10 Countries With No Military Forces

10 Countries With No Military Forces

With the world getting hostile each day, countries
are backing up their armed forces like never before. More and more soldiers are being recruited
and trained to use the never ending stock of arms and weapons the country possesses. Whoa, that kinda scares us buddy! But we can bring solace to your thumping hearts. Confused? Well, when the rest of the world is aiming
to strengthen their defense, there are a few countries that have practically no armed forces! Gutsy, we should say! Whatever you may call them, they surely are
intriguing. So here’s to the handful countries, let’s
bow down! Number 10. Vatican City
If you haven’t heard of the smallest country in the world, you are probably living under
a rock! Vatican City is surrounded by Rome, the capital
of Italy; quite a geographic location we must say! It does help this small country’s defense,
which solely resides in the hands of Italy. After all it is home to the Pope and his security
is above all, so the Swiss Guard which is maintained by Holy See is present to ensure
security and safety. Is anyone planning to settle down there? Number 9. Andorra
The tiny independent country situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains
has no army of its own. Are you wondering as to how the famous ski
resorts and boutiques are protected from external threats? Well, Andorra has signed military treaties
with the bordering nations, Spain and France to safeguard it. The small army it has is only for ceremonial
purposes. Peace loving or smart? Number 8. Costa Rica
The 4.9 million people of the Central American nation, Costa Rica have no army to protect
them. That sounds STRANGE, more because the country
is in constant conflict with its neighbor, Nicaragua! People we have just begun with strange things
so hold your breath! In 1948 the country was hit by civil war and
right after it was managed, the army was abolished. That makes it almost 70 years without a standing
army, wow! Number 7. Dominica
We have all watched this mountainous island on discovery and craved for a holiday beside
its natural hot springs! But all through this you may have never known
that the country does not have an army. The story behind this is rather interesting;
it was due to an attempted army coup that the country decided to abolish its army! Whatever be the reason, one thing is clear
that we are soon heading to the colorful timber houses of Dominica, can’t wait! Number 6. Iceland
The country made its place in your mind through its dramatic landscapes that comprise of volcanoes,
hot springs, geysers and lava fields. Doesn’t that sound so dreamy? Let’s give you another reason to make Iceland
your ultimate destination to settle down. There is no army in this beautiful country
and many would call that a reason to worry. But hello, look at the positive side; you
aren’t dragging yourself into a war. Peace loving, you see! Number 5. Mauritius
The perfect holiday destination with crystal clear waters and exotic resorts lined up to
give you the experience of your life. But you’ll get a new perception about the
country after you know that it has been without an army since 1968! The security of the nation is the responsibility
of 10,000 active personnel under the command of Commissioner of Police. That must be one powerful man! Number 4. Number Liechtenstein
The German speaking nation between Austria and Switzerland is one of its kind. The medieval castles and alpine landscapes
are a treat to witness but that’s not why we are discussing Liechtenstein. The country has been without an army since
1868 and the reason is well, very different than what you’d expect! The country was unable to bear the cost of
maintaining an army and so it was abolished. Quite a reason we must say! Number 3. Marshall Islands
There’s no way we are forgetting about the coral reefs and volcanic islands! Marshall Islands host the famous wreck dive
site at Bikini Atoll, it just has to be on the bucket list of every traveler! Did we wander off from our discussion? Okay coming back, Marshall Islands also has
no army of its own and US is responsible for its security. The police and Maritime Surveillance Unit
manage the internal security and that’s pretty much about it! Number 2. Tuvalu
The mention of Tuvalu brings images of palm fringed beaches and reefs, natural beauty
at its best we could say. While many are well acquainted with the country’s
scenery, few know that the foundation was laid without the scope of any military! Okay, don’t be scared; your security is
not risked if you are planning to land there! The Tuvalu Police Force with the Maritime
Surveillance will take care of you, now sleep in peace! Number 1. Samoa
Waterfalls, reefs and gorgeous islands make for Samoa. Sounds nothing less than heaven, right? But there is another interesting aspect to
this country and that is the absence of any military. Special friendship treaties have been signed
with New Zealand in 1962 which is responsible for the island country’s defense. Bonding goals! We must say some countries are creating history
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  1. Vatican has an army, that of Swiss volunteers. How can you say that it doesn't have an army? Besides, Vatican is NOT a country- doesn't have any (name/mention just one) of the aspects that define a country. You all guys made it one, as if in Alice's wonderland. Aren't you stupid that you make something a CUNT REE because your fancy takes the better of your brains? In UN it is given an observer status for wholly extraneous reasons that don't merit a discussion even. Why at all you peddle all this crap here, you Foxtrot Uniforem Charlie Kilo Echo Romeo !

  2. Many of the countries on the list have treaties and agreements with other countries to defend them so you cant really say they dont have an army

  3. Many of the countries on the list have treaties and agreements with other countries to defend them so you cant really say they dont have an army. Vatican is surrounded by Italy. You would have to invade Italy to get to Vatican so that basically makes Italian army the same as Vatican army

  4. Armiskeep the peace and defend our homes and countries. Withaut armies a simple militia could do so much damage to the world. The army goal is not to promote war, its to keep the peace.

  5. Why would you want to move to a country with no national defense what kind of cuck shit is that? The only reason these countries can exist peacefully is because America spends hundreds of billions of dollars to protect the world.

  6. you are so wrong about iceland. we have army called landhelgisgæslan wich works with norway, italy, sweden,finnland, denmark forces and more landhelgisgæslan works just like a army security force. also our police swat works and train with army forces in nato

  7. Guys don't even think that Iceland has no army their people are legit the army they were vikings the strongest people on earth imagine calling them weak that they actually won alot of battles and conquered alot of countries

  8. OK …Stop:

    – Andorra has an Army. OK, it's an ceremonial army but still has the status as an defense force "army". The "Sometent" ist the andorrian Militia and within this militia you can find the 12 men strong defense force "Sagramental"

    – Lichtenstein doesn't have an army either, that's not entirely true. According to the constitution, every resident up to the age of 60 must take up arms in the event of an attack. Members of the IVE and the alpine loader also serve as militias with army status in the event of a defense

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