5 Most Secret Military Aircraft

5 Most Secret Military Aircraft

Shortly after midnight on May 1, 2011 two
unusual helicopters carrying
25 U.S. Navy SEALs… …descended on Osama bin Laden’s compound
in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The heavily modified Sikorsky UH-60 Black
Hawk helicopters were able to fly 200 km
undetected from the Afghanistan border… …with neighbors reporting that they
didn’t hear the helicopters until
they were directly overhead. Their existence might have remained secret
had one of the helicopters not crash
landed on the wall of the compound. U.S. forces destroyed the crashed Black Hawk
with explosives, but a portion of the
tail section survived… …revealing top secret stealth modifications
stemming from a program that had supposedly
been discontinued in 2006. Blackstar is a rumored suborbital space
plane project run by U.S. intelligence
agencies in the 1980s and 1990s… …and perhaps continuing today. The project was supposedly designed so the U.S.
could retain orbital reconnaissance capabilities
jeopardized by the 1986 Challenger disaster. It was a 2-stage orbital system which
used a high-speed aircraft to ferry a small
orbital vehicle to the edge of space… …which would separate and enter orbit
300 miles (480 km) above Earth
using a rocket motor. The orbital vehicle would then conduct
reconnaissance on materials that could be
hidden from the paths of spy satellites. Funded through the U.S. Air Force’s classified
budget, the Northrop Gruman RQ-180 is the most
advanced unmanned aerial system ever developed. Designed for intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines,
the RQ-180 could enter operation by 2015. According to official sources, the RQ-180 will
carry active, electronically scanned array radar
and passive electronic surveillance measures… …allowing it to conduct penetrating
surveillance previously carried out by the
SR-71 Blackbird before its retirement in 1998. Based on the the size of new testing
hangars at Area 51, the RQ-180 could have
a wingspan of more than 130 ft (39.6 m)… …and designs of the existing RQ-170 suggest
that the RQ-180 can fly for more than 24 hours
at altitudes as high as 11 miles (17.7km). Operated by the U.S. Air Force, the Boeing
X-37B is a robotic space plane designed
to test reusable space technologies… …though its payload and actual mission
remain classified. The craft was originally developed by NASA
as the X-40, but it was transferred to the
military and became classified in 2004. Launched atop an Atlas 5 rocket, the 29 ft
(8.8 m) long X-37B is able to spend more
than a year in orbit before gliding to Earth. Theories about the X-37B’s true purpose
include it being a space bomber, a spy
plane or an anti- satellite weapon Development of the X37-B continues, with
Boeing recently converting the former Space
Shuttle hangar at the Kennedy Space Center… …into a servicing facility for an
entire fleet of the craft. The name “Aurora” first appeared when it
was inadvertently included in
the 1985 U.S. budget… …as a $455 million allocation for
“black aircraft production” in 1987. Claims of its existence are based on
observations that the U.S. has the technology
needed to build such a hypersonic craft… …indicative of the pulse detonation
engine it is thought to utilize. …and by sightings of black triangular
aircraft accompanied by the
donuts-on-a-rope contrail… Aurora is also linked to unusual sonic booms
that were recorded at regular intervals… …by U.S. Geological Survey sensors
across Southern California… …which were later analyzed by NASA experts
and showed “something at 90,000 ft (27.4 km)”
moving at “Mach 4 to Mach 5.2” With sightings starting in the 1980s and
continuing today, the Aurora rumors may
encompass multiple top secret aircraft… …including many that are
yet to be revealed.


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  5. A program that was canceled, do they mean the Comanche? So they upmodded some Black Hawks into Comanche variants? Whoa .

  6. Interesting enough there were only 2 stealth black hawks ever built. There no longer around. 1 was destroyed on sight of the raid. And the other is Unknown.

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  11. Little tidbit: shortly after the Abbottabad mission, the Pakistani government was contacted by Chinese Intelligence. They proceeded to allow a Chinese team to visit the site and study the wreckage.

  12. SEE!? I already told you that UFOs are all military experimental aircrafts! That's why US had been the most UFO sighted place in planet.

  13. Nobody has what we have and it's fucking awesome ain't nobody copying this shit when you don't even know truly what it looks like probably flew right over your country and you didn't even know it hahaha

  14. US worked with former nazi-scientists which had moved to the US after the war, many of the late 44-45 german ww2-warplanes looked alot like the planes us has

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  16. Does anyone still believe that Pakistan wasn't given the helicopter by our beloved Hussein Obama in payment for this action? Or that it didn't almost immediately go up to the highest bidder? Russia? China? hmmmm.

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  20. Old video I know, but were the Black Manta and Asta just not talked about at the time? Or did you just miss them?

  21. Anyone else notice the similarities between some of these aircraft and the aircraft from the Thunderbirds TV show? Coincidence?

  22. Edgar Fouche: 100% accurate right down to the quasi-crystals. disregard the MJ12 crap he had handed to him. Just focus on his own air force stuff.

  23. Imagine what isn’t listed that is in operation?As the late Ben Rich(of the famed Lockheed Martin Skunks work facility)said,”what ever you can imagine,we are 50 years beyond that.”

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  28. Come on what is this shit? Where do you get this wrong information? Maybe copy and paste from an other video… But a Blackstar never exist, because it was the ,,North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie", which was built as a Mach 3 bomber as a replacement for the ,,B-52 Stratofortress" and today, the only one remained prototype stands in a USAF museum in Dayton/Ohio.

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