5 Most Powerful European Countries

5 Most Powerful European Countries

Welcome back everyone to FTD facts My name is Leroy Kenton, and we’re about to look at the most powerful European nations when it comes to military power Be sure to give this video some love by hitting the like button And if this is your first time here 2ft any facts go ahead and hit that subscribe button as well as that bail notification So you don’t miss any new videos like this Now before we get things going gotta let you know that I’m gonna be launching my new personal channel It’s called FTD speaks and on this channel. I’m gonna be diving into real stuff like, you know spirituality religion culture Relationships politics mindset business all of that stuff and it’s an opportunity for me to like really share my own Experiences with you as an audience. So the link to FTD speaks is down below in the video description And I can’t wait to see each and every one of you over there Okay, so let’s jump right into the list starting at number five all the way down to number one first up We have Italy the Italian military encompasses the Italian army the Italian Navy and the Italian Air Force now There’s a fourth branch of the Armed Forces known as the Carabinieri and this pretty much takes on the role of the nation’s military Police and they’re involved in missions and operations overseas as well The Italian military was formed on May 4th 1861 And they ranked number 11 in the world on the scale of military power Italy’s available manpower is 28 million 11003 they have 357 thousand military personnel in total and they have 175 thousand active Personnel and 182 thousand personnel in reserve when it comes to aircraft strength They stayed at 831 They have 94 fighter aircraft 182 attack aircraft 238 transport aircraft 185 training aircraft their helicopter strength sits at 475 and they have 59 attack Helicopters when it comes to combat tanks that number sits at 200 they have 4,000 armored fighting vehicles 164 self-propelled artillery 90 towed artillery and 21 rocket projectors their naval assets it at 143 their aircraft carriers are at five frigates sit at 12 for destroyers One Corvette eight submarines 14 patrol vessels and they’re mine warfare strength is at 10 moving on now to number 4 we have Germany the Bundys weird is the military force of Germany the Bundys where is divided into a military part? Which is the Armed Forces and the civil part with the Armed Forces? Administration the military portion consists of Germany’s army Germany’s Navy and Germany’s Air Force as well as a joint support service and the joint medical service and Also the cyber and Information Space Command Germany’s military was founded on November 12 1955 But its current form was formed on October 3rd 1990 and they rank 10 in the world. Germany’s available manpower is 37 million 10,000 559 their total military personnel is 21 million six hundred and eight thousand four hundred and forty-seven and they have one hundred and seventy eight Thousand six hundred and forty-one active person now and for reserve personnel, that’s at thirty thousand The aircraft strength is at six hundred and thirteen Germany has 122 fighter aircrafts 178 attack aircraft 72 transport aircraft seventy-five trainer aircraft your helicopter strength is at three hundred and thirteen and they have sixty-five attack Helicopters their military contains nine hundred combat tanks eight thousand three hundred and eighty nine armored fighting vehicles 209 self-propelled artillery and thirty eight rocket Projectors when it comes to their naval assets their total naval assets are at eighty one They have ten frigates five Corvettes six submarines And they’re mine warfare strength is a total of 12 continuing now in this list. We have the United Kingdom So the British military is also known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and of course, they’re the military Responsible for defending the United Kingdom as well as its overseas territories And they’re Crown Dependencies They also work to expand the interests of Britain in the world as well as they initiate peacekeeping efforts This military is found in the years 17:07 and they ranked number eight in the world the uk’s available manpower is just under 30 million at twenty nine million nine hundred and forty eight thousand four hundred and Thirteen, they have a total of two hundred and thirty three thousand military personnel and in terms of active personnel That’s at one hundred and fifty thousand and they have eighty three thousand reserve personnel The UK’s aircraft strength is at eight hundred and eleven They have 129 fighter aircraft 150 attack aircraft forty six transport aircraft 307 trainer aircraft their helicopter strength is at three hundred and nineteen and their attack Helicopters total at forty nine when it comes to the combat tanks. That number is at three hundred and thirty one They have four thousand six hundred and seven armored fighting vehicles. They’re self-propelled artillery total. Is that eighty nine? They’re towed artillery sits at one hundred and twenty six and they have thirty five rocket projectors The UK’s total naval assets are total of 76 They have one aircraft carrier thirteen frigates six destroyers twenty-two patrol vessels and they’re mine warfare strength is a total of thirteen the second most powerful nation in this Episode is the country of France So the French Armed Forces includes the army the Navy the Air Force the National Guard and the John Damir of the French Republic Excuse me If I butchered that French France also has the world’s third largest nuclear Arsenal and they sit behind the United States and Russia Their military is founded in the year 1792 and they ranked number five in the world for available manpower France has thirty million one hundred and eleven Thousand eight hundred and sixty eight their total military personnel is a total of three hundred and eighty eight Thousand six hundred and thirty-five they have two hundred and five thousand active person now and 183 thousand 635 personnel in reserve their aircraft strength is a total of one thousand two hundred and forty-eight France has 273 fighter aircraft as well as 273 attack aircraft they have 128 transport aircraft 256 trainer aircraft and their helicopter strength is 566 and they have 56 attack helicopters. France has 406 combat tanks 6300 armored fighting vehicles a hundred and nine self-propelled artillery 152 towed artillery and 12 rocket projectors france’s naval assets total 118 and they have four aircraft carriers 11 frigates 12 destroyers 23 patrol vessels And they have a mine warfare strength of 17 now coming down to the most powerful nation in Europe Russia so the military forces of the Russian Federation was established after the Soviet Union was dissolved the surface branches in the Russian military include the ground forces the Aerospace the maritime fleet which are made up of the coastal troops the naval infantry strategic missile troops airborne troops as well as the special operations forces So the Russian armed forces is one of the world’s largest military forces and also the world’s second-largest arms Exporter it was founded on May 7 1992 and they ranked number two in the world Their available manpower is 69 million six hundred and forty thousand 160 Russia’s total military personnel is three million five hundred and eighty six thousand one hundred and twenty eight and they have 1 million 13,000 628 active personnel there observe personnel is a total of two million five hundred and seventy two thousand five hundred now in terms of their aircraft strength that number is four thousand seventy-eight and their fighter aircrafts are total up to eight hundred sixty-nine they have 1459 attack aircraft 401 transport aircraft 494 trainer aircraft and Russia’s helicopter strength is at one thousand four hundred and Eighty-five and they also have five hundred and fourteen attack helicopters for combat tanks They have a total of twenty one thousand nine hundred and thirty two their military also Contains fifty thousand and forty nine armored fighting vehicles their self-propelled artillery Total at six thousand eighty three and they’re taught artillery total four thousand four hundred and sixty five they also have three thousand eight hundred and sixty rocket projectors in terms of naval sets Russia has 352 they have one aircraft carrier 13 frigates 13 destroyers 82 Corvettes 56 submarines 45 patrol vessels and they’re mine warfare strength is a total of 47 So as you can see the Europeans really dominate in this list of the top military forces in the world now I have links to playlists with more military videos below in the video description And I’ll have some at the end of this episode as well. So enjoy those Thank you so much for watching and I can’t wait to see you all next time You What what Hey, everyone so here are some playlists where you can watch more exciting military videos as well as learn more about the nations of our world and Remember to tune in to FTD Facts every single day for more educational episodes


  1. At least half of the German eq doesn't work and this is confirmed by the Germans themselves. So what are we talking about?

  2. Where is Turkey???? Turkey should be number 2 in this list! Because like Russia, Turkey has a piece of land in Europe!!!!

  3. This dude is basically reading off of wikipedia.

    Numbers don't tell the whole story, the quality and quantity of equipment matters.

  4. Turkey is in Europe not Russia .. France-Britain-Turkey-Germany -Italy .https://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp

  5. For those who say Russia isn't in Europe:

    Russia IS a EUROPEAN country! Its origins are in Europe and if you have any REAL knowledge of world history, you would know this because HISTORIANS themselves refer to the Russian empire as a EUROPEAN empire. The people are SLAVIC, same people who live in Poland, former Yugoslav republics (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, etc.), Belarus and Ukraine. They are also Orthodox Christians, the same faith shared in Eastern EUROPE! Their language is related to their Slavic brothers in Central and Eastern EUROPE. Their tsars had blood relations with the monarchies of Europe (e.g. Nicholas II of Russia was the first cousin of Emperor Wilhelm of Germany and King Edward of England).

    Please EDUCATE yourselves and don't spew STUPIDITY on the Internet!

  6. DID you just get this information from infographics, the Russian navy cant operate there only aircraft carrier and France is struggling to do the same even considering scrapping it , i mean really

  7. Russia is most def Europe, it's like the biggest brother hanging over all of eastern europe which is like an extension of the slavic countries/people. Culturally I also believe they are more "european" Most of the people also lives in the european part so.

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