1. Probably not a desperate sesrch. No doubt, the sailors on board know the fate of the 10 so called missing sailors. After the collision, they were fighting flood conditions.One of the actions, to prevent further flooding ,is to close the hatches.When the hatches are closed , in a flooding compartment, well you know what happens to the trapped sailors. These 10 sailors probably suffered the same fate as the 7 sailors on the previous ship The Fitzgerald. Condolences to the families of the missing sailors.

  2. Someone definitely fell asleep at the wheel, again! Someone is to always be on watch, always ! Also the smaller ship always gives way to the larger ship! Some sailor or sailors made a heck of a mistake. No doubt some heads will roll as they did on the Fitzgerald. Everything falls back on the Captain of the ship.

  3. Divine payback … ha !
    Happens only to vessels which carried out provocative FONOPs or spying/surveillance activity in SCS

  4. A destroyer is much faster and agile than a tanker, has state of the art Radar and Sonar. Weapons that can destroy cities. How can this happen so much? More going on here then we are being told.

  5. Two options… Remove sophisticated equipments from all destroyers and place them on tankers instead, or switch the captains.

  6. US Navy Burke class destroyers are one of the best in world how can they collide with a merchant ship again and again.. Every time a US destroyer visit south china sea it collides with a merchant ship after few days there is something fishy going on here

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