6 Christians vs 1 Secret Atheist

6 Christians vs 1 Secret Atheist

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Jason And Ian, thank you guys for watching, and we are here with our subscribers!
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[crowd cheers] We hope you enjoy the video! Brandon: Tell me about a religious experience of yours,
something profound. Chance: Something profound; I saw an angel once
when I was like nine years old. B: Really? C: Yeah. [INTRO MUSIC] Narrator: We brought together seven Christians – I’m a Christian. – I am a Christian. – I am a Christian. – I am a Christian. – I am Christian. – I am a Christian. – I am a Christian. One is a liar. If the group discovers
who the liar is, they’ll split a cash prize. If the liar survives, he or she
wins the entire prize. – Oh boy, okay.
– All right, here we go. [chuckles] Andrew: Do you go to a church? [chuckles] Ciara: Yes I do. Tony: That’s a great question. A: I don’t know where to even start. C: I was going into it thinking about
myself and how I present myself. I thought people would be like,
“Oh, she’s not a Christian.” Brandon: Hey Chance, tell me about
a religious experience of yours. Chance: A religious experience of mine?
B: Yeah, something profound. Something profound; I saw an angel once
when I was like 9 years old. B: Really?
Ch: Yeah. A: What was that like? Chance: It was really cool. It was creepy, but like in the moment like it was just like stillness and like really awesome. T: In the Bible when they talk
about what angels look like, it’s a very scary looking picture. I was like, I don’t know if I’d believe someone being happy to see
a disfigured human being. A: I had a really similar experience
when my father passed away. Ch: Really.
A: Yeah. Ch: Wow
A: Yeah. A: Do you wanna hear about it? [Laughter overlapping unclear speech] Ch: Oh no, ok. [Bell rings] A: The speed round was pretty horrifying. I didn’t even know what to ask. I didn’t even know where to start. T: So much pressure. Ch: Don’t worry, we’re not watching T: First person I trusted was Brandon. B: In the very beginning him and I
were talking and I was just like, alright, man—you and I
packed till the end. We’re just gonna keep
voting the same person. Rommie: Aw man, you guys, you guys…
[crosstalk] You guys really messed up. [Laughter] I’m telling you right now. R: I’m feeling disappointed because I feel like I was based off my overall look. I didn’t even say anything,
I was voted off, you know, Ch: Grace was standing right next to me
and she was really freaked out. She was just like, you know, I hope they
don’t think it’s me cause X, Y, and Z And I was like, okay, then it’s not Grace. I didn’t think it was Rommie either,
but I just knew it wasn’t Grace. A: I wanted to ask you, is your church
queer friendly, LGBTQ friendly? C: Yes actually, there’s two pastors
and one is a biracial lesbian so… A: Wow.
Ch: Why did you choose a non-denominational Church? Grace: I mean, I was just born into it, so…
My dad’s a pastor. Ch: Anyone else a PK? A: No.
Ch: I am. T: Yeah, what’s a PK? G: Pastor’s kid.
Ch: Yeah, pastor’s kid.
T: Oh, pastor’s kid. I’ve never even heard that. Ch: Yeah, they usually the bad kids
at your school so… [Laughter] C: There’s like certain terms… I think a lot of people just know. I assumed his lack of knowledge meant
he wasn’t a Christian and he was trying to like pick up
on things as we said them. Ch: How long have you been a Lutheran? A: My whole life. Ch: Yeah?
A: Yeah. I grew up in Scandia, Minnesota and like a big part of the town was the church, so I was baptized there. Do you go to a church? B: Yeah, I go to this one out in Riverside. I just started going there
about two months ago now, ’cause I grew up going
to more of like a strict church and then I kind of
branched away from it and then went back. A: What do you mean a strict church? B: So I grew up Mormon. [All] Oh… [Laughter] G: No it’s strict, it’s strict. B: You know, I kind of had to take my own path
and figure out what worked best for me. Ch: I’ve definitely, I’ve stepped
away from church, because it’s hard for me
to find a church, especially a Baptist Church,
that’s accepting of the queer community so I stopped going. C: Are you looking for something, are you just kind of…
Ch: Not actively. Halfway through my answer I realized
I probably shouldn’t have said that ’cause everyone else was like,
“Oh, yeah,” they all actively go to church, and I was the only one like,
“I don’t go to church now,” and that’s when I thought,
Maybe I should have kept that to myself. T: Well when I switched churches, like
people were taking it beyond judging and were making a big like they were like condemning me—
[Bell rings] B: Can you read that?
I have really bad handwriting. He mentioned that he hadn’t
been to church in over three years and I was just like, okay. A: I felt like his story about being a PK and coming
in and out of his faith could have been an alibi. G: He wanted to hear everyone else talk, like he kept asking them questions, like he didn’t want to talk about his own experience. G: I’m so sorry. Producer: Thanks Chance. Ch: [sighs, then laughs]
T: Sorry bud. T: So I think a good question were to be like:
how’d you find your faith? A: Hmm!
C: Alright. T: So I was actually an atheist
before I was Christian, like I was a hardcore atheist and I was like super depressed, Like I was like burdened by like
my own life, I’d say. And then, coming into
the life where like, you’re just kind of getting abundantly
filled up with like love from other people and from God, especially… B: So what made me go
back in the church, what really like pushed me,
is I had a really bad breakup. And it was like at this moment
where I was at work and I watched this kid die
because I work in the ER… So watching the kid
die in the family, kind of go through those emotions
of like trying to let go, And I was like, Man… Like there’s got to be something
like that can, you know, make me feel full and
make me feel whole. A: I believe that there there has to be
this higher power and… otherwise the ego takes us over,
and God allows me to realize that… there’s there’s more than just me. As an artist, I think there’s
messages coming to me that I’m supposed to communicate
through my art. C: The way I grew up, I was really
into church. It was my safe space. I had a hard home life and it was
where I felt like I could be myself. And then I realized I was gay
and that was really hard. And then I took a step back and
then have come back to it as an adult. It’s been…a struggle, Um, but something that I want to have. G: Um, I am a PK, so I
was just born into it. It was like summer after fourth grade.
My parents got divorced, and so I was kind of like straying away. You know, and especially divorce
in the church is like a huge thing, so… that was really hard, but
I feel like that whole situation kind of like solidified my relationship, just so I knew, you know,
there was always someone there for me. And my church was there
for me too. You know? [Bell rings] B: I have no idea who I’m gonna vote off.
[laughs] C: Me neither. B: I’ll follow your lead man.
T: Yeah. T: She’s a PK, like she knows exactly how to answer,
like knows the perfect part to play… B: In the back she kind of
mentioned her stance on premarital sex. So that kind of like was like a red flag… C: Bye Grace.
G: Bye. See you later A: You had a good question, right?
B: Yeah. B: So you were talking about how like
you kind of express yourself through art, like I want to just like have
you elaborate on that. When he mentioned art as like
his form of everything, I was just like it doesn’t
really make too much sense. A: Cool, well, like one thing I love
about the church is I love to sing. B: Okay.
A: And, um, growing up, I, like, my best
memories of church were just singing in the choir. And when I moved out here, one of the
hardest things was not having a church. Think that like through my voice,
through the hymns and everything, that’s… that’s the biggest thing. C: We were just talking about this, how a lot of the people that go to my church
have had similar backgrounds to me, which is they’ve been hurt by the church. Maybe a song like, “Oh how He loves us,”
in the past was great for you, and then you were hurt by the church. Having those memories attached can
actually make worship really hard. B: There was this song that like it was a big song
in my church, the Mormon Church, growing up… It was like it’s called I want to say like,
“Families Can Be Together Forever.” Man, like my parents
they got divorced, you know, and since that time like
I can’t even like listen can’t even look at the lyrics of that song. C: Yeah. B: So… What about you? How was like your experience
kind of moving across the states and…? A: So hard. I grew up in a town of like five hundred people, and so the church was everything and… coming out here and starting that hunt
for one that’s like LGBTQ friendly and the right kind of like
chemistry of people and the right kind of sermons and I started looking and actually
hearing about yours I’m kind of like, Wait a minute… A: But…
C: I’ll give you the info.
A: yeah. [laughs] [Bell rings] T: I’ma be shook if one of these
people are the moles. B: What? C: Bye guys B: Wow. B: My mind’s gonna be…what if they go red?
T: Oh, I’ma be hurt. T: ‘Cause I’m gonna feel really dumb. Producer: 3…2…1 A: Hi I’m the mole. – Ah, man! B: Hey, you know what?
I did vote for him. I did vote for him. T: I was gonna… I was… yeah. I felt betrayed a little bit. I definitely was kind of feeling Andrew
was like a Christian for sure. R: I was shocked because Andrew… he talks like a lot of youth pastors
at my church, you know? C: Because I’m gay,
if anyone else was gay, I like wanted to be their friend. Then I was like, Oh, he’s my friend, I’m not gonna vote for him
because I really believe him, and then I was wrong.
But that’s okay. [Laughs] A: Oh! Oh my gosh! I really became an atheist
right after I got baptized. I think when I got baptized, I thought something
magical would happen, and nothing did
and nothing changed, and I still felt really
hated by the church. The things that brought
them into the church and into the religion were
things that I found on my own without religion. C: Personal experience,
I think, is… huge in the way that
we experience religion. Ch: I would say that a lot of times we look at Christianity
as like a monolithic kind of thing and that everyone does
the same thing, you know, even like if you say the word “evangelical,”
that usually means one thing, but that’s not that doesn’t usually
represent all Christians. Even the word Christian barely
represents all Christians. A: I feel relieved that that is over, but I also feel a lot of love and
compassion from that group of people. I was kind of worried how
this would go but I realized that… these were all really good people today.
They’re all amazing. Ien: I got a question for you: so was there a time in your life where you had a judgment about someone
where you turned out to be like completely like flat wrong? Erin: I think that’s like… probably every other month every year. I think we’d all be a lot better… I: The self-honesty.
E: …if we were honest about that, ’cause we’re always making assumptions
and letting our bias come into play. I: And you don’t know you have that bias
until you get to the other side right? E: Until you step outside of yourself and ask like, Well why did I feel that way? And I thought this show
would help us like explore that, and how our biases can come
into conflict with the truth. I: Stick around for the other episodes, they’re coming soon, and uh follow us on Instagram.
We have a lot of exclusive content there, some behind the scenes things and… otherwise comment below, tell us what you thought and we’ll see you around. E: Bye guys!


  1. Being a strong Christian and being a 12year old the fact I know more then them hurts me and I’m so devastated to without a doubt know that most of the people in this box weren’t a Christian at all….☹️

  2. I'm a christian- when Andrew mentioned he sorta dropped out after he was baptised, I can kind of relate. Especially when he mentioned expecting something magical to happen. I feel like a lot of christians hype it up too much. All it is, is a commitment. A physical symbol of your dedication. It doesn't mean you're gonna come out of the water and be a perfect christian. The truth is, although I'm sure many people have had genuine holy moments after their baptism, it's not necessarily going to be a life changing moment. For a while after my baptism I was so torn between believing and not believing, because I felt there was too much personal evidence and other people's experiences to be not real. But I was also feeling especially lost and empty after. My issue was just as mentioned – expecting something magical to happen and because I couldn't physically hear God I was losing faith. But God was there all along. I was choosing not to listen. And I'm still not a perfect christian – I will go in and out of faith many times in my life no matter how much I wanna deny it. But right now, I can say God is truly real. I will always come back to God because life without God is a toxic and empty place, and I am overcoming an addiction with Him. It's not 'become a Christian and instantly be perfect and happy!' It's 'become a Christian, God wants to work on you to help you with everything you're dealing with no matter what it is and how long it takes'.

  3. These videos are a good study for interpreting body language. At the beginning, when they are each saying, "I am a christian", Andrew is the only one who doesn't have a slight smile after he says that.

  4. I honestly thought it was Andrew until the last round where my mind was like, you know, he seems like how most christans act in my community, and i believed him in the last round.

  5. jesus said you need to be born again to inherit the kingdom of God. not a Mormon not a church goer not being a gay believer. peoplr are watering Gods word down as if it's some sort of story book for some people colouring what you want. we cannot sin! or walk in sin! The devil sinneth from the beginning. I used to be Muslim but I Thank our Lord our God for saving me. Amen and Hallelujah. after watching this all I saw was no real zeal for Jesus not once anyone said His name all they mentioned is "church" How can you really speak as such? whose the foundation? Jesus Who died? Jesus who resurrected Jesus whos the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE? JESUS! !!

  6. I used to be so mad seeing Erin references in all comment sections (I'm new here so I had no idea, and I never stayed upto the very end of any video). Today I found her 11:03

  7. I knew Andrew was the mole towards the end because he kept smiling whenever he was asked to elaborate. It was almost as if he didn’t know what else to say.

  8. Knew it was Andrew when he said "higher power" and God in the same sentence… hmm I never heard of a Christian say that unless asking if they don't believe in God then do they believe in a higher power

  9. So they voted out all of the brown people and then the queer white woman why is this the realest representation and commentary on the modern church OOPS

  10. I felt sad when Andrew said he thought something magical would happen when he got baptized but he never felt it. Baptism is simply an outward expression of faith. It’s not meant to make you feel magically different. I was recently baptized but was aware of this going in and because of that, my faith has grown deeper and stronger.

  11. Okay. People have turned the term "Christian" into such a loose understanding, I think people should instead have a "6 Bible-believing Christian and one falsey". Or even Catholics nn one non Catholic

    Christianity has become whatever people choose to define it as, no longer governed by the Word of God, so this isn't really a fair competition if you can believe whatever you want and still be called "Christian"… Like by what standards can they even make their decision?

  12. A Lutheran looking for an "LGBTQIAA+ friendly church?"
    Yeah, no. Not a thing. They don't even want a Pope friendly church please stop ???

    Lmbo I posted this before the ending haha, how could they not see it? Wow

  13. They would’ve got it right if they asked specific questions like “What’s your favorite verse? What’s your favorite worship song? What’s the name of your church?” Instead of just beating around the bush lol. Or like actually mentioning Jesus at all.

  14. Andrew, I heard you are a atheist when all atheists just haven’t felt gods love yet and they just need to believe in god that he will love you unconditionally forever because he is the best. If you say you have no friends you’re lying because god is your friend because he loves everyone and I can feel it.

  15. How these things end real life

    They all gang up on you perform an exorcist to get the devil out of you and if you don't convert they beat you to death

  16. Imma be honest. Andrew said he didnt "feel anything magical happen." As a baptist, I believe something did happen, but just cause it didn't happen a certain way, he stopped believing.

    (Please don't harass me over my faith or beliefs.)

  17. The way Andrew talked about Christianity by “textbook” definitions was an obvious indicator, but also how easily Andrew directed the questions away from himself was also way too smooth.

  18. Ur not a Christian if your gay dont believe me go to Leviticus 20.13 it dont mean he doesnt love you and will take you back but he states no sin will enter the kingdom of heaven and he says homosexuality is a abomination

  19. I knew that guy was the mole lmao. The glassy-eyed look he had the whole time like he was hiding something hahaha

  20. I don’t want to be that girl, but I knew it all along.
    He just seemed off, and the things he was saying seemed kinda vague or something. Idk??

  21. Think about the identities of the people and who was voted out and who was left. Even if it was done unintentionally, by the end, the three people the group was sure of being Christian are three white men.

    Also not saying this group did anything wrong or anyone is bad, but it’s a complex subject to think about what representation means in religion and who is may be more initially accepted into the religion!

  22. I just saw Andrew as very religious ? I’m not religious at all, I’m pretty sure I’m Lutheran, but we don’t do anything religious because my family just doesn’t really want to be forced into religion ? I’m glad I never had to go to church, my siblings did but not for long bc idk ?

  23. This crazy religious lady came up to me in a move theater bathroom when I was like 9 with my 13 year old sister and she yelled like bible stuff (ik because I’ve heard religious people say similar stuff) and me and my sister just laughed and laughed because we swear she was schizophrenic bc she like ran around the theater. Like what she was doing wasn’t like very religious it was psycho religious but she just was crazy so it was funny and we aren’t religious at all ?

  24. Going through the video I was like.. OK… They were knocking people out. But the way Andrew said "I believe there HAS to be a higher power". It set me off and I immediately suspected him. If you believe in God as a Christian, you wouldn't believe that there has to be a higher power, but that there is.

  25. andrew was so easily come on! he did stereotypically everything, by that i mean he made himself seem too over the top

  26. Anyone else struck by the white-ness of this one? Bye POC, bye POC, bye POC, bye white female…oh just white males left? Must be right. Srsly…

  27. It was beyond obvious he was the mole the whole time. So many reasons, but here’s the most obvious:

    When you’re recalling memories, you look down. When you’re fabricating memories, you look up. It’s as simple as that—and that kid couldn’t stop looking up. I pegged him from when he first spoke… and he spoke first.

  28. damn what’s up with pk‘s. I’m catholic and pastors can’t even get married so I didn’t know other branches of Christianity allow pastors to have kids

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