3 Best Back To School Laptops!

3 Best Back To School Laptops!

Hey guys Keaton here TechSmartt. First thing’s
first, I’m the realest. I’m just kidding there but I did announce the winners of the custom
TechSmartt edition iPhone 5s and the additional winners of the 5 t-shirts, or five lucky applicants
that won one of those really cool t-shirts which just says youtube.com/tech. If you did
win, and did follow all of the instructions which was a blast doing this giveaway and
I’ll definitely be doing more, I’ll be sending you a YouTube private message so be on the
lookout for that. Just go to youtube.com/messages and just go ahead and keep an eye out for
that if you did win. But the winners will be announced on Twitter so go and check there
to see if you did win. In todays video we’re going to be talking about the best laptop
choices for back to school students and a lot of you guys really did enjoy the five
back to school applications to just help you learn better for both Android and iOS. If
you haven’t seen the video, the link can be found right below that Like button. Since
so many of you guys have enjoyed the first video we put out, I’ll keep putting out more
series until I go to school and
a little bit over that.


  1. I use an Acer C710 chromebook that I modified to run Arch Linux. I used it for about 1 year as a chromebook, then began using crouton to run linux on the side and switched it to arch because the linux side of it was unstable before. The Chrome OS is really only good for browsing and with use of google drive, but if you have the technical expertise switching to linux is really worth your while. I would recommend getting chromebooks with 4GB of RAM if you want to run linux and you will probably also want more than 16GB of SSD, but that depends on you. If you ever want to install linux on it go to the Arch Linux Wiki and find your model just because they have good instructions on how to do it for your specific model. Also look at it before you buy because I had to actually open the case, void the waranty, and bridge a write jumper in order to flash the bios. For people who don't know what I just said, it just is something where you need to know what you're doing. Overall chromebooks are really worth what you pay for them if you run linux, if not you just have to know you only really can browse and use google drive.

  2. I got a dell laptop with:
    8gb RAM
    3.2Ghz Cpu
    2gb Video RAM for $400 damn so much better AND cheaper than that windows asus

  3. lol i got a i5 processor a 1tb hard drive windows 8 15.6 inch nividia geforece 820m and a 1080p screen for 拢428

  4. I have a Samsung Chromebook from mid 2014 and it broke this year, the keyboard stopped working and I can't charge it, when I opened it up I saw what was wrong with the keyboard so I fixed that but I couldn't fix the charging supply

  5. guys im going into 5th grade and my bitch mom wont get me a laptop????????? what do i do?????? i NEED one for school

  6. Just a tip, I have an 11" Macbook Air 2014, if I were to run a YouTube and write up an essay, there is no chance I would get ~9 hours, I would get around ~4 hours max. Just 聽a tip 馃槈 Great laptop though!

  7. starting my first year of university and taking a bunch of English classes and a journalism class. I've been looking at a lot of reviews but not to sure what to get. any suggestions

  8. Alright so does best buy have these sales going on now? I have the macbook pro 13 inch 2012 but I am thinking I am going to get the macbook air 11 inch so that I can leave my macbook pro 13 inch at home. I also noticed that it was $100 off and a friend of mine told me at best buy that for being a student I get 20% off.

  9. Ugh i dont speak computer T-T
    I need a laptop to use microsoft blah blah and other internet searches.. What laptop should i get? Oh um.. I also want to play pc games w/o slowing down.. :/


  10. I don't have a Mac simply because I don't feel comfortable buying a computer that does the same thing for twice the price. Maybe if I was wealthy I wouldn't mind.
    I have a touch screen Toshiba. I paid about $600 for it. I originally wanted an HP, but this laptop works fine. It works fast and it has a lot of storage space.

  11. Im getting a asus aspire r 13 r7-371t-78xg 13.3-inch wqhd convertible 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop for school bc I have alote of preojects to do already

  12. Hey TechSmartt! could you please do the best waterproof laptop backpack (maybe under $100) review. Now, it rains a lot in my area and I really need a waterproof laptop backpack for school. Thank you!

  13. I have a MacBook, and I love it! It's an older model from 2006 (I'm absolutely sure of that), and it runs beautifully. I think it's an a1181 white model, and I wouldn't replace this thing for any Windows computer! And I'm not just saying that because I'm an Apple fanboy 馃檪 I think it has run better than all the Windows computers I have used, and those computers were new models! They got viruses so easily, and I'm never going down the road of Windows again. I know that MacBooks can get viruses, but they can't get them as easily, and I love that about my computer. APPLE FOR LIFE!

  14. I think that the surface pro 3 is a good computer/tablet hybrid keeping in mind I have only watched the video till 2:04 so I don't know if he has chosen that

  15. Guys,I just started going to middle school,and they let us bring our lap tops to school. My classes use computers for everything,and I want to do the same performance as those desktops. I really hate using my slow LG G3 Vigor for schoolwork. I also go on steam. What should I use?

  16. Why nobody focus on weight and battery life? For me this is most important, i need computer which i can carry with me to library, lectures etc. and i don't know anybody who needs laptop only in home.

  17. Has anyone heard of someone hating a MacBook after actually owning one? I havent lol (i own one and love it)

  18. At my college, literally everyone has a Mac. I feel like people would be judged if someone walking into class with a pc

  19. I'm going to 7th Grade and I'm wondering if its good for school (going to download PowerPoint and Microsoft Word)

  20. i am looking for a gaming laptop for school with a titan graphic card so i can play realm of the mad god

  21. In Australia the Mac book 13 inch is $1500 and the 11 inch is $1300 and there for the base storage and stuff like that so as a broke teenager I won't be getting a new laptop

  22. I'm going to highschool and I'm going to be using a laptop for projects, presentations and school work and just basic stuff at home like Netflix and checking emails so which one would be better for me?

  23. facking apple fanboy. Apple PCs and laptops have the worst price to performence rate dont listen to him its a waste of money to buy a apple

  24. DO NOT GET A CHROM BOOK I have one it's ok it's just you need a lot more steps to do things got typing yes you can not download anything or edit anything

  25. hey keaton I bought a acer chromebook 11 from best buy and it is the best chromebook i have ever had i am going back to school soon on september 1 and i bet this chromebook will handle all my back to school needs it has been the besy the chromebook i have ever had

  26. dude i have a rewally important question that i need you to answer plz. i just asked for a macbook pro for christmas and im gonna be editing videos, watching youtuibe ;)and some other things. so do you really think this is a good laptop for that or should i get a different one?

  27. Doubt anyone will answer this but is a 13 inch macbook air (8gb ram) a considerable upgrade to my macbook pro 2011? and is it worth it?

  28. http://www.ebay.com/itm/232228284828?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 CHECK OUT MY 2010 MACBOOK PRO EBAY LISTING FOR CHEAP!

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