a day as a student at PSUT (the best university in Jordan :P;p;;Pp?%??%)

a day as a student at PSUT (the best university in Jordan :P;p;;Pp?%??%)

la: haneen COME EAT! hussian (me) IF YOU PLEASE!! h: cookieeess??? la: what do you thinKKK?? they’re squished as well I put something in them h: ouchhh li: oh god how dramatic!! h: ouuucHHCHCH li: STOOP h: linaaa… linnaaaa… where r u from?? ok nvm that’s a hard to translate joke h: her hijab fell ha ha ha li: no bro the glasses where (standing?? like she’s pointing ok?) h: oh ha ha haaa li: i’ll rip it! li: I’ll rip it more than it’s already ripped wait for it.. h: did you see what you did???? li: meee??? me you octopus h: be careful don’t kiss me d: “hit me but don’t kiss me” h: talk about how you’re feeling today d: I feel like im famous (long story u dont need to know) h: I feel like im a genius x2 h: how much did you get in the exam? d: 19.. im gonna lose alllll my friendsssss h: look they’re jamming to music h: learn from them, be chill like them instead of jumping around li: I hope no one comes in this is so bad h: I thought the whole point was for me to let go h: I didn’t think that it would require thinking?!?!? h: each one of them has a name li: there’s a food crumb on your arm h: you got tired??? h: is ok.. you can answer like me.. li: I said it.. h: sissiesss h: why are you sad layankaaaa??? h: these two are depressed li: cinderella is that you? again…. that’s not my actual English ok h: she wants to leave… li: ok we’ll see her on friday h: ok so should I not say goodbye? li: no… h: I didn’t attend any lectures today.. li: liar.. you went to all of them h: jk I went to them all h: you wanna go home?? same…… I love you Dania for speaking in English god bless u h: you like it?? d: nooo I mean the one in between.. h: the melody?? (wtf?) d: nooo the in between h: I went around the circleeee h: im gonna wait for you so you don’t get kidnapped that took TOO FKN LONG MAN


  1. es a good one!! es a really good one!! like i would watch it twice πŸ§πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ i was waiting for alexa to play despacito tho 😽

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