93-year-old Speeder

93-year-old Speeder

(upbeat music) Nicolas Manzo. Morning sir. Mr. Manzo.
Yep. You have a red-light violation on Pleasant Valley Parkway. Do you remember this? Well, in fact, I went and investigated it four or five times. I was wrong, no question about it. I made a right-hand turn, and that’s the first violation I’ve got in 72 years of driving. (chuckles) really? Yep, look up my record. I’m gonna look it up. Now, Mr. Manzo, ask you a question. Martha here indicates that you are 93 years old. Right. World War II veteran. Spent 29 months in the Pacific. Okay? Without coming back. And came back alive. Where were you in the Pacific? I was in the Navy. You were in the Navy? Yep. How long did you serve? I served three years. 1943, February, on my 17th birthday, I joined the Navy, and I didn’t come back for three years. The truth of the story is, I could tell you a little story if you got a few minutes. Go ahead, I wanna hear it. I joined the Navy when I was 16 years old. I went up to Federal Hill, Holy Ghost Church, I got my birth certificate, I forged it. I made myself 17 years old, and I went down to the recruiting station, and I joined the Navy. Everything went fine. Until two weeks later, the policeman and the Navy come up and they wanted to arrest me because I forged my birth certificate. But I waited another year, and I left Mt. Pleasant High School, and I went in the Navy, and I spent three years, 29 months, in the Pacific. Every battle that was in the Pacific, I was there. I was in it. I receive letters from people every day, and I received a number of letters from veterans who actually send me checks, and the purpose for them sending me checks is to help other veterans. Now I would really dismiss your case outright anyway. You know, I would dismiss it. And it’s not gonna go on your record, but I’m not gonna have you pay anything of this. But I have a gentleman who sent me a check for $50, and he wants me to, he said his father was a World War II Navy veteran, and please use this honor him and his service as a veteran, and you were World War II Navy veteran as well, so I’m going to use this check, this is from Anthony Christiansen, and Mr. Christiansen is from, looks like Panhandle, Texas. Tell me about your experiences during the war. Well, I was on-board ship, a big ship, a battleship, and we were in many many battles, many of ’em. The worst one I seen was Iwo Jima. That was a, that was terrible. We lost more Marines in that invasion than I think any other war outside of the Battle of the Bulge. That was the worse that’s ever, you couldn’t believe how bad that was. You were there? I was there. Yes I was. I was on every battle in the Pacific. From 1943 to 1945. We didn’t miss one. Not one. And they were brutal. Well you have been known as the greatest generation, and you were the greatest generation, and you said something earlier, second World War brought about a sense of patriotism in this country that we have not seen since. Right. But there was such strong patriotism that here you are a 16 year old boy, and you wanted to go and fight for your country. So much so that you even forged a document to try to get into the service to go and protect the country. And I got caught. (laughs) But you went back. I went back a year later, right on my birthday, I joined the Navy. And within three or four months, I was out in the Pacific. My father was an immigrant. Came into this here country at 18 years old, and couldn’t get a job, and things were tough, so he joined the Army, and he went into World War I, and he was there for 18 months, and he survived, he came home. And how that’s he became a citizen. They should build a monument to your family. Between your father in World War I, and you, and all your cousins. My uncles. And your uncles in World War II. Unbelievable, and they all came back. We all came back, yep, every one of us. I can’t thank you enough for your service. Thank you, thank you. You’re welcome.
Good luck to you. And at 93, Judge, he’s got a wonderful head of hair too. (laughs) I gotta commend him for that. Well I remember when the judge had a nice head of hair. (laughs) Oh, he still does. He still does. Boy, if we could bring back them old days, huh? They were wonderful days. These are wonderful days too, except that we don’t have the sense of family, community that we had back then. You’re right. Thank you for your service. We owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you, you’re welcome. My pleasure just to be in your company. (audience applauds) Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh wow, you’re life just got substantially better! To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your home town, then start doin’ your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it! Nice! All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now!


  1. I wish that patriotism was back. I wish we had something to be patriotic for… I don’t even know if I believe they had anything to be patriotic for. But there was still that sense of community and less emphasis on the individual and “finding yourself”.

  2. to me this guy was lying….
    he mentioned nothing that gives us any sort of believe…
    big ship, battleship, every battle
    what ship ?? what company ?? which waters, the pacific is quite big !? battles ?? what sort of battles ? cannons, torpedoes, rockets, gunfire, planes ?

  3. I would have asked, "What ship did he serve on?", "What were his duties?". My Father-N-Law was captured on Bataan and spent the War in a OPW camp in Japan working the coal mines. He was in the Army Air Corp in WWII. His duty was hunting snipers.

  4. This guy is a warrior.

    Like the judge said. We dont have community like we used to.

    I try to help as many people as I can. And along with kind acts being patient for others in public. All while wearing my Trump hat haha. People look at me like your such a nice guy….why are you wearing that hat.

    Well I'm a veteran as well and I voted for Obama and Trump. I dont agree with either one completely but I wanted both to succeed for the country. I want the country to thrive and succeed.

    Veterans like this guy is what helped our country survive and thrive.

  5. These are wonderful days but we don't have the sense of community and family that we had back then … Those words are so true that it hurts.

  6. I hope we can prove this judge wrong that we are the best generation. Hopefully us millennials do something significant for once.

  7. yeah nice 3 years in the pacific and somehow you ended up in the battle of the bulge, sure bud, someone please punch this man for me

  8. Very cool story from a veteran who has seen more in his lifetime ( pain and misery) that the next five generation combined………”we walk on the shoulders of giants”!

  9. He strikes me as being half FOS. Turns out the greatest generation is actually the most gullible generation. I'm pretty sure the generation that brings world peace will be the greatest.

  10. my service got me out of running a stop sign at an "S" turn and intersection (trap). When I told him I was taking a fellow soldier home after her ride didn't show during formation, and I wasn't familiar with the area, the Officer confirmed we were in uniform when he pulled me over. the judge kept interrupting my account of what happened with questions about my unit, and eventually dismissed the charge. Airborne!

  11. Significantly gender confused and lost in life….. I present you a real American! Wow, the best generation ever! Thank you for your service and thanks Judge for being awesome! Wow… this guy, wow…

  12. Weird that I get this recommended after being given a citation for running a red light on a right turn without coming to a stop. Hmm that's interesting.

  13. Kudos to this old man for partaking in homicidal nonsense. Countless lives lost to increase the US terrorist cause of taking over the world. I thank you for your service..thanks, but no thanks. Every war that we can recount, especially US wars are started under false pretenses. George W. laughs at the microphone about weapons of mass destruction that cost many lives. Turns out no WMDs even existed and he laughs.. Those that do the bidding of psychos in government deserve the Dummy of the Year award..

  14. ☝️if they don’t deserve negative scrutiny, why are you dragging them into court for arbitrary traffic “offenses”? PROFIT, that’s right… how silly of me!

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