✅ Small YouTubers  struggles are real  – small youtuber army

✅ Small YouTubers struggles are real – small youtuber army

what’s up shenanigans John here and I am
back. so what I came to talk to you tonight about I want to do real quick
I’m gonna do a quick chat with you tonight
a lot of the comments I’ve been getting lately on our channel because I’ve been
doing these type of talking-head YouTube focused videos the small YouTube
community has come out and just droves to this channel and I welcome all of you
thank you so much for coming here I really do think we all like to research
we all like to have discussions on the challenges and of being a small youtuber
and some of the things and tips and tricks and things to do to get better
and this kind of leads me back to when I first started youtube three years ago it
was extremely stressful because you know I started off with all of this energy
and so focused and I mean so much Drive and then I kind of went through this
period of I was creating lots of content and wasn’t get a lot of subs I wasn’t
getting a lot of views and it kind of just started to kill on motivation and
it really was kind of disheartening and going through those cyclical patterns of
you know motivation and then kind of getting down on yourself and doing lots
of research and then learning something and then applying that something to your
channel that all gets really exciting and I know that all of you are super
passionate you’re super creative you’re super excited about growing your channel
so you’re doing lots of research you’re watching videos you’re finding people
that you connect with and you’re kind of learning from how they do things and I
did the same exact thing and I still do it I’m a little more focused than I used
to be just because I know where my strengths and weaknesses are so I focus
on those areas and so that’s probably a good thing to kind of concentrate on but
the stress of running a small YouTube channel can be a bit much and in hear me
out so I know a lot of you feel kind of demeaned or underappreciated as a small
youtube channel I know that I do sometimes and you know we all have
voices regardless of the sub size of our channel and we want to be creative and
we want to produce content on YouTube but what happens a lot as we start to
get bogged down and this I don’t even know how to explain it just the monotony
of putting out content and not getting that affirmation and it really starts to
become a mountain that you have to climb and
you start to lose the motivation which then starts to kill your channel even
more because you’re not outputting any content I did this there’s points where
I took off a month two month three months on this channel I might put out
one video in a two month period and it was because of that things got busy in
my life I got stressed out and there’s the the the channel suffered not a lot
has changed with my channel with the stress level in my life but what has
happened is I’ve learned to take it easy on myself and set healthy expectations
so now I know like I said in the previous video about being more
consistent I know how to film now I know how to edit I know how to kind of put
something together quickly without just putting too much stress on myself I used
to be a super perfectionist and everything that I did and I just wasn’t
good at it so trying to be perfectionist and not being good at it was not a good
combo because I spent way too much time focused on the wrong areas now I learned
a ton and I’ve told you guys this practice and this repetition of learning
this craft because this is a craft that is a skill you guys are skilled you’re
learning a skill some of you were probably better at certain areas than
others I am too I was not really good at the editing part when I first started
this well let’s just be honest I probably wasn’t really good at any of it
but I’ve gotten better over time and you’re all gonna be there but what I
want the small YouTube community to do is take it easy on yourself right now we
have so much stress on us with the partner program and everybody’s
stressing out but it’s sudden for subband and in commenting on everybody’s
videos and trying to create this you know which I completely completely
support this community in trying to make friends and and trying to learn from one
another and everybody stressed about this 4,000 hours or 10,000 subs so these
metrics and these these levels that YouTube is set I’m worried that the
small YouTube community is gonna start focusing on the wrong things and that is
just numbers per se not learning the craft and producing good content and not
saying that anybody’s not doing that but if you start to focus on the wrong
things you’re gonna go in the wrong direction and just amassing subs and
just a massing watch time through ways that are not natural per se
is not going to help the channel very much and I think it’s stressing people
out and so I think some of the larger youtubers are probably trying to tell us
and not articulating it not not all of them are taking it very well but they’re
telling us the focus focus on the things that matter buckle down work hard and
you will get there and now all are we all gonna get there at the same time
we’re not there’s gonna be people that grow up way quicker than me there gonna
be people who grow way quicker than you there could be a person who starts a
YouTube channel today and by the end of the week has more subs than I have after
three years it’s gonna happen it’s just the nature of the beast it’s what’s
gonna happen but I want us all to kind of learn to take it easy on ourselves
and Ness its managing that stress and being kind of baseline that I mean when
I first started out I was so excited and I was way way way up and then I come way
way way down way away live and I was almost manic instead of just trying to
take a breath and know that I was new and take it easy on myself and learn the
crafts and not stress about my sub count you know I shouldn’t have been worried
about if someone’s gonna respect me as a channel if I didn’t have enough subs
didn’t want people to overlook me because that was a small channel it was
just all of the stuff going on that I think it just causes lots of stress
people are talking about now revamping their schedules and you know there’s
people on here I mean there’s most of us most of us either work a full-time job
or we’re stay-at-home parents which is a full-time job
that’s super stressful I mean it’s a super super stressful at the end of the
day what is this all work if we’re stressed to the point where this is not
fun I love you too I love making videos I love talking to you guys but if this
got to the point where it’s not fun then what’s the point what’s the point
take it easy on yourself love this learn from it you know cherish the growth
cherish the the the highs and the lows and know that you’re gonna learn from
all of them learn from each other now right now I’m trying to impart some of
the wisdom that I gained over my time here and I know that
I learned a lot from other folks and there were people that kind of took men
of the wing when I first got here and kind of explained some things to me on
how I should go about things and that’s what we should be doing for each other
when I talk about community that’s what I mean
now I don’t want people to be confused that you know me community means this
reaching out to 500 people and getting upset when someone doesn’t reciprocate
that I know I’ve talked about that before because that’s just gonna happen
there’s gonna be people you gel with there’s gonna be people you click with
there are groups of people for everyone out there and I don’t even know how to
explain how it happens but people just hide together it just happens and if you
watch someone they’re like ah this person is awesome I want to take them
under my wing or I’m gonna give them advice or oh I want to learn from them
because I think their channel is fantastic you know that’s what you do
and if they don’t reciprocate then you know what we move on and life moves on
but take it easy on yourself know that this is a learning process that we’re
all gonna get there keep doing what we love you know your creative dis enjoy
this enjoy the ride enjoy the highs and lows enjoy the growth enjoy the process
and just support one another as best we can through this being a small youtuber
is something special because we are all joined together for a common goal which
is growing and spreading the message that we have with our channels and we
all have different channels and it’s just that’s what I find so cool I mean a
couple of my best friends on YouTube have completely different channels in me
and it doesn’t matter because we’re in this together they’re a lot bigger
channels in me but we’re in this together nonetheless I thought I was a
brain with a lot tonight guys I appreciate you listening and if you have
comments on this about how you deal with the stress and kind of what your
viewpoint is on YouTube and kind of what your strategy is what your mantra is day
in a day out and how you handle the highs and lows and of creating content
and not getting a lot of views and some of them get a lot of views and it’s just
no rhyme or reason where you watch a chain on there like
why they get in some use I do that I’m good you know it’s there’s so many
thoughts that go through your head when you’re on here but again I can tell you
one piece of ice just take it easy on yourself I don’t know if this made sense
at all if it did please smash that thumbs up and I appreciated guys and
we’ll see you tomorrow later


  1. I feel like we get demotivated is because we get comfortable on where we are at on our channels. Us being Comfortable causes us to get down and not wanting to upload. When I was making gaming videos I felt very comfortable and was getting very stressed on my content and not wanting to upload again.

  2. Yes it gets stressful – work life, home life, -YouTube life, Dealing with 4 kids, and trying to organize topics for videos, etc.. However, I am enjoying the new friends we've created with you and David Snyder and all the others…. I think that's what's going to keep us going. These are some exciting times for us right now.

  3. I’ve noticed that as well, a few channels that started late last year already gaining thousands of subscribers everyday. It’s not discouraging to me, it just makes me even more motivated!!

  4. Would you consider doing a series where you Review/Judge other small YouTubers channels and give them some feedback? 🙂

  5. I struggle to create sometimes. I'll take my camera with me but not record because I wonder "Who wants to see this?" at times. I'm not ready to commit to a schedule because that is stressful. I get that way during Vlogmas. I try to stay calm about it and post at least once a week.

  6. The struggle is real. Even large channels I know are struggling. I've gotten vids demonetized and nothing I can do about it which is frustrating.

  7. Awesome video 🤓 Thanks for you encouraging words! It is stresful when you're small and YouTube throws these numbers in our face. At the same time most of us start this adventure to just enjoy it and the momentum in the small youtuber community has really surprised me with the amount of support. I love watching everyone's videos cause there is so much to learn and discover!

  8. Great video man. I moved from video's to livestreaming because the repetitive nature of my video editing was getting boring. But I was afraid to change anything cause I always struggle with finding the balance between what my channel is about and getting creativity into video's. Recently the harddisk that kept most my old channel resources crashed so I'll have to make new stuff. Revamp of the channel incoming and I'm sure it will bring the quality up a bit again and maybe soon video's will soon pop up again.

  9. 👏👏👏 Great job acknowledging that stay-at-home parenting is a full-time job! It does get incredibly stressful & it's really hard to work a YouTube channel & run a family, but, I couldn't imagine not having my channel. On the flip side if it isn't fun for somebody, then it might not be the right thing! I heard a great quote the other day, "focus on what is great". If YouTube is something that you want, but you're not having a GREAT time, no matter the struggle, then it may be the time to take a hard look in the mirror & realize maybe there's something better out there. Because I'm with you, if it doesn't make you happy, what's the point?

  10. Thanks for sharing, I love your delivery I get what the bigger YouTubers are trying to say but I think the way they are saying it is why people are getting offended. I'm fairly new and at times itgets a bit overwhelming bc at first I some how got sucked into the sub 4 sub method and I realized that it isn't going to work for the long term their aren't enough hours in the day to watch and comment on everyone's video that has done the sub for sub method with me so I've finally just. Come to terms with I started my channel because it made my daughter and I happy and at the end of the day if her and I are the only ones who watch our channel then that's fine. lol I'm not going to stress over views and subs anymore bc like you said this has to be something you enjoy doing and the stressing part made it not fun for me anymore.

  11. No stress over here! I am really enjoying the process of building a community. Another small channel creator started a Facebook group that is full of other small channels who are supporting each other and offering advice for editing, music, collaborating on content and lots of other helpful things along those lines…very proud to be a part of that growing collective now.

    The stress comes (I think) from a person's approach. If you are in panic mode to reach "numbers" then you may do well to step back and reconsider what your ultimate goal is and then work backwards from there. I had the wrong approach when the new guidelines were implemented but quickly changed the way I was going to approach the situation, stress levels went down, I made the subscriber requirement (already had the hours requirement) and now I'm in the process of trying to improve my channel. Lay a strong foundation for what you want to do with your channel. Reach out to those who are striving to accomplish similar things and open dialog with them. Bounce ideas off of each other. One thing that is helpful is to ask for honest critiques of your channel on everything from layout of your main page to thumbnails to the quality and appearance of the actual videos you upload to how you tag and title your content. I'm currently in the process of improving a lot of my already uploaded content that can be improved by changing thumbnails, adding branding, rewording tags and titles according to search rankings…it helps and makes a difference quickly!

    It is helpful to step outside of your normal viewing content to get new ideas too. You can gain a lot just by watching what other people are doing no matter what the focus of the content is. You can also gain support from those people simply by initiating a creative relationship with them. Most people are very receptive to people asking for advice. If your goals are similar, the genre of the content is really irrelevant. Find out what works and doesn't work from other people's experiences and share your experiences with them.

    I never worried about trying to grow a community and that was a mistake on my part. I'm glad they changed the requirements because it has motivated me to reach out to others which will have the long term effect of making my channel better than it was before…and at the same time I feel really bad for those who are going to be impacted negatively by the changes. If we take the negatives and find the positives we can make it a fun and beneficial challenge and either be closer or meeting the new requirements or actually meet them and soar above them!

    Sorry about clogging up your comment section here, but as you know, this is something I am really passionate about. I'll be waiting for that fishing video this summer 🙂

  12. Yeah it can be frustrating, we feel getting the views and watching time can be tough.
    agree, we are still going to be making the same video even we wont be monetized.

  13. Great message. Thanks for sharing. You're exactly right. We all have voices and we each have a story, a passion, a focus, and nobody tells each of our stories better than US. Thanks for the positive message and helping others!

  14. Whattttt! I've never come across a channel with basically the same name! This is super cool…and a little scary!

  15. Dear Shenanigans,

    I feel you. I know the struggle, I've been putting videos every day on my channel, showing the bads and goods of my country's roads, drivers, improper signs, bad roads or tips on driving and car maintenance. I reached a point that I almost got paid after 3 years and now YT is taking this away from me. I mean I drove over 300.000 kilometers with my car in order to show the problems in my country's roads. I placed a bet with my self that I will make it to 1000 subs and 240.000 minutes so that I will not have to stop.

    Like you said we are in this together. I try to deal with the stress by just taking joyrides with my car. Parking in front of a beach and walking on the sand with no shoes on. This is what helps me maintain my determination not to give up after the huge slap in the face YT gave me.

    I hope that everyone makes it and that YT will once again become the platform we all used to love.

  16. Just found your channel by accident while I was searching for the Logan Paul demonetization gossip, love how you come across buddy!

    I 100% relate to you RE taking it easy on yourself… I think too many people are desperate to "make it" and that clouds things… I do the videos I want, when I want, and have already achieved more than I ever thought I would.  Hey, I could argue I'm the most successful channel on YouTube lol 🙂

    Looking forward to getting through your content buddy

  17. For me, creating content is the fun part. I love the filming. The editing. The sharing. The numbers, as you mentioned, will eventually come. I’ve grown from no subs to 430+ in 9 months. And that humbles me. To think that there is people out there who like your stuff, is amazing. Gotta keep it fun. Do it for yourself. It’s great to see your vids. We are all the same on here. Cheers.

  18. I just came across your channel. I like your positivity! I’ve been daily vlogging for over a year now. It’s only just now growing. I’m a single mom of 4 so it’s a challenge but so fun.

  19. I love your videos I relate cause im trying to learn how to edit my videos everything you said is so true

  20. I love what I do but at times I just watch a good horror movie. Then I plan what I'm going to do and something always come up / Loved and Subbed. Great video.

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