In 1937 China’s War of Resistance against Japanese All-out Aggression broke out Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University The 3 universities made the decision to move southward First to Changsha Then to Kunming And changed the name into National Southwest Associated University It operated in Kunming for 8 years The 5-episode documentary National Southwest Associated University narrates that piece of history The archives about the National Southwest Associated University are like this thick 6 books all together The production took about two and half years We interviewed 17 alumni alive in total Including Yang Chen-Ning, Wang Xiji, Pan Jiluan Most of them were in Beijing Mr. Yang Yi was in Nanjing Wu Ningkun and Liu Yuanzi were in the States Ms. Peng Peiyun, the youngest interviewee, was 89 years old And some were 97 or 98 Or even 100 Speaking of the National Southwest Associated University Everyone’s eyes sparkled Among the pioneers of China’s first atomic and hydrogen bombs and man-made satellite Many were graduated from the National Southwest Associated University Mr. Xu Yuanchong was going to be 100 in 2 years He told me he was translating the complete works of Shakespeare He said he must finish the translation Before 100 years old My root is in the Associated University My teachers were Wen Yiduo, Qian Zhongshu The National Southwest Associated University was very strict More than 8,000 students were enrolled into the university but only over 2,000 of them successfully graduated “We had no time for dating” “I was worry about failing the next exam every day” “How could I possible go for a date” The whole teaching system of the National Southwest Associated University Was the same as Tsinghua University Tsinghua’s president Mei Yiqi advocated for all-around education Freshmen didn’t belong to any department All of them had to take the obligatory courses and reach a certain level Teachers of the obligatory courses were all masters All the Chinese professors Gave lessons for 2 weeks to the freshmen The content involved verses, ditties, odes and songs from China and abroad in ancient and modern times Those are the best Chinese classes in China ever The teachers were the best Absolutely top-class Like Wang Li, Luo Yong, Wen Yiduo Zhu Ziqing, Shen Congwen Qian Mu, Jin Yuelin, Chen Yinque All big names They were in their 20s while went to the National Southwest Associated University Hua Luogeng was tall and thin, wearing a pair of glasses He had a baby face Feng Youlan’s wife liked making deep fried tough twists in their yard Mr. Wen Yiduo was a carefree intellectual While feeling happy, his whole family sang Santa Lucia And he would also let students to sing together with him Actually the 3 universities didn’t have much property in Kunming They needed to raise money even for a new building The wife of the president had to sell pastries on the street Mr. Wen Yiduo pawned a leather overcoat Because his family had no money for food The National Southwest Associated University combined its teaching Very closely With the demand of the war of resistance Really directly The War-time Psychology lectured by Mr. Zhou Xiangeng Was leading the world at that time Mr. Ye Qisun Brought the dynamite they developed Straightforward to our war bases Some students registered for pilot exams Received training in the States and then went back to China to fight the enemies together with the Flying Tigers Many of them sacrificed in the war Everyone’s life Was changed In July, 1997 Chen Yinque led a comfortable life before the war He pursued knowledge whole-heartedly All of a sudden the war broke out, and he was displaced He suffered a retinal detachment and basically lost his right eye Wu Dayou, the teacher of Lee Tsung-dao and Yang Chen-ning Said as a university professor What annoyed him the most was that he could never light a stove He brought a scale with him every time he went to give a class After the class finished, he would take his own scale to the market to buy food His wife was in poor health So he had to do all the domestic chores But he still wrote a lot of papers Actually besides the National Southwest Associated University Many universities moving inland were still operating And obtained great achievements It would be wrong to think the National Southwest Associated University Encouraged the growth of so many masters based on nothing It must be the continuation of traditions and personal strivings A generation of intellectuals worked hard during the war time In order to make their country stronger Massive energy broke out Which gave birth to so many masters in China’s history That was truly a passionate period Which has a great impact on my life Make the most of everyday To do your best each day This year marks the 81th anniversary of the National Southwest Associated University I really want to show people this piece of beautiful history It’s not buoyantly beautiful But the brilliance of intellectuals And the glory of human nature In such a cruel time ♫ Music: It’s a Long Way to Lianhe Daxue ♫ Singer: Zhang Shuzhi Lyrics: Zhao Yuanren
Composer: Jack Juge Arrangement: Fan Peizong ♫ It’s a long way to Lianhe Daxue ♫ It’s a long way to go ♫ It’s a long way to Lianhe Daxue ♫ To the finest school I know


  1. 看看那时候的茅草屋,再一次验证了大学之大在于大师之多。再看看现在大学的广厦万间不过是培养犬儒的地方

  2. 我對西南聯大的印象來自未央歌這本書。感覺每個學生連平常的聊天都像在做學問。剛開始對一些深入的對話不是很懂,所以我讀了很多次。

  3. 人生無法重來,這個問題或許永遠沒有答案,但既然已經做出選擇,就要勇往直前。人生就像沒有地圖的旅行?其實不然,前因如何,後果就如何。(現行熏種子•種子熏現行。)佛經中不說:(人性本善,亦不說人性本惡),而認為人性之善惡是因為多生以來的熏習,加上後來所遇到種種不同的緣,而產生種種不同的表現。為自己將來的佛菩提道,必起正信,對佛懷抱恭敬之心,在正法中,必常值遇善知識攝受與眷顧。

  4. 国民党 蔣中正在抗戰時期最大功勛。一。尊重知识分子。二。保存国宝。對国家保存一絲血脈。

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