1. Hahahaha up before 8am and in the library till 10pm… many a student has preached it but it is the reality for almost none.

  2. education is good if you goin for doctor or maybe some engineer but today schools is about grab your money and left you with no job at all its billions dollars bussines where unsuccessful people judge and critique you…in the end all that matter is your talent and final product of your work

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  4. Would you please make a video on how much did it cost studying at oxford for 4 years( including tution fees, food living cost) ?

  5. I can't believe that anybody on here is criticising this guy's accent. He's not even studying languages here! I think he does a great job. I Wonder how many of his critics speak fluent, accent-free German. How many people on here would understand a broad Yorkshire or Scouse accent? Language is about communication. Has the guy communicated? Yes. Job done.

  6. The life of a doctoral student here is very different.

    Don't fall in love with labels guys, irrespective of where you study right now, you can still achieve greatness. Oxford is amazing and I'm blessed to be here, but honestly, its not about where you are – its what you make of it.

  7. If only I was 20 years younger, I would go out on a date with this gorgeous and handsome young blond German hunk – Paul, you should visit Ireland, including Dublin, as Dublin gay Pride is starting in June and you might find yourself an Irish boyfriend your own age hun ?️‍??❤️??☘️?????????

  8. Yay this video put me off going to oxford (Even though I wouldn't get in anyway)..12 hours in the library a day? Sounds like prison to me

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  10. Good vid. If I may give you some advise, from a guy who left a terrible school at 16 and done a year in college in a little place called Carshalton . When out for a good ol English brewed cuppa. Never leave it right next to your MBP keyboard! ?

  11. I have a question about getting into Oxford: I’m in 7. grade in a public grammar school in Germany. My last average was 1.7. Some people say that you need to show all school reports that you got since middle school, others say the ones since the 9. grade are enough. So what is true? And is it okay if I have 1.7-2.0 in middle school and when I’m in 12. grade (in Germany we say Abi, it’s your High School Diploma) 1.0, if everything else fits? Sorry my English isn‘t perfect but I’m only 13 and I’m trying my best, haha. ?

  12. Can I ask that is the interview purely based on academic results or there are some chances for students that didn't perform well in academic to do well in interview ?

  13. My school took me one a trip here, it was beautiful!

    (Possible spoilers)
    I like the 'hobbit door' and the Percy Shelley statue with his muse

  14. i´m colombian student of medicine in my country, and i love oxford university. Someone can help me to know the process of admission please.

  15. Oxford University is only dream for those who can't afford it inspite of his/her passion especially the students of third world countries like us….

  16. My dream uni , so sad I can only dream about it. I couldn't ever get in cause I'm no t really rich. I'm just a middle class in a not-so-rich asian country and I just can't afford to get into this uni. Maybe in some parallel universe, a version of me is studying in here

  17. It's not his accent which gives him away for being German, it's all the fake virtue-signalling regarding "refugee academics". I bet all of his German colleagues at TU Dortmund jizzed their pants when he came back for Christmas to tell them "how it's like" in Oxford. So pathetic!

  18. As an old fart, I’ve grown less enamored with elite academic institutions. In the States, there is a growing expose of corruption and privilege at Harvard , Ivy League schools etc. I’m glad dr Jordan Peterson has made an effort to ask vital questions on the money spent and frivolous puff these institutions have placed themselves.

  19. It's always annoying as a local to hear people talk about this place as if it's a fairy tale. The university is incredibly outdated with its insistence on pressuring students in an age where all the education you could ask for is in the palm of our hands.

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