10 Navy Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations | Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

10 Navy Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations | Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today, 10 shirt and tie combinations for a navy
suit. Your navy suit is your workhorse suit. And it’s one of the most versatile
suits that you can have in your wardrobe. There are so many shirt and tie
combinations you can do with a navy suit. Honestly, you’re only limited by the
amount of money you have to spend on ties. So I’ve put together just 10 as a
starting point for some inspiration. The suit I’ll be wearing in this video is by
Michael Andrews. Part of our made-to-measure collection launching
soon. And all of the shirts, ties, and pocket squares I will link to down below
in the description. Now, in the event that a specific tie is not available, I will
find one that is as similar as possible to it and link to that. Let’s take a
look at these 10 navy suit shirt and tie combos now. Up first is a really classic
look. It’s very simple. It’s conservative. We have an ice blue Oxford cloth
button-up shirt. The tie is the classic Brooks Brothers
BB number 1 rep tie in red and white. And just a simple, very classic, white
cotton pocket square. This is going to look great in many, many, different kinds
of situations. It’s kind of a classic business look. It’s easy to put together.
And it never goes out of style. Next, staying with the ice blue Oxford
cloth shirt and just kind of doing a variation on the previous theme, sticking
with a striped tie. This one is also by Brooks Brothers. Silk tie in a light
brown and some lighter blue stripes. Striped ties tend to seem kind of businessy, but this one, because of the lighter colors, kind of tones that down a
bit. For me, this tie has always seems sort of
like a nonchalant business tie. And I went with a white silk pocket square
with a puff fold to kind of bring that all together. Next, another brown tie, but
this one with a pattern. This is a silk tie from Viola Milano with a very nice
pattern motif. If you’re not sure about patterned ties, the easiest way to style
them is to think of them as a little bit of a statement piece. And that means
keeping the rest of the outfit simple. Like I said, you can pair pretty much
anything with a navy suit. And then with a white shirt, it really does make it
that blank canvas for the tie to take center stage. Now, I did kind of spice the
up with the pocket square. It’s a paisley square by Drake’s. Here we have an even
bigger kind of statement tie. This is a big, bold, plaid tie by Drake’s. Strangely,
I don’t really find it that overwhelming. But it is a lot of pattern. And, again,
keeping the rest of the outfit simple. White shirt. White pocket square. To
support all of the information that’s coming at you on the tie. Now, because
this is sort of a more fun pattern, I used a pocket square fold that I kind of
refer to as the bunny ears. So next look here, moving away from the pattern in the
tie to putting the pattern in the shirt. This is a light grey block stripe shirt.
Will be available in the HSS x Michael Andrews collection. And, again, same
principle. Since we have the pattern in the shirt, the tie is solid. Or, actually,
if you look closely, this is not completely solid. But viewed from afar, it
kind of gives that effect. Pocket square fold, again, just a simple puff with a
white silk pocket square. Keeping the same block stripe shirt here and
introducing a very simple and classic pattern along with a very rich burgundy
color. This is another Drake’s tie. And one thing I really love about this one is
that if you look very closely, you can see that there’s an even more subtle
pattern in the weave of the tie. You know, without the pattern, this combo could
feel maybe a little more formal. But having those patterns makes it a little
more casual. And the pocket square pulls everything together with the burgundy
edge. Speaking of casual, we have our next look here. This takes your navy suit from
being a business suit, to something that’s more in the business casual realm.
Brown is my favorite color for a gingham patterned shirt. You see blue all the
time. But brown, to me, is a lot more unique. Now, since we’ve got a bold
pattern in the shirt, the tie is simple. This is a brown grenadine tie, again, from
Viola Milano. Grenadine is a great choice for a more casual type of look like this.
And then I’ve got the bunny ears again with this Drake’s pocket square. Next,
we’re kind of spicing things up with an interesting collar. This is a light blue
pin collar shirt. It’s by Edward Sexton. Instead of using a collar bar, I used a
collar pin in a gold-tone. It’s easy to style this kind of shirt in
a more formal way, but I wanted to show you how you could wear it in a more
day-to-day kind of way. The rich green medallion print tie makes it feel kind
of more casual, in my opinion, even with the extra accessory in the collar pin.
And then to kind of reinforce that overall effect, I’m using a classic dot
pocket square with a puff fold. Here we’ve got another very classic combo and
a really good illustration of how to mix patterns. This is a striped shirt, again,
from our HSS and Michael Andrews collection. And then we have a kind of
blueish grey medallion print tie by Drake’s. Mixing patterns like this with
your shirt and tie combos is the best way to wear a suit and have it not
appear so formal. And then there is one more pattern here with the pocket square
in a simple puff fold. Finally, decided to throw this one in. Not going to be for
everyone. And definitely not going to be for every navy suit. But a denim shirt is
a great way to take a little bit of that formality out of your dark navy suit. You
have the fabric, of course, which is more casual. And it also has a little bit of
texture, which is nice as well. Adding a lot more texture in here with the tie.
This is available in the HSS Shop. And balancing out all of the textural
elements here is just a simple white cotton pocket square. So, as I mentioned
at the top of this video, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to
shirt and tie combos with a navy suit. I hope this video gave you a little bit of
inspiration. I tried to include some more classic combos as well as some that if
you’ve been afraid to branch out a bit that you might be willing to try. All the
details for each look are down below in the description. Leave a comment. Let me
know which look you liked best. Thumbs up if this video inspired you in any way. Don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel. And until next time, thanks for watching and
stay tailored.


  1. Impressive…simple but highly sophisticated…….wonderful looks for the well dressed gentleman……keep spreading your wonderful knowledge…PEACE


  2. Look #3, #4 and #9 were magnificent! I am considering buying a navy blue suit, and I have a question for you: Do you recommend dark navy blue or light navy blue for my first suit?

  3. #9 looking good; but I like the solid shirts with the statement ties best. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also: 1) please post a comment/IG/whatever on what knot you are using with these looks, and 2) on an off-the-shelf dress shirts, when the neck is too tight, is it better to go 1/2 size larger and be a bit loose or remain a bit too tight when in between standard sizes? Thanks. Happy Holidays!!!

  4. I do appreciate you showing some love for Drake's, plus that Sexton shirt is beyond gorgeous. However, those ultra dark shades of navy that could easily be mistaken for black just don't float my boat. Maybe it's an archetypal american thing that I simply don't get as a european. Can't fault the cut, though.

  5. #6 and #10 are very nice. Navy suit with a burgundy tie just seems like a match made in heaven. That denim shirt in #10 is a winner.

  6. I really love your channel but for me as a European, I have to admit that i didn't like most of the combinations.
    Eventhough the striped ties may be of high quality, they don't present this high quality very well.
    The dimple at the dark grey/black tie is way too big and the shirt presented with the brown tie is way to informal for that suit.
    Maybe I just don't like the combination of a very plain and standard navy suit with really extravagant choices concerning the ties and shirts and the huge dimple.
    However, I do like the other looks and I am of course looking forward to watching your new videos.

  7. Man #6 takes the cake for me. There is just something special about burgundy ties and navy suits. Is like peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. Great video as always sir.

  8. Do you think a navy suit is more versatile than a dark blue suit? I find the latter easier to pair with more casual items but still able to be run w/ more formal shirts and ties. I think it's more versatile for this reason.

  9. This channel deserves more subscribers.
    You should do a video/mini-series where you go outside and show the experience of having a bespoke suit made. (Measurements, Fitting, Final Product and Review)

  10. Excellent. Can a light blue twill double cuff shirt with cufflinks be dressed down inthe context of a navy suit or just blazer?

  11. Great looks! #3 and #8 were my fav for this one, and I agree with one of the other comments, it would have been great to have showed off your shoes in at least a few of the looks (though I imagine that must mean a lot more work!).

  12. General question- is it normal for the suit shoulders to fold / bend inside like that specially when your shoulders are moving?

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