5 Must Have Jackets | Hack The Rack ft. Dulce Candy

5 Must Have Jackets | Hack The Rack ft. Dulce Candy

– Hi, my name is Dulce Candy, and I am so excited to be
working with Nordstrom Rack who is supporting today’s video. And I am bringing you my top
five fall must-have jackets. Now, I love fall fashion. I think it’s so much fun,
especially when it comes to layering and choosing
really fun outwear. So, I wanted to pick out
jackets that are versatile, which I think it’s important
because you want to make sure that you can use your jackets
in many different ways. Also, if you head on over
to my YouTube channel, you can see how I style one of the jackets that I’m featuring in today’s haul, how I style it three different ways. So, if you guys are interested, you can check on over at Dulce Candy, and I have that video
waiting for you guys as well. So, with that being said,
let’s jump right into jacket number one for today’s haul. So, the first jacket that
I wanna show you guys is a denim jacket. Now, the reason that I
chose this one in particular is because it has a little bit
of a different design element to the whole denim jacket look. And it’s a lot of fun. It’s a perfect layering piece. So, this is definitely
one of my top choices when it comes to fall denim jackets. If you go to Nordstrom
Rack, there is a wide range of many different denim jackets. So, if this is not your style, you can still definitely
find the classic denim jacket or a different twist. So, this is option number one. The next jacket is a bomber jacket. I’m sure you guys have seen
this jacket everywhere. It’s super popular. Now, my style is a
little bit more feminine than it is sporty, but
I still wanted to try the bomber jacket, and I
found the perfect combination. Because this one has
gorgeous flower prints, and it also has butterflies. I love butterflies, and
if you turn it around, it has this gorgeous big
butterfly in the back, and then it has the
flower print in the back. So, it’s really, really awesome, and I absolutely love that
I can rock a sporty piece, especially a bomber jacket, and it still has that feminine feel to it. And it also has the nice
contrast with the stripes around the collar, and
also in the lower portion, so it’s a really cool little jacket that I absolutely love as well. So, this is one of my favorites. The next jacket is this one. This is such a fun jacket,
and I definitely wanted to add something to my wardrobe
that was something like I’d never had before. This jacket is so awesome because it has a lot of shape to it. Such a really beautiful
jewel-toned deep color, perfect for the fall time. Now, this is the jacket that
I styled three different ways on my YouTube channel, if
you guys wanna check it out. I was so surprised as to how
versatile this jacket is, and how many different
ways I was just able to put different outfits together for different occasions also. So yeah, this is a really
awesome jacket as well. So next, I have a cool statement coat. This is a really fun trench coat. So, instead of doing a classic brown, I thought I would do one of
the trendy colors right now which is also a classic color,
which is a powerful red. And I decided to do it in a trench coat. ‘Cause once you put on a trench coat, it’s almost like it’s such a statement because it covers up a
large portion of your body, and this one in particular
is super awesome. I am petite, and I got a small, and it fits really wonderful. And it also has a detachable hood. So, you can pop the collar,
you can put it down, you can also take off the hood
if that’s not what you want, if it’s not raining. So, this is such a really fun coat. It’s a really fun and easy
way to add the power color red this season to your wardrobe. This is the last jacket that
I wanted to show you guys. This is the fashion forward
piece that I wanted to add. So, this one definitely
has the ’70s flare to it. It has a lot of movement. It’s a different take on a trench coat, and it’s just awesome. It’s nice and flowy, it just
drapes really nice on the body, and you can definitely style
this in a very ’70ish way. So yeah, this is my fashion forward jacket that I ended up choosing. I also wanted to add a
little bit of makeup products to my haul because I’m actually
very excited to find out that they’re now selling MAC makeup at Nordstrom Rack stores. So not online, not on their website, but at the actual store,
so you can find it there. So, I picked out a few
things to create a little smoky fall makeup look
that I have on today. I picked up the Eyeshadow by Nine pallette because it’s easy to create a really nice, beautiful smoky eye for fall. And then, I love bold eyebrows. I really love to leave them in, so I found my color brunette, and this is the Brow Powder Duo. So, I did fill in my
eyebrows with this one. And then, I finished it
off with a mineralized rich lipstick by MAC, and the color is called Be Fabulous. It’s a gorgeous, beautiful
pink tone which is really nice and easy to wear as well. So, I hope you guys enjoyed
the choices that I picked out for my top five fall must-have jackets. Of course, they have
different styles of jackets, sweaters, and booties, and
all kinds of fun for fall at Nordstrom Rack. So, thanks to them for working
with me on today’s video, and supporting this one, and
also the one on my channel. And that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, and have a wonderful day, bye.


  1. I wish that the jacket was available if it's being sponsored in the videos, especially under nordstrom rack's youtube channel….

  2. I have been a nodstronn credited card holder for decades my $20.00 earned credit expired by one day they refused to honer called custermer noservice got sorry no service can't help u got it. They give u credit on points earned only at Nordstrom rack witch is over priced then nimite u. Can't win with Nordstrom than u but do not need any more sex have plenty from gov.

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