21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food

21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food

– I swear to God I just heard
somebody say “chug it.” – The [bleep] is that? – Yeah, I’m not a man. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We brought you here today
because you are newly of age for an adult beverage.
– Yep. – (laughs) – I am. – I’ve been partying
for a few months. – (laughs) – Ooh, I like
adult beverages and beverages in general. – (FBE) To officially welcome you
to the club, we’re gonna present you with a few
fun drinks to get you started on your journey of drinking
responsibly. – Always. – I think my favorite
is just tequila shots, ’cause you got the salt,
the lime, and it’s a whole experience. – I have two things that
I’m comfortable with, Jack and Coke,
or whiskey sour, ’cause those are the most
generically nothing things I could possibly order. – I don’t drink a lot,
so I’m pretty lightweight. – I was never really
a big drinker, so I don’t know a lot
of different names. I’m just hoping to learn
about more different– more drinks here. – I’m just curious to see
what you guys give me, ’cause this is–
it’s super exciting for me. Let’s go. – (FBE) Here is your first drink.
– That’s what I’m talking about. What is that, peach?
See, this is a nice color that you would find
in alcohol. It’s very light and bubbly
and has fruit on it. – This seems like a nice drink
by the poolside. – I feel like I will like it,
’cause I usually like really sugary drinks. – It’s got coconut, right? – Yeah, that’s good.
That’s really good. Oh man, I could easily
finish this. I know it’s probably not
my smartest idea though. – That’s really sweet.
I don’t taste any alcohol in it really.
This tastes so good. I am not a pineapple
or coconut person, but this is amazing.
It’s kind of like the Dole whip at Disneyland. – It feels like all of
the fruits that I would wear on my head when I was doing
that conga dance thing. Like they put that
in the drink. – (FBE) So, this is actually called
a Malibu Bay Breeze. – Okay, I think I have had one. – I know what Malibu is.
I’ve definitely had my fair share. – (FBE) It’s made with Malibu,
which is a coconut rum, pineapple juice,
and cranberry juice, and for many, this is
the gateway cocktail to drinking because it has no alcoholic
flavor to it. – Mm-hm, yeah.
Definitely did not taste any of the alcohol.
That’s a very dangerous drink. – The more fruitier drinks
where you don’t taste the alcohol, I think those are
the ones that get you more, ’cause you don’t notice them. – (FBE) Here is your next drink.
– It is very blue. – It’s blue.
Is it an AMF? I’m a fan of the color blue
flavored anything. – Oh, is this an adios?
It’s blue. It’s so iconic.
I know adios has a ton of just straight alcohol,
so it gets you pretty messed up. – Oh.
It doesn’t taste at all like alcohol.
It tastes like soda. – Oh, that’s definitely an AMF.
I’ve also had a bucket of AMF, which I don’t condone,
but I recognize the feeling in my throat now. – Okay, I taste a little alcohol. – The other one was
a more fruity drink, but this is more,
what’s the word? A refresher. – Okay, there’s alcohol in this,
but otherwise, I feel like I’m just drinking water. – You drink it and you’re like,
“Oh, it’s blue and it’s pretty. Love it.”
And then by the end, you’re like, “How did I drink
that all so fast?” – (FBE) This is actually called
an Adios Mother [bleep]. – Oh. – (FBE) It is made with
every type of alcohol except whiskey.
– Really? So it’s really strong?
It didn’t taste strong at all. – (FBE) If it’s made correctly,
you won’t taste a single one of those alcohols.
– It’s like math. They cancel each other out. – If you really wanna get
that buzz, I think honestly I would get this. – (FBE) This is the West Coast’s
bluer alternative to the Long Island Iced Tea and should
only be ordered on your 21st birthday
and then never again. – I can see that. – Maybe I’ll have to try
a Long Island Iced Tea. There is no Long Island over here
and we like blue and being extra. That’s what California’s
all about. – Only 21? I heard “chug it.”
I swear to God I just heard somebody say “chug it.” – (FBE) Here’s your next drink.
– Oh, this looks way too adult for me.
I’m just feeling a whiskey vibe where it’s like I need to be
in a suit. – Kinda reminds me of Mad Men.
Have you ever seen–? Yeah, I don’t know.
Just the cup with the ice. – Again, fruit decor as always. – Yeah, I’m not a man. – That has a more little
stronger taste to it. Is it whiskey or something? – I don’t like it.
What the [bleep] is that? – Oh God.
No. No, not at all.
That’s disgusting. Why do people drink this?
Do you lose your taste buds after a while of drinking? – Those other two,
I could just be like, gunk, gunk, let’s go,
but this, this is something I’m just ordering to look
classy at the bars. Looking out at the bars
going like, “What’s going on, guys?” – (FBE) This is called an
Old Fashioned. – Oh, I thought Old–
wait. I’ve heard the name
Old Fashioned. I don’t know why I thought
it was more scary looking than this. I didn’t know it had fruit in it. – So, Mad Men. – (FBE) So, this is made
with bourbon, bitters, and a twist of orange.
Some people muddle their sugar cubes
and others use simple syrup. – Okay, so it’s not as bad
as what I’ve had, but you know.
Still not the greatest and I totally feel
the drunkness coming on now. – (FBE) Thanks to the likes
of Don Draper, this has been the best
selling cocktail in the US for the past two years,
but it’s actually been around since 1880.
– Damn. I mean, not surprised.
It’s not a lot of work for an alcoholic drink. – No Old Fashioned for me.
I’m gonna pass on that. – (FBE) Here’s your next drink. – (imitating James Bond)
Ah, martini. Shaken, not stirred. That was more like Spock
than James Bond. I’ve always wanted to try
a martini just ’cause James Bond, but I’ve never
been confident enough to order one. – It’s a martini.
You know how I noticed? The olive and the glass. – I’m assuming it’s a martini.
If my TV show knowledge hasn’t failed me. – It looks like foggy water
with an olive in it. – Yes. That [bleep]’s gross. – Oh no.
Nope, nope, nope. That just went straight
to the back of my throat and burned it.
It’s like acetone. – Whoa, that is funky.
Right off the bat, just salty. I mean, I should have
expected that with an olive sitting in there. – It tastes like urine.
I mean, I don’t know what urine tastes like,
to be fair, but it does taste bad.
I hate olives, so to be fair,
that’s probably part of it. – It looks nice,
but it tastes like salty dirt water. – (FBE) This is a dirty gin martini.
– Martini? – (FBE) So, there’s a lot of ways
you can customize it. This one’s got gin,
dry vermouth, and a small amount
of olive brine garnished with your favorite olive
right there. – I’ve seen it in movies.
You go to a hotel with your suit after work
and you order a martini. – What makes it dirty? – (FBE) Ordering a dirty
gives it a cloudy look and it’s great if you don’t
like the taste of alcohol because it brings out
the salty olive flavor. – Yeah, but if I don’t like this,
I’m not gonna like the regular one. – I’d rather drink the
Old Fashioned than this. Why am I drinking olive juice? – (FBE) This is
the James Bond drink, except he orders his
with vodka, shaken, not stirred.
– I don’t really know what the different is
with shaken and stirred. – I would never be out
drinking with friends and be like, “Guys,
next round’s on me. Let’s all get martinis.” – (FBE) Here is your last drink.
– Ooh, it has whipped cream on it. Yes. – Ooh, dude.
It looks like butterbeer. I’m not even convinced
there is alcohol in there. It literally just smells
kinda like a pumpkin spice latte. – This is like a cappuccino.
Is it pumpkin spice something? – It’s like apple cid–
what is that alcohol? It’s apple cider for sure. – It’s extremely sweet.
It tastes like those candies that are supposed to be
sour first then sweet, but without
the sourness to it. – It’s good.
This is definitely, in my opinion,
a Christmas drink. I do not see myself
ordering this at a bar unless it’s for a festive reason,
but hot alcohol is very weird. – The aftertaste is better.
While you’re in the process, you’re like, “No”
but then afterwards, it’s like, “Yeah, it’s good.” – (FBE) This is a tequila
and cider Hot Toddy. – Tequila, I should have known. – I would never have guessed
that was tequila. – If you don’t know,
tequila’s the devil of all alcohols.
As in, it just really messes you up
and you can’t even taste it, because it tastes like
you’re trying to– you’re sick
and you’re like, “Ooh, it’s warm
and comforting and there’s whipped cream on it.
Yay.” – (FBE) Fun fact, whiskey
and tequila were sometimes used as decongestants
in the old days. – Oh wow.
If you’re sick, but you still wanna
drink a little something, this would probably be the drink. – I could definitely see that,
’cause it does go down very nicely. – I’m not against it.
It’s a good drink, just hot. – (FBE) Which one was
your favorite? – The Adios Mother [bleep].
I just like the more refreshing taste to it. – I really liked the Bay Breeze.
I just love pineapple. Pineapple is a delicious flavor
and should be everywhere. – This, because it just
makes you feel so good and warm inside
and that’s what you want when you’re buzzed.
You just wanna feel warm inside and toasty and happy.
Like how I do feel right now. I feel so toasty and happy.
– (slide whistle) – (FBE) What would you tell
those about to turn 21? Do you have any advice
for them? – Drink responsibly. – It’s okay to have
a really fruity drink. No one’s judging. – Just know your limits
and make sure you and the people that you
care about and are drinking with are okay and then just
have a good time. – Thanks for watching us
drink legally on the React Channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
We have new shows every day. – What other drinks
should we try next? Let us know in the comments. – Cheers to myself. – Hey guys, Sabrina here,
React Channel producer. Want more behind
the scenes content? Follow us on Instagram
@FBE. Thank you, Kyllis.
I’ve been working so hard today. Adios.


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  2. When I was 21, 12 years ago, gosh am old I wasn't a big drink, at 33 year old am still not a big a drink, but with my friends I occasionally have either, a beer, vodka 🍸, brandy, vodka lemonade, rum or a whiskey. And let not forget yega bombs.

  3. I drank jack daniels (honey and normal) from time to time, tried jager bombs and by 16 i started drinking johnny walker black label & double.
    And you gave them those cocktails.
    (not bragging & i don't drink to get drunk, it's a gateway for good conversations with friends and family)

    Can we get a reaction of real hardcore drinks ? the preferred strong ones 🙂

  4. I’m just casually scrolling through the comments and see so many people saying that they drink underage, like, I haven’t even touched an energy drink (Red bull and such)
    I’m 15😅

  5. Licor 43 dreamscicle. 1part milk, 1 part Licor 43, 2 parts orange juice. Mix it in a gallon and freeze it until slushy. Fruit cocktail is optional.

  6. Ok I call lie in Leah's age. Is she 21 or a teen because in the snapchat do they know it u had TEENS react to 2000s music. So what's up

  7. Come over to England and you can have any alcohol under supervision between 12-18! You can then not under supervision drink whatever you want from 18+!


  9. When you can’t taste the alcohol I feel like those are the kinds that trick you. Can’t taste it so you forget just how much alcohol is in it. Like jungle juice, cause Lord.

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