1. Great teacher , hilarious , balanced and so interesting , with real life experiences and science to explain what he's talking about .

  2. Ya know I watch a channeled channel Stephen hawking supposedly, as a lark after knowing myself astrology and numerology tell us all about ourselves and our lives … okay I was watching nde s and this channeled popped up. Stephen hawking supposedly said “you can prove anything “ WOW SUCH A HEAVY CONCEPT . Moon mentrual birth chart
    This is why they had arranged marriage and could predict when the best time for sex to create a good human also the knowledge of a monk about the moon cycle learned and taught there only a certain window every month woman are fertile. And discovered if one got pregnant on a bad alignment of planets would have deformed children or retard and he deal with many unwanted children in the 1800s

  3. I told many UA freshman females that i was going to call 911 on the Dean of Students of the University of Alabama. I also told a lie that I was accused of rape.

    I also got a restraining order on my favorite female friend. I call her my fuck doll.

    What effect does a restraining order have in today's political climate.

    I identified her by a lock of her nose.
    I sure learned a lot about sexuality. She said no during sex. What legal word is used to describe such a statement. What if sex crimes are semantically incorrect. What if the word is abuse????

    What if the HPV vaccine is finite? What if naltrexone is pure tears(German for water).

    I refuse to believe bail is acceptable.

    What if an asylum is a rape screening ward for hospital?

    Do ambulances only exist for heart attacks?
    What if they are a safer than express scripts vehicle.

    Buprenorphine is Ativan.
    Buspar is a repurified xanax.

    Are incestuous coed dorms are the best rap prevention suite style dorms are rape proof?
    Diamonds are now the seventh toughest surface. Spider silk is number one.

    What if gold is bad?
    Quit letting people think they are wrong about sexual assault and rape because rape is bailed out. It's called "rapies".
    I found a suitcase with cyanide and star coordinates.
    Check with st. Tammany police department.
    .in closing… Where the fuck are all of the old people and do they not gooogle names followed their hometown.

    I don't know what the web address nubiles is but it's definitely the antithesis of atrocious pornography..
    What if I have child by women who never wanted to lose first child's dad I the in the birth place.

  4. I'm looseleaf human.

    Im worried I need fall out of love with Christin Montz. I can't tell if I am finally happy because I never really smiled much.

  5. How in the ever living hell did youtube know from my history of watching Dan and Phil, art restoration, and sketch comedy, that I needed to be recommended an hour-long university lecture on behavior biology

    and why was it right???

  6. He looks like he's been holding Kimmy schmidt and three other woman in an underground bunker for 15 years (Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne aka DJ Slizzard).

  7. AFAIK the theory of menstrual synchronization in humans as put forth by McClintock has come heavy methodological criticism as of late and the experiment has repeatedly failed to be replicated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_synchrony

  8. Actually us feeling bad about things happening to other people is something that generally occurs primarily to caucasians. I'm sorry Professor but we are not all the same all of the races upon this Earth are not all the same we white people have a weakness called having compassion for other races that is why it is white countries which give Aid to other nations as far as I know other nations do not give Aid to other nations I have never ever seen a black person who is begging for change been given money by another black person. This is just my personal experience and yes I am a white man and yes you can call me racist and sexist and all that garbage that means nothing now until you're blue in the face but the truth is the truth and I am not lying I'm not making anything up. But if it makes you feel any better we will soon be exterminated and yes that also means you white liberal who is my primary enemy.

  9. Things that might make me become violent:
    – Having a period
    – A brain tumor
    – Too much junk food
    – Anabolic steroids
    – The guy running the camera & sound for this video

  10. I maybe have watched him on a very good lecture on synapses of neurology I downloaded by torrent .it was more clear than reading a course on synapses .

  11. This would have been legit if the person knew how to film..if you read this before you watch…DONT WATCH…just LISTEN

  12. Identifying as an 'addict' these lectures are priceless. Yet it was the 12 step program that brought me here along with being able to understand. Recovery unravels all kinds of gifts I never knew were on offer 💚

  13. It is a really big shame that Educators like this is almost non-existent. If this is the kind of teacher I got as a child I strongly believe my mind would have not wandered off as much as listening to an educator who just reading off of a book

  14. He depicts the flow of energy/continua. Then he expresses what all happens in the moment a point is placed/marked on that energy/continua. He understands. "Intelligence will manifest through understanding. C.J.E."

  15. This Professor reminds me of a fantastic teacher I had in high school, Mr. Fraley, I hope your still amongst us and doing great. If the teachers taught like this kids would of actually learned something.

  16. Studyying for my behavioral analysis board certification exam. CANNOT wait to look at genes etc For folks who love this material, you should check out the podcast you are not so smart!

  17. im trying very hard to be angry at youtube for overrecommending this to me, but i cant, this if it has any problems its that its too much distinct

    interesting information in one go

  18. I literally wanted to participate in his class, through my computer and the dimensions of time.
    EDIT: 10 minutes in, check how far along the video I am… turns out I've watched over half the video.

  19. From the thumbnail and having never watched any of these videos before I thought this was going to be a video talking to incarcerated serial killers or something… Turns out he's the professor 😂 still pleasantly surpised though!

  20. As he's talking about Categories he's combing it with Comparison. Creating a Catergory, will lead to a concious judgement of a Comparison.

  21. It's crazy I read the title and then looked at the picture and thought it was Charles Manson so I clicked on it because of the title going with the look of who I thought was Charles Manson

  22. I always enjoy being 'lectured-to' by someone who disdains scissors/razors/clippers so they can HIDE and yet show an 'obvious contempt' for the people around them of "I'm too fuckin' cool for the room!"

  23. This guy looks like a wizard type Ozzy Osbourne in the thumbnail and sounds like Keith Morris from the punk band Circle Jerks. Cool teacher.

  24. There is "nothing" biological about behavior… what a nonsense… behavior is the outcome of our main 3 components of the soul… reason, feelings and willingness… from there you think, you feel and decide to "act" to your will… there is nothing material or biological…

  25. The reward and punishment part was interesting in that those are two things that should basically never enter the life of a child. I think the reward and punishment are conversely for the adult.

  26. Is there a way to access the catch up sessions? I have no grounding in biology or science whatsoever (I'm literally a film major) but this is so fascinating to me and I can't wait to watch the rest of the lectures. I just know I'll be completely lost when it comes to the more in-depth lingo, concepts, and ideas. I know at the end of the video, one of the TAs said the catch up sessions would be audio recorded – I know this was a while ago now but, if they were does anyone have a link to them?
    Many thanks in advance!

  27. This guy is an idiot and a prime example of what is wrong with the education system these days. Such a narrow thought process. Ridiculous.

  28. thanks for up loading thanks for the professor any kind of culture are welcomed here i love to understand this things even i am not a college student in Syria we need to learn how we can stay alive

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