10 Reasons Why Maritime SUCKS (NEED TO KNOW Before Joining Merchant Marine)

10 Reasons Why Maritime SUCKS (NEED TO KNOW Before Joining Merchant Marine)

Hey whatsup Jeff here, today we are going
to do something different My other vlogs might seem all rainbows and
sunshine They are intended for your entertainment purposes
but in this one I want to talk about the reality and the difficulties of working at sea
I want to advise people who are interested in maritime that it’s not all that easy
… by giving my personal experience It’s not to discourage anyone from the maritime
industry in fact, I feel it’s the best possible career
opportunity one can get especially after you get a captain license
you have so much options at sea or on land So let’s dive into it
Number 1 Lack of Medical Care This one haunts me the most because I’ve
had a traumatic experience with it Even though it is mandatory for ships to carry
powerful drugs that are found in hospitals Sailors we aren’t trained to do anything
more than first aid Let me describe an incident that happened
during my time as a cadet on my 2nd ship A crew member he got very very sick when the
ship was halfway between Christmas Island and Western Australian
Something to do with his pancreas or liver we weren’t sure because we couldn’t diagnose
what it was He had to suffer 48 hours of excruciating
pain before we could get our ship to a location where the helicopters could pick him up
And during that time we administrated heavy doses of morphine to him
Even with the morphine it was still unbearable, he was PASSING out from time to time from
the pain And His whole torso was swelling
Honestly we weren’t sure if he’d survive It was a scary moment
We were lucky it was near Australia, if it was in the middle of pacific it would have
taken maybe 5 or 6 days to get help By that time, I don’t think he’d survive
So my point is, on land you can get medical help fast but at sea on the ship sometimes
you won’t get help until 5 or 6 days So in this industry so you really have to
take care of yourself while working Number 2. Lack of diverse food
The food on ship is prepared by the Cook which we have no choice over
It gets boring when you work with same cook for 9 months
After months at sea everyone starts to crave for food from land
especially Fast food or junk food Remember the scene from Iron man where first
thing he come back from captive was ordering a burger Once you are on the ship the desire for different food is unreal
The crew jump on food like zombies once someone bring back something from ashore Depending on your luck, most cooks at sea
aren’t the best cook either, so don’t get too high of an expectation Number 3 Politics & conflicts
When you have 20 people living in one confined ship, it’s impossible to stay away from
professional or personal conflicts on board It makes it difficult to work and socialize
Not to mention It’s a very thin line between professional and personal life on the ship
since your co-workers literally lives in the next cabin
On top of that… Cultural awareness and equality is actually
very behind compared to land base organizations Sailors we aren’t educated or trained in
organizational behaviors The leaders, Officers Captains, Chiefs, they
are promoted based on skills not leadership And to complicate things even more
You have got people from different countries, different education, different personality,
age, sex and religion all living together in the same ship
With so much diversity, conflicts are bound to happen
Ultimately to do well at sea, you’d have to be aware of cultural differences
maintain an open mind and be able to take shit from your leaders Number 4. Unsettled Lifestyle & Short Shore leave
Having a traveling or “nomadic” kind of lifestyle
there’s a certain romance about it, you know… explore the world while getting paid
meeting different people and sightseeing commanding large ships across the oceans
The thing about traveling to places though is that compare to the past we have much faster
turnaround time And that means less time go ashore
And between work and rest sometimes you just can’t afford the time
or too tiring to go out A side note… VLCCs and large capacity ships don’t even
come to the port for discharging or loading they do all that at a remote facility so you
can’ go anywhere Jumping back a bit
After years at sea, you’ll miss the stationary lifestyle
A town or city in which you can “ground yourself”
For example, myself. I can’t even get a gym membership at where
I live because is a 6-month contract It’s not worth it when I am only 2 or 3
months at home on my holiday You start to wonder …When you spend more
time on ship than at home, is home really what you call home? Number 5. Lack of Social Life
We all grew up in a social environment, it’s how humans were meant to live
So when staying months on ship with restricted social life
negative effects such as depression, loneliness, and homesickness start kicking in
As time passes a sense of emptiness starts creeping in, eventually you feel miserable
You see the same people at work or off-work every day
you might or might not like them but you have no choice you are stuck on a ship
Depending on your personality and attitude Some might not be able to stand it
For Myself, I took advantage of this solitude and focus more on building myself, on my work,
video editing and exercise So a lack of social life is not necessarily
a bad thing Number 6. Away from the Family and everything
Although most can digest the fact of away from friends
parting away from family for months is what tears their hearts apart
marriage or parenthood, missing those precious moments with their loved ones for whom they
care the most is what pain sailors to the core
On top of that, not being there for personal and family problems put a person in a constant
state of worry which increases stress and affects the work
You are physically on the ship but mentally you are back at home
And that could endanger yourself or others at work
A co-worker of mine his father passed away when the ship was in the middle of Pacific
Ocean he didn’t’ know about it until we reached
America and the funeral was planned at a time when
he couldn’t sign off Greeting him every day in the hallway, he
had to put up an uneasy smile but you could sense the despair depression
and sadness within him, consuming him And that affects the whole ship, as a co-worker
as a friend you get affected too So that’s always a burden sailors will have
to endure Number 7. Pay and Benefits
There are crew members onboard my ship right now that are stuck working at sea for years
because they can’t find a better job There’s multiple reason for that, other
jobs don’t pay as well, they have mortgage, loans, their kids, their education expenses
etc. Back when my father sailed 30 years ago
he was making almost same amount in the early 80s compare to now
But think about the inflation for a second Merchant Mariners used to sail for 10-20 years
and retire easily with nice house & money in the bank
It was a fair trade of time and lifestyle Now days. Prices have been inflated so much
You can no longer retire after 20 years so it’s extremely hard to JUSTIFY or RATIONALIZE
the time spent at sea into your 60 My advice is to plan ahead and ask yourself
Where you want to be 10, 20 or 40 years later Number 8. Reducing crew members or reduce manning
20 years ago, a 200-meter will have 40-50 people working onboard
And Nowadays a 400m ship only have 20 people With the economy slowing down
Companies they want to cut cost, cut manning while demanding us to be just as efficient
Needless to say ships are getting bigger There’s more work more responsibility more
overtime for each crew No one cares about us, they only care about
the oil being delivered on time The iPhone or shipments arriving before the
holiday sales so that they can make money It’s not improving anytime soon Number 9. Hectic Life & Work
Every year new regulations come into sailors we have to fetch out money for endorsement
on new certificates, new license more paperwork, more checklist, new codes,
new safety procedures, new environmental laws Combine with reduce manning, it is quite overloading
And it’s becoming more hectic every year We are paying to get certified for what we’ve
been doing for hundreds of years It almost like the government or marine schools
are milking us for money There’s no end to that Last one is Limited entertainment, especially
Internet You have to ask yourself, can you live without
internet for a month? Some of my classmates they quit after their
first ship because they just can’t take the boredom
Some people are so accustomed to internet they cannot live without it
and you have to figure if that’s the case for you
Ultimately it’s how you personally embrace it
you could turn the situation on its head and use it as an opportunity to build yourself
to accomplish things So these are the 10 reasons why maritime sucks
Some might not be negative at all it depends on you, how you approach it
and external factors such as your company, your ship, the country you’re from, inflation
etc I’ve only given you a heads up and ultimately
you’ll have to discover if maritime is suitable for you
Ending the vlog here, if you got any questions leave it down in the comments below
and for sailors who have internet access right now please try and help out to answer some
of the questions With YouTube as a platform, I hope to build
an audience base that connect sailors around the world online for sharing information and
discussion So thank you for your support and see you
next time 


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  2. Nice video bro. I never plan on be a mariner but your video was still really entertaining. Great facts, great editing, nice job

  3. I'm a seafarer and about to join a container ship, this is true. You spend months on with people you may not like but sometimes spend time with people you like, But as soon as you finish you contract they are most likely gone for good.

  4. As with almost all career choices, there are good and bad. I'm a truck driver and I love what I do. Is it for everyone? No. Are there aspects of my job I don't like? Yes. While being at sea presents far different challenges from what I do, I am away from home for extended periods of time. There are far too many government regulations that choke the trucking industry. Not everyone is going to be a good fit as a truck driver, same holes true with your career. Stay safe out there, great video too!

  5. I absolutely agree with you,this is a job that is not for everyone,don't let fool by sunsets or sunrises at sea
    Its a tough heavy and lonely job,that really requires a strong mind and body…

  6. Good day! Sir.JeffHK I am a Deck cadet who is seeking for an entry level position in your growing company. I finished my three year academic study and i believe i am now ready to be actively involved in any work related to my career. Through this i will be able to learn, gain knowledge and skills to my chosen field of endeavor and be an asset to your successful company. I'm asking for your kind support to give me a chance to be part and have my first experiential job at your company.
    Hoping for your kind response Thank you and More power!  please leave a comment so i can send my details.

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  8. okay … not trying to sound like an asshole or anything but try to ask someone or even google work in KSA and you will so surprised about how it so similar in so cases even more bad than you think

  9. I would say sign me up. 2 months off and 2 on would be epic. I work 7 days a week with thousands of emails and no end point. Knowing there is an end point and start point is priceless.

  10. Working on the Great Lakes is different than working at sea! Which i am working on getting the papers to work on the Great Lakes!

  11. When I was a kid the only way you got into maritime was to go to college for it, or know someone.Without either of those going for you,it was almost impossible.

  12. i dont know about other country but job prospects of company in India regarding to merchant navy is so low that u cant get waiting of 1-2 years in engineering side
    and 3-4 years in deck side(Junior officers,je,3officer,4 engineer)
    even big company containing 100-200 ship cant provide job at time forget about promotion
    i am 4th engineer myself

  13. I thought internet was everywhere. Why don’t you have it at sea. We have satellites, right?

  14. I think the once you get on the ship, the other people of the crew are also part of your family from that point on

  15. Well cant wait to be onboard. I am fresh graduate and still excited (fck social life, i want to be far away. I am extremely introverted)

  16. hello sir will marine engineering have a good future job prospects since crew on board are decreasing due to automation

  17. Wait until you get older…. That is why I stopped being in this industry…. I missed my father and grandmother funeral….. so….

  18. You will be able to have internet access globally starting in ~2020. Elon Musk just sent up 60 internet satellites as his first wave in his attempt to give internet to everyone on earth, regardless of the location. Your ship could maybe install a receiver or it could simply provide internet to a local router. Not sure how it will work, but check it out.

  19. I'm 16 year old and I'm doing grade 12 at school with maritime economics because I'm interested in maritime studies but and I want to become a ship captain maybe some of you may help me to reach my destination

  20. U are right…my husband said the same thinking as u. No wonder he married so late. But i always make time to join him on board. Great experience too.

  21. Working on ship is my biggest dream but my parents force me to choose their dream not mine, now i've graduated college i cant even enjoy working and it feels so sad.

  22. Thanks for all the info!
    How do sailers deal with their social life then? Especially with the romantic one? It would be so tough to stay away from the significant other for such a long time…
    And I gotta challenge myself with no internet thing. it would be so tough omg

  23. Re-certification and training is a killer across all industries. It is difficult , time consuming and expensive to keep up if you are not working for a big company. It's made all the worse because you cannot just take the exam, you have to attend a silly little course then take a witless multiple choice test.

  24. Very excellent. Years ago I wanted to ship out. I found out that I would be cleaning latrines for a few years before moving up. I didn't ship out, but now, after a fucked up land life, I think I should have shipped out.

  25. I'm a truck driver who's done a few years otr before going local, this is right up my alley. Instead of sitting on my ass all day ill be up moving around and in a career with upward mobility besides just buying my own truck. I'll have an actual room instead of a bed behind the drivers seat, time for hobbies again (outside of OT) AND ACCESS TO A GYM! I use to be huge on fitness before before driving. This is like otr driving with mad swank and a better/healthier work/life ratio. Additionally with the extended time off I could do all the things I wish I had the time to do. Travel abroad, long backpacking trip in my backyard that is the PNW, etc. It's a wrap, I'm doing it. Get me that Captain rating 😎🚬

  26. "not trained in organizational behaviour" what is that? didn't you learn how to get along in kindergarten? Oh no "no gym membership for me"

  27. I went to Cal Maritime for one term. I loved the school and would have loved the industry when I was younger but I’m 30 now. Looking back I’m so glad I didn’t keep pursuing that path. I still love the sea but wouldn’t want to work out there on someone else’s time and schedule. Great video. First time coming across your channel and I subscribed.

  28. I was covering hatchs on the great lakes , a ship lanched in 1903 ,
    12× 2 planking covered with canvas. Kept down with wooden weges.
    Crawling on my hands and knees in a driveing rain, when done went into the galley, was told we had chicken and dumplys , to me glorified chicken soup.
    The cook got mad and brought me a plate , two fist size dumplys
    Thick sauce that was out of this world.
    Today i watch river tugs going by on the Columbia and wonder if they have that kind of chicken and dumplys.

  29. Diversity leads to conflict. A problem that nobody thinks about is the difference in intelligence. Smart people find stupid people annoying.

  30. What is your rotation like? I'm looking to go into it. I have already been working at sea doing sailing but im looking to take it a bit more serious. I think this job is worth it if you have months off.

  31. This is exact reason why forced diversity is a stupid concept and doesn’t automatically “make us stronger”… just found it interesting how you said people with different religions and backgrounds conflicts are bound to happen… exactly!

  32. Hello,
    I'm fresh graduate engineer from Egypt holding BSc in Mechanical power engineering and i want to join maritime career
    What courses or licences should i do ?

  33. Having been in the Navy you video is accurate and ae you were talking I could see that huge ship in the background thinking wow, all the room in the world, you see I served aboard a nuclear fast attack submarine with 110-120 other sailor's, each year 285days were spent AT sea, in port you had duty every other day and like you no doctor, just a corpsman. Plenty of sailors have come home in the freezer.
    Your right about the time you have to build your life with little to no interruptions.

  34. I'm strongly considering this as a career change when my son graduates school and leaves home. I don't have a large social life anyway, and the bulk of my family interaction is via email anyway. I was a (navy) sailor in my youth, so already have some idea what it's like. I'll just need to stock up on ebooks and other quiet time stuff. The work, schedule, certs, and all that other stuff isn't so different from many professions ashore. Government encroachment is just something we have to deal with if we want a good career.

  35. Sounds like heaven to me. I love that kind of work. Lived in a 50 man, man camp for 6 months doing construction disaster relief once. We lived in army tents had a porta John and showered once a week with a well pump we hooked a generator to while working 14 hours a day. Best time of my life.

  36. As far as the money situation, as far as not having a home say in the US, one could retire in a country with a low exchange rate. So, are Maritimers paid in USD? The Philippine peso can help you live well. Have any retired in such a way?

  37. This kid love to complaint about everything. Find other job.
    There are so many job. If you have many problem in sailing. Look for better job
    Sick people.

  38. I was a soldier; same shit different shovel. Even with the hardships of the job as a soldier I never understood the moxy and dedication it took to be a sailor. Couldn't do it!

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