly ask me “Why at the age of 30 you still don’t give birth?
You see, you have some problems and these all because you did not give birth.” If I am 30 years old and I have not given birth, does this affect my health? Does the uterus, ovaries change?
I do not like when gynecologists begin to promote childbirth. But, in some ways they are right. For example, if a woman has painful menstruation, then after childbirth the situation normalizes. But maybe not. In terms of such issues, no one will tell you with a one hundred percent guarantee. Therefore, I believe that if there is an opportunity, then the first pregnancy should be when you really want it, and the second while you still have period. You can get pregnant at 20, if you want or later. It depends on you.
And what is considered the best age to get pregnant? Officially, it is considered up to 30. After 30 you will be considered as an old-born.
Tell me, how to avoid pregnancy? Does withdrawal prevent pregnancy? This is the most ineffective method of contraception. I have been starring in porn for 6 years and have never taken. I thought that a man must definitely cum inside me. This is not true. During sex, usually pre-ejaculatory fluid is produced; there may be sperm in that.
Sperm in Pre-ejaculate? Especially if sexual intercourse occurs immediately after another sexual intercourse or after the man has finished. It all depends on the man. If he is sick, for example, with prostatitis, then pregnancy is unlikely. It is believed that if pregnancy during withdrawal does not occur within a year and a half, then it is worth paying attention to the health of partners. For example, I have been starring in porn for a long time, have not protect myself and have not got pregnant. You should not think about it, probubly there are some issues that can be normalized and pregnancy will come. I just wanted to ask these diseases, for example, ureaplasma can somehow affect the reproductive female system?
Not really. That is, if I constantly have thrush, cystitis, ureaplasma, is it dangerous?
If we speak about chlamydia, it can be dangerous. Why?
Because chlamydia leads to commissures. Accordingly, the throughput of the pipes becomes worse. That is, barriers are formed and it is more difficult to get pregnant. Chlamydia is dangerous. You have to do tests regularly.
You can live 3 and 4 years with ureaplasma. People live even longer. If a girl has ureaplasma and there are many, then symptoms appear and she will come to the doctor. So, I don’t need to worry yet, right?
You have a good check. Is it often happens that a girl get pregnant from the Pull-Out method?
Yes, a lot of girls do abortion because of this. t is good that we discussed this today.
The next question is – HPV vaccine. Can I get the HPV vaccine at 30? I think it’s worth doing that if the HPV test is negative. Why are young boys and girls recommended to be vaccinated? Because they have not had sex. Accordingly, the risk that there is HPV in the body is minimal. But even if the girl already had sexual intercourse, but her HPV is negative, then she can also be vaccinated. What about the hepatitis B vaccine?
It is a good thing; I get vaccinated all the time. This should be done every 5-6 years. And what other vaccinations are there? HPV, hepatitis B?
There is also a flu vaccine, but I have never done it. Endometrial polyp? What is it?
It is a mass in the inner lining of the uterus and it in no way connected with the number of sexual partners, only harmonic.
Is it dangerous? Does it cause cancer? No, it does not cause cancer. This causes a discharge of blood between periods. Therefore, polyps must be removed.
How to find a polyp? By doing an ultrasound? Yes, you should do that Immediately after menstruation. Once a year?
Well, at least once a year or one year and a half. Imagine, we are only discussing gynecology, what if we will go through all specialties.
I think we discussed everything. Are you tired?
No, I am not. Do you want to talk more? Is there something you want to tell? Are there any other topics?
Salaries! Just joking. But most importantly, I believe that for girls it’s important not to be afraid of a gynecologist, find their own doctor and do tests every year.
Where you could find a doctor? I wanted to say on instagram, but there are a lot of unqualified doctors. Maybe a person has a lot of subscribers, but is not competent. For example, we have excellent doctors in the clinic and they don’t have an Instagram account. I think it’s better to ask friends. This is an interesting topic – to find a doctor, because usually people are “attached” to some district. They go to the local hospital and communicate with those doctors whom they were given. As a rule, these are not always friendly or competent people. How can you find your own doctor?
You need to ask friends. Word of mouth helps here. Because it is quite complicated.
What else do you want to tell? What topics did we not discuss? What is trichomoniasis? Why do we need to do this?
It is also sexually transmitted.
Is that dangerous? Basically, this discharge can be yellow, yellowish-green, or green. It can be foamy, but in fact a person feels either itching or discomfort or so that the panties or gasket completely get wet. Is there no clear symptoms?
Yes, it’s hard to say clearly. There may be different diseases Can only syphilis be clearly detected?
Yes, it can. When? In 5 years? Everything is individually. For someone it takes one or two weeks, for another longer.
You can confuse chancres with the usual cut from a razor, but this is syphilis. If it is a mouth, can it be on your tongue?
Yes, maybe. Question! Does a kiss can pass any kind of diseases? Depends on kind of kisses – with French kiss yes.
And what kind of diseases? Everything is the same as with oral sex.
Wait a moment. We need to call a venereologist. You mean the kiss can transmit HIV?
Yes, of course, but depending on kind of kisses. Are you sure?
All sites say the opposite. Let’s call Timur Andreyevich.
And how can you kiss somebody with that information? I will not say what to wear a condom on the tongue. Hello.
Is HIV transmitted through a kiss? Depends on kind of kiss. If a kiss with the tongue, then yes, the infection is transmitted. If a kiss on the cheek, then there is no problem.
Thank you so much. This is Eva hello, I wanted to ask you – is there any kind of medication protection for kisses? For example, truvada? Because, how can we kiss strangers? It may be necessary to protect yourself somehow? Are there any pills, prevention, or therapy? It is usually considered not rational to carry out additional prophylaxis. There are such countries, for example, Africa, where it is recommended to undergo additional therapy. But usually, no, because this is a rather large load on the liver. And just drinking pills is not rational. Better to keep contacts with strangers to a minimum. One must be sure that the partner is not infected at the moment. In addition to HIV, hepatitis is also transmitted. Seriously?
Yes, if your partner has damage to the oral cavity, then the probability is high. If it is a friendly kiss or a handshake, then infection isn’t possible.
Thank you for explaining. That’s weird, because on all sites it is written that the kiss does not transmit HIV. That is, it depends on the type of kiss. But can we say that kissing an HIV-infected person is just as dangerous as oral sex? Yes, it’s close. But tell I am a porn actress, does it make sense for me to take any kind of medicine, truvada for example? No, it makes no sense. As far as I know, you do tests every two weeks?
Yes. If this is a professional activity and your partners are also professionally approaching their health, then this is enough to minimize infection. You see, but this is a human factor. How can I know what he does in his private life? This is a matter of professionalism. No one is safe from this. If you have a large number of partners, then the chances of getting infected are higher. In this situation, everyone is responsible for oneself. Thank you very much for the consultation. It was unpleasant, because everywhere they write that the kiss is safe.
And now all the prostitutes who watch me and work with clients will be in shock. Well, they understand that they are at risk. So, this is a question of a particular approach to work. Girls, a French kiss with the tongue can transmit HIV, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlomidia. Do not kiss them. Sex, blowjob with a condom, no cunnilingus at all
Well, we are not talking only about the sex industry. I just do not want to give statistics on the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. Because everyone who will watch this video – is an example of this statistics. And this is not necessary in the sex industry. Everyone might be infected, and men are more likely than women. Heterosexuals are more likely than homosexuals.
I really hope that this conversation with you will be useful to someone. Because the population is little informed. Thank you very much for coming to tell us the truth. Really, I have discovered a lot of new information for me. Now I’m thinking how to get back into this industry after that. I heard a lot og useful information. I think that any person in one way or another, might have something useful. But you need to live on and not be afraid to have sex, otherwise it can turn into a phobia. It is simply necessary to know and do tests.
Even if you are HIV infected, you can live a long life on therapy. In Russia, for example, propaganda works – loyalty to one partner is the best way to protect against sexually transmitted infections. How much can this guarantee security? There are no guarantees. Even if you think that your partner is faithful to you, this does not exclude the possibility of infection. Trust, but verify. So, you are as a doctor, do not do not scare your patients, you do not push, do not say that you should give birth as soon as possible, right? Yes. Tell me, is this system working now, when you come to the reception and you have to write out all your sexual partners? Now there is no such a thing, but it used to be. I’m not going to tell anybody about your personal life. I work in a private clinic; everything is incognito with us. We do not transmit information to third parties. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Fine, but let us end with this.
Thank you for inviting me. Thank you. Are you tired? A little bit. Do you want a cup of tea? Yeah, with gingerbread cookies.
It’s hot here. I will open the window. Do you have a day off today?
Yes, I do. Do you work a lot? Yes, there are a lot of appointments. I usually work 12 hours a day.
Can I make an appointment with you? Yes, of course. Tomorrow, for example. Do your patients present you chocolates for example?
Well, they used to present alcohol. We usually resell it. Just joking. And what do they present most often?
Once someone brought blueberries. I generally thought work as a gynecologist – an ungrateful job. Are you grateful? Well I do not know. Here is a makeup artist, for example. Did Make-up and that’s all, but here you need to work with pussy. Why did you choose to be a gynecologist? Why not a therapist? hat’s too boring. Ok, what about the dentist? Dentistry is profitable. Gynecology too.
If a person wants, one can earn any way. The thing is in your motivation. And what do doctors do in general?
You come home at 10-11 p.m.
I look at Yura Khovansky. No time left? No, just went to the bath and go sleep. I also lived like that with a girl, she studied at the medical academy before. So, she came absolutely tired every night and that was her life. Do you have time for a fitness? No, I don’t. main thing is to like the work. For me, work is a hobby. Therefore, I get tired physically, but not morally. Perhaps this interest in work motivates you to create your Instagram account.
And tell me, have you already been given bribes? When I worked in the maternity hospital, the girl just wanted the KGT to be done.
I did it, and then she left me 500 rubles. These were the first 500 rubles.
And how did other say “thank you”? Fruits. I especially like it when beautiful fruit baskets are given, I usually bring them to my parents. The happiest people are the parents of the doctors.
And husbands, wives? My husband is also a doctor.
What kind of doctor is he? Military doctor, now a submariner.
Is it difficult to live with a doctor? No, on the contrary, we understand each other. I could not imagine myself with a person of a different profession. Still, medicine is a vocation. I think yes, otherwise you should leave this profession.


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