6 Steps to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever | #TomFerryShow

6 Steps to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever | #TomFerryShow

– And I promise you, my
friends, it’ll drive you to go do your performance. (lively music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Thank you so much for watching. Today I wanna talk to you
about how you can make 2019 your absolute best year
ever, with six steps. Now, you and I both know,
there’s a lotta things we have to do in a
volatile, changing economy, to make sure that we not
just have a great year, but we have an extraordinary year. Consider these as the foundation. If you and I were sitting
together one-on-one, these are the things that I
would make an absolute must to make sure that we achieve
what you wanna achieve. So let’s look at number one. You gotta set a meaningful goal. How many transactions do
you wanna do next year? Think about it like this. How many people do you
wanna help next year? We know that our income
is in direct correlation to the problems that we solve. The more people we help,
the more money we make. And it’s not just the money,
my friend, you and I both know, it’s what the money means to us. It’s what we can do with that. But we gotta start first with
what’s that transaction goal? You heard me talk about in the US there’s 1.3 million agents. Only 3% are selling 25
or more transactions. I challenge your to do a minimum
of 25 transactions in 2019. So that would be my minimum intention. You wanna do 100, you
wanna do 80, outstanding. I just don’t wanna hear
you wanna do six, right? Not in this kind of opportunity. Not in this environment. So, number one is what’s
your meaningful goal? How many transactions? And then, of course, what does that mean in terms of sales volume? The number of transactions
times your average sales price, there’s your sales volume. And lastly, what’s your
gross commission income? You wanna get crystal clear
on those three numbers. That’s number one. And of course, by the
way, should those goals be up and visual? You know the answer’s yes. Number two, you gotta know why. See, it’s one thing to say, I
wanna sell 25 homes this year. The question is, what does that mean? What is the why behind that? What’s the emotion behind it? We know that emotion creates motion. If I wanna be more
inspired, more in action, I gotta be clear on what I want, and I wanna know why I want it. So what I’ve done for
decades is I’ll write down, here’s my goal for this year. Then I’ll say, what are the
benefits of achieving this goal? And it’s not just about me. It’s who else does this impact? Who else can I serve? Can we donate more money? Can I help my family? Can I help people in my community? What’s gonna be the benefits you’re going to experience when you achieve this goal? And by the way, it’s
okay if you say to me, I’m gonna be number one,
and I want the recognition. That’s a major driver for a lot of people. Some people might say, I wanna
pay off all this lousy debt. I don’t care what it is. I care that you know what it is, that you know what the benefits are. On the flip side, what
are the consequences for not following through? Who suffers when you
don’t achieve your goal? Not just you, right? Maybe just your self image, your identity, but who around you
suffers because you failed to follow through and do what it took to realize you goal and your potential? So I want you to list out
some painful consequences. Tony Robbins made his entire
career on one statement, we’ll do more to avoid pain
than we will to gain pleasure. What I know is this: pain will drive you. The fear and anxiety will drive you. It’ll get you to align your behavior, so I really want you to,
especially if you’re like, oh that just sounds so negative,
Tom, I don’t wanna do it. That’s exactly what you have to do. Write out the painful, bloody,
ugly, horrible experience that’ll happen because
you didn’t follow through, and you didn’t do the work,
and you didn’t achieve your goal, and I promise you, my friends, it’ll drive drive you to
go do your performance. So that’s number two. Number three, this is
how we create certainty, regardless of what’s
happening in the market. It’s to know and act on our daily number. So, I’m gonna assume one of
two people are watching this, either someone that’s
brand new to the industry, or a veteran. If you’re brand new to the industry, what we know is, it’s
about 80 conversations, 80 people you’re gonna
talk to, to close one sale. Now, remember, people aren’t math. People aren’t numbers. People are people. Treat everybody with the same respect, and dignity, and empathy,
and business is math. Business is math. I talk to 80 people, I should make a sale. So if I say to you, let’s sell 25 homes, what does that mean? 80 times 25. Let’s do the formula. 80 times 25, equals 2,000. I say we wanna divide that by 10 months. I know there’s 12. Divide it by 10 months,
which means I’ve gotta talk to 200 people every single month. Does that feel like a lot? Does that feel overwhelming? It’s only 12 people a
day, five days a week. 12 people a day, five days a week. And what we know is this. Half those conversations
should be to the people that we already know, to
the people that like us, and trust us, and respect
us, and understand the value that we bring. So we’re nurturing the
people inside our database, keepin them informed, involved, empowered throughout the year, and the balance of the
conversations are with people that we don’t know, people
you met at an open house, a Zillow lead, a referral
that was generated, you knocked on somebody’s door, you called an expired, you
met somebody at Starbucks. You know me, there’s
no wrong way to do it. But what we know is this. If we want to predict
accurately our success in 2019, you gotta know, and you gotta
act on your daily number. If you’re a veteran, that
number’s only 40 conversations to one sale. 40 conversations to one sale. So the same math. It’s 1,000 people you
have to talk to, right? That means it’s 100 people a month. We do that always by 10
months because we know that the average person’s
not actually going to work all 52 weeks. We’re honoring the fact
that there’s holidays, and there’s vacations,
and there’s getaway, and there’s the occasional burn-out. And occasionally you’re gonna get sick, and life’s gonna happen. So we factor the business
based around 10 months of activity, knowing that
way we’ll front-load the work and get the result. So, you’ve gotta make 100
contacts, conversations every single month. It boils down to basically six per day. Now I know if you’re
dividing this, you’re like, wait a minute, Tom, it’s five. But we always actually
average-up to an even number. So three can be to our
database, and three can be to new prospects every single day, five days a week. Now here’s what I know. When you follow through and you talk to the right number of
people, database, expireds, geographic farm, Zillow
leads, you name it. Everybody that’s out there. The people inside you’re
database that you haven’t talked to in a million years
that don’t know your name. You with me? Everybody out there. When you talk to the
right number of people, you’re gonna generate more appointments. The more appointments you
go on, the more contracts you get signed. That’s how you achieve your goal. Let’s make 2019 predictable,
versus that roll the dice to see what happens. So that’s number three. Number four is pretty obvious. We’ve gotta track and
measure all the numbers. You gotta move away from
this sort of artistry way that so many of us have in the business. And it get it, I’m an artist too. Understand this. When I was running the company on my own, prior to having these great
operators in the business, I was, it was all emotion. It was energy. It was fun. But guess what? I didn’t know all the numbers. I didn’t understand what was
happening in the business. I couldn’t figure our
what the formulas were. Now that we’ve got some operations set over the last seven
years, now we know we talk to this many people,
we produce this result. It’s very predictable. You and I, as business owners,
we don’t need the extra drama and emotion of not knowing. The uncertainty that most people have in their business kills their performance. Let’s remove the uncertainty. Let’s track and measure on a daily basis how many conversations,
how many appointments, how many signed contracts? Just those three numbers in the beginning. How many conversations? How many appointments? How many signed contracts? Of course, if you do it by
source, database, past client, referral, Zillow, open house,
et cetera, geographic farm, now you’re really gonna
have an understanding of what works and where you’re
getting the most results in your business. Track and measure, my friends,
and 2019 will be bananas. Number five, I wrote
down, you gotta start now. Tom, we’re talkin ’bout 2019 goals. Well, heads up, as we’ve
said on many Tom Ferry shows, 2019 actually started in real estate, and in the mortgage business,
and in the title business, in October, right? What we do today impacts our
business 30, 60, 90 days out. So now is the time to start. I want you to figure out
what your daily number is, and I want you to begin
the discipline right now. The world doesn’t care if
you don’t make phone calls. You need to care about it. You need to care. If you’re not doing the work, you know that your income is going to
suffer in 60, 90, 120 days. It’s that predictable. So number five is you gotta start. It’s like, hey I wanna
run a marathon in March. So what shall I do, I think
I’ll start training in February. That would be a really bad idea. We know if you wanna run a marathon, you gotta start 90 days out, stretching, getting the right shoes, starting to run, a mile, two miles, four miles, five miles. And then as you get closer and closer, you’re running 10 miles,
and then all of the sudden you gotta do a couple 20 mile runs. You build up to that success. You build up the stamina
to produce the kind of results that you want. So don’t think you can
start January 5th or 6th and just suddenly start
making 12 conversations a day. You gotta start now, my friends. And then the last one, number six. You know, they’re all
important, but this is one that I see a lotta people miss, is we gotta celebrate more. You know, we’re workin our butts off. We’re buildin our business. We’re serving these clients. We’re dealing with an unbelievable amount of stress and anxiety with your clients, and the other agents, and
everything that’s goin on. If you don’t take the time to celebrate, at the minimum, and it’d
be nice to do it every day, you know, hey, I made my
12 conversations today, yeah, baby, right. Take five minutes, give yourself
a little pat on the back. But what if once a week, or once a month, you went through all the numbers, and you looked for the areas
where you could be proud. You looked at the areas
where you moved the needle, where ya did the work, and
maybe for the first time you become more disciplined,
and you followed through. And your perseverance was shining, and those are the things, my friends, we wanna celebrate. We wanna acknowledge. And whether that means a nice dinner with your friends and family, or havin a good time,
goin on a trip, whatever you wanna do, but at the end of the day, business, my friends, business, right? When we’re workin, and we’re hustling, and we’re doin everything we have to do to serve our customers,
if we don’t take the time to pay ourselves on the shoulder, to high-five somebody, to
acknowledge the hard work, it just becomes a grind. And that’s not fun. And that’s not makin
2019 your best year ever. So let me know what you’re gonna do. Share this video with
a few of your friends, people that need to get
a little more certainty, people that need to get,
you know, their daily number in action every single day. Create some community inside your office. Start talking to people about tracking, and measuring, and following through. Get that community goin
strong inside your office, and let’s together make
2019 your best year ever. See ya soon. Hey, it’s Coach Tom Ferry. Have you been considering hiring a coach? If so, click the link below, and check out what we do. (upbeat music)


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