3 mistakes to avoid for admission to best university in Canada on universities in Canada

3 mistakes to avoid for admission to best university in Canada on universities in Canada

Visit http://www.fasttrackadmission.com to
get admission from universities in Canada and how to apply for best university in Canada. Hi, my name is Babak and I can help you to
get admission from a university in Canada. If you want to know how you can get admission
and scholarship from the best university in Canada (especially the York university Canada),
if you want to know how you can find a supervisor or advisor to endorse your application in
Canada, then today is the day. you are going to learn the 3 worst mistakes
that you must avoid if you want to find a supervisor in Canada and get scholarship.
Number 1: Do NOT send a “general email” Number 2: Do NOT send a “general CV” to Canadian
professors Number 3: Do NOT use “email” as your first
point of contact with Canadian professors You see, in Canada, email is a kind of personal
form of communication. People don’t open their emails in Canada if it is from a total stranger.
Let me ask you a question, if you receive an email from a person that you don’t know
at all, do you even bother opening that email? I very much doubt it.
So, what is the best solution? The best solution is to use your Linkedin profile to connect
with professors in Canada and then send them an email. you see, when you get connected
with people, they trust you. You are now at a different level of trust. So now they know
you, at least they know of you and now they open your email.
So go ahead, create a Linkedin profile if you don’t have one and use your Linkedin to
connect with professors in Canada. If you need my help, I’m in Canada, I can
find potential supervisors for you. if you need my help, go to http://www.fasttrackadmission.com.
So it’s http://www.fasttrackadmission.com.


  1. This doesn't work the way you think. People do respond to mails very positively. I strongly ctrisize your view. I have around 30 mails in my inbox from Canadian professors whom I connected.

  2. hello sir,i found it very helpful.Thank you for sharing the informations.I was very confused about my admission in canadian universities for MS as deadlines for internationals are over.I wanted to apply for september 2015 session.My aggregate is 76% and planning to write IELTS soon.I would be glad if you guide me through this.My email is [email protected] you.

  3. Thank you so much for the above info. I am interested in applying Canadian Universities to proceed with my Graduate studies. My IELTS score is 7. I ll be filled with gratitude if u can assist me with aug or sept 2016 intake.

  4. Hi ,I am Mahfuz from Bangladesh.i hope you are well.i am interest to get postgraduate admission with schcolership in any canadian university.i need your help sir,so please send me email at [email protected] wish your best.

  5. Mr.Babak! First of all I appreciate this work of yours for guiding students. I have filled the forms on your site but there isn't any response from your side, are you people still working and can you help me in this regard by helping me to find a potential supervisor and contacting them. Now we are only left with 2 months approximately to complete applications for September session.

  6. God bless the greatest invention in the history of the human development, the creation of the most useful tool ever invented, more than the wheel or the hammer: the EMAIL

  7. That's very helpful,I need to be in contact with a supervisor from McGill university specifically,and yes I do have a linkined account

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  9. Emails are best way to contact with supervisor I personally experience most of professors are respond to emails positively. I'm sorry but u should Change your approach.

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