1. They were filming the entire incident! That most definetly shows they too were in on it. These terrorists love to share their evil acts with other terrorists. Disgusting and shameful!

  2. the lady look like shit waste people's time with a shit show press conference wasting people's time with their so call update shm

  3. Have we not learned anything from 9-11? Another "Saudi Aviation Student in Florida"? Are you serious? 9-11 Terrorists were "Saudi Aviation Students in Florida".

  4. Yeah the other us Saudi Nationals were filming the shooting so that they can train other Saudi Nationals to come over and do the same thing hey stupid f**** Democrats ban Arab Muslims

  5. I don't believe anything trump says, trump is reading a statement from the Saudi's, they are the last people on earth I would believe…Remember the journalist Khashoggi!

  6. Condolences and sympathies for American navy soldiers.. it was not good from suadi soldier. He was not real muslim he was mad because this type of incident complete opposite to Islam.Isam give not permission for this. And also arab people are really peaceful you see the last statement of salman king of sudia he was really worried about this incident.Example all people are not same in any religion. Some people belongs to bad category. We have to see more examples in any religion. I think all people know that about new Zealand incident in Mosque. Attacker was from to Australia. That was big incident in world. So that's why i want to say that some people belongs to bad category in any religion.

  7. And they still trust the Saudis, These so called representatives of this country need to get with reallity and quit putting the country at risk while they enrich themselves I know thats probably a pipe dream but whenever their lives finally are at risk I bet they'll be doing something then.

  8. 3 filmimg the shootingbwhen deputies arrieved and they are reporting here in pensacola several other Saudi student missing .

  9. How did the Saudi terrorist got the gun and carried it inside the US base without anybody finding out? Maybe the Saudi king armed him w the help of Mike Pence.

  10. OK american exceptional society…… dismembered reporter, Pensacola attack and yes 9/11 all by Saudis, and you call them best friends. you are idiots.

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