5 Home Drills You Can Train with Airsoft

5 Home Drills You Can Train with Airsoft

Hey what’s up everyone, Instinct here, and
as for today we’re going to give you 5 drills you can do at home, with airsoft, in order for you to improve your shooting skills. But before we dive into that make sure
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content visit Reconbrothers.com for our awesome monthly quality giveaways, and go have a look at our shop, shop.Reconbrothers.com for quality tactical needs. So why do you want to do drills? Well firstly this allows you to create
muscle memory which will allow you to do a movement without thinking too much.
Doing these things frequently will allow you to speed up the process but keep in
mind it’s not about doing them fast it’s about doing them correctly. The pace will
build up itself automatically in time. The drills we will teach you today were
given to us by former Special Forces Instructor Delta, important to notice is
that these drills will also improve your skills with real firearms as well, but
please notice that if you’re doing these drills with an airsoft gun you want to
use a gbb system this because the functions of the GBB systems are as close
as possible to a firearm. Now let’s get over to our first drill. Obviously this one has to be in our list
because if you don’t know how to do this instinctively you are already lost. For this there are two methods you have the Israeli and US method the US method is based on having a projectile in the chamber so you
don’t have to rack your gun when drawing it, on the other hand the Israeli method is
based on having no projector on the chamber so you still have to rack the
gun when drawing it. To give you a comparison the Israeli method is used
when you find yourself in non hostile territory it’s considered to be safer
because shit can always happen. The US method is used when you expect enemies
so we suggest to train both. Above drawing transitioning between your
primary and secondary is also something you need to practice on a regular basis
best way to do this is with all your gear on, so you immediately notice what might
obstruct you. When training your drawing do mind the body positioning your
footwork and the grip on your gun, also important to notice is the way you
initiate the drill. You won’t always be expecting it but so it won’t always be
in a combat ready position so we also suggest you to train it that way. Now let’s go over to our second drill Trigger control is one of the basic
skills that will greatly improve the way you shoot. Here the essence is to remain
in contact with the trigger and only go as far as needed to reset it.
This can be noticed by its click. Please notice that for most airsoft guns the
trigger reset is different when gas in the system. So we recommend you to train with gas filled magazines. Here the importance of a gas blowback system comes to mind
as most electric guns don’t have that clear trigger reset point. Of course the goal is to reduce the time between each shot taken. either to keep heads down or double tap your enemies for a secured hit. Now let’s go over to our third drill. Getting your sights lined up between you
and the target is something that needs to become automatic, the faster you’ll be
able to do this the more likely you’ll be the one taking the first shot. This
can be done by starting in various positions for example the low and high
ready. Now, important to notice is that you also train this with your optic as
well as with your backup iron sight, because your optic fails you you still
need to be able to do it. A pro tip to become even faster and remain
situational awareness as well is to shoot with both eyes open instead of
closing an eye. This might require you to do some eye dominance training, but in
practice this makes a huge difference. That’s said, let’s go over to the fourth
drill. Reloading is something that can be
perfectly practiced with a gas blowback system. This because the functions are
exactly the same as with a firearm for this a tactical and speed reload need to
become second nature and repetition is the key to become better at them. A good tip
to keep in mind is that gas magazines don’t like to receive shocks or they
might start leaking. For this your best position yourself above a table with
some pillows to reduce the shocks. Also Magpuls will reduce the shock which is useful if you’re doing a speed reload on concrete for example. And that is a
golden rule for your gbbr users out there. Now let’s jump over to the last
drill of this video. Body movements are essential for shooting, because they maximize their stability reduce the chance of falling and they make it
harder for an opponent to hit you. This might sound simple, but moving
correctly without the need of thinking about it requires some repetition.
Important to notice is your body positioning, your footwork and the positioning of your gun. For this you can make rotations going to left/right 180
degrees. Go from standing to kneeling to prone and back and you can also add your drawing aiming and dry firing to that as well. So these were our 5 drills of
today, if you want to know how to do them step-by-step go have a look at the video
links in the description down below Thanks for watching make sure to LIKE,
subscribe, hit the bell button and we’ll see you next week. And only go as far as needed to reset it you’ll “huuurd”, you’ll “huuurd” Reloading is something that can be perfectly practiced with a gas blowback system. Above drawing Is to shoot with both eyes open instead of closing one, this will allow you to “I don’t know anymore”.


  1. Great stuff 👍 I only wish I had a unit tight now, I would certainly use your videos to train the guys. I wonder just how many squads out there are showing your videos on a big screen and training their units? LOVE the bloopers, such innocence hahaha

  2. Super interesting video again :). The part about switching to sidearm is very intriguing for me. I’m learning/training myself to work ambidextrous. Or at least be able to semi hit something with my right hand (lefty by nature). Still practising on that part. And with the pistol mags it’s not sometimes easier to keep one at hand for a tactical/ fast reload? This will mostly concern gas magazines. You could keep a loaded mag ready in hand between the middle, ring and pinky finger, and drop the empty one catching it with thumb and index finger. Rotate your hand to insert the fresh one? That way they wont have to hit the ground. Just an idea I’ve been playing with. Would be a matter of practice but that’s the same with the other drills :). Sorry feels like I’m always commenting and searching for something :P. Again super cool video👍🏼

  3. So nice to see your channel grow and develop. The partnership with Instructor Delta was a great move and you remain as an inspiration to me both as an airsofter, and as a entrepreneur. Greetings from Mexico!

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