A and C School

A and C School

Whether you’re a new Sailor, an interested recruit, or a proud family member, you may have heard the term “A” school, or “C” school thrown around from time to time. But what exactly are these schools? After Boot Camp, you’ll attend “A” school in one of the many different locations across the country. When you first go to “A” school, you’ll be broken into classes of about 20-30 Sailors, and will live in barracks-style berthing – bunk beds and inspections included. “A” school can be looked at as a 3 to 6 month post-Boot Camp school that gives Enlisted men and women a Basic Operator level of knowledge in a particular field of work; a sort of specialized operational school where you’ll begin to see your career as an Enlisted Sailor take form. And it should come as no surprise that physical training is required, usually, a minimum of three one-hour exercise sessions per week. But the training doesn’t stop there. Once a Sailor has completed “A” school, the opportunity to get advanced training is presented in the form of “C” school, which usually comes with a longer commitment to the Navy because of the length of time it takes to train a Sailor. Once in “C” school, your basic knowledge and understanding of the skills you learned in “A” school will be expanded upon, and you should expect to train up to a year on your specific duty. No matter your career path, both “A” and “C” schools will set you up to succeed as an Enlisted Sailor in the United States Navy.


  1. Two more glorious months here in sunny Pensacola at AW(A1) school for this sailor before heading out to SERE and then my FRS in Jacksonville. Hooyah Aircrew, Hooyah Navy!

  2. I'll pull this bs card on this one. They need to segregate training in boot when it comes to bees and Fleeters or spec ops…..and pt lol is a joke

  3. 05012013, my friend who is in the navy told me how bad C school will be for me since ill be a corpsman. . . is it true? and if so how can i prepare myself?

  4. Okay, so how long does this actually take to be fully finished with all training as an enlisted Sailor? I'm in college now, and plan to join the Navy Reserve as I continue my studies part time. When I ship out for training, how long will I be gone realistically? I mean, AFTER boot camp, and AFTER A/C schools and all specialized training, what is an AVERAGE, realistic time period that I will be gone? I'm aware it all "depends on my MOS" but I would like to know approximately how long it should all take so that I can have an idea when to expect to return home and continue my studies.

    I don't work well with vagueness and ambiguity. I understand training's tough and that you "suck up" what you don't like in the military, as I expect that, but I want to know what I'm getting into, because I like honesty.

    If it takes more than six months, all together, I might want to consider postponing my military service until after college. So please, someone help me out. Because somehow I feel that my recruiter is not necessarily lying, but omitting any cons that await me. There's too many instances of recruiters being untrustworthy. 

  5. this a school would interfere with my schooling because this is for 6 months and i would be taking off

  6. 0:30 3 to 6 month post-boot camp school? But, I wanna get out of america and find adventure while I'm still young!! D,X

  7. Hey +America's Navy, how does this work for those who are going to become officers? Do those fresh out of OCS come to the A and C schools as well (I would assume, but I know nothing of the matter)? Thanks.

  8. If I obtained a welders certificate and have an AA, do I need to attend 'A' School? Considering that I want to be a Hull Welder.

  9. i went to see my recuiter couple times and each time the experience was not positive at all, he was acting like he has no patience or few minutes to talk to me and used profanity language non stop out loud..i stopped going to see him then and never been back…..Geez this Navy recruiter needs to be evaluated. That experience discouraged me from joining.

  10. Future RP right here haha 20180604 is my shipdate. Ready to get basic out the way. Then its off to A & C school. Cheers to new beginnings. Anybody else? Hooyah

  11. When I went through the army basic training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri one of the first things we were told was don't drop your soap in the shower

  12. After getting out of the army for 3 years I join the Navy never went through any bootcamp anything just went on board ship and had on-the-job-training Gunner's mate

  13. Yes i enjoyed being a gunners mate i also being in the navy i was having hearing problems not so much from the navy i spent a lot of time a firing line in army good luck happy sailing

  14. Go for it young man the Navy is a great tradition you will find the finest young men serving in the Navy as well as any other branch of the service they're all great young conservative men who love their countries respect their flag being a Gunner's mate to me was a great job always appreciated have in it

  15. I got sent to Captain's Mast then to Separations for a dirty marijuana piss test. Separations was funny as hell. 1st floor, limps and gimps. 2nd floor, drugs and thugs. 3rd floor, nuts and bolts.

  16. Try fleet of.j.t. in fire control training have to self taught how to read tech manual on equipment had to learn the hard way how and where the input signals come in andvout once u get that that all u need why everything is base on it and u have to trace back the entire circuit or system the best example was on opportune ars 41 have radar issue I said this let's backtrack everything starting at the beginning how to trouble shooting radar system why 24-7 trying to fix it I spent sleepless nights in trying to repair the dammed thing the eye technician ask me for help that beats b ee school in great lakes I was missing parts of electronic understanding

  17. I performed the task on my field of choice all I do is read how to do it I became a solution to a radar problem

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