A fully intact Yugoslavian Navy Ship

A fully intact Yugoslavian Navy Ship

Montenegro it is.
-Yes man, i hope the navy ships are still there. 2 hours driving south. *Montenegro border*
We are waiting for more than an hour, it’s a disaster. Nothing happens.
-Terrible. The good news is that there’s still a navy ship, but the big one is gone.There are also u-boat bunkers. Here…. And another one……….where is it….here. So we also take a look there. Too bad the destroyer is gone. Probably scrapped. To get to our destination we have to take the ferry. Unforeseen things on the schedule, dammit. Everyone has to turn back for us. 18 employees working for us. Jesus christ.
-Look at that. Sick. What the hell are you doing here?! Craziness, one time, never again. It takes some effort to reach this place. They are looking like WTF are they doing there? It’s getting really steep.
-Better stop. The u-boat bunker. We have to walk all way to cross it. It’s a door system to camouflage the bunker.
-So they shut it completely. This is really cool. So there are more u-boat bunkers here? Yes, everywhere, we are now heading to the navy ship and there are 2 others. A pretty thick door. We are now in the bunker part of the u-boat bunker. There are a few leftovers. Dead end? A ventilation shaft here. That’s a really high ladder, you know. Fkkng high. Bob is going to check what’s upstairs.
Rust is falling down. Jesus !
-Yeah, i know mate. I am now in a kind of tunnel system. Let’s see what we find here. The tunnel already ends here. What a joke, there’s a tourist here. Let’s check the other side. I didn’t expect much, but not as bad as this. mmm, let’s check. So there are a lot of fortresses here, this is one of them. Let’s go back quick to Eelco. This was just the entrance from the fortress to the u-boat. Pffrt, walking for many miles already, If we had known that beforehand we didn’t go. Where was i. Eelco was fed up and quitted. I continued and saw a forbidden sign. But i made it inside. They left everything inside, pretty cool. I told Eelco to come, so he should arrive any moment now. Let’s make sure he doesn’t get seen. Is there nobody here?
-No, but i think it’s military area? no clue. Holy shit.
-Pretty cool right? Yeah. Everything is filmed with the Iphone in 1 take.. yeah. Nice those old maps, you don’t see those anymore. -No, just google maps. It was tough to get here.
-It took us 3 hours. It pays off. They left everything. Way better than expected.
-I thought i’d be completely empty. Nice desk. We have a new sailor. The ship is more remote than i thought it would be. You don’t see it often stuffed like this. There are people over there. Let’s warn Eelco; There are people. Relax, relax In the corner. We only have to make sure they don’t notice us. Old turret. So this was the exterior. It was a cool explore, better than expected. We have a free BBQ here today! Made some friends? Party crashers. Here, your plate.
-Looks delicious ! Enjoy your meal.
Look there, beer ! Thank you man, you are too kind. We are well looked after, it’s really kind.
We even got beer ! You are better than abandoned buildings.
This channel will shut now. There is our sweet dog, you will get a new owner soon. *adopted


  1. Seeing stuff from my Country where i was born :D, subscribed
    please make more videos from the Ex Yugoslavia region and Eastern Europe general.

  2. Looks like Risan, entrance to Boka Kotorska /"Cattaro Bay"/. This is where I saw Yugo Navy ships/minelayer with guns uncovered, ready to fire!/ hunting for sharks in 1985 August!

  3. Serbian cyrilic and latin language written on those consoles and books, files etc. The first yugoslavia had a official cyrilic alphabet on all regions and later when the second yugoslavia was made the latin was introduced. Later croats and muslims took the latin one and serbs kept it's cyrilic alphabet but also use latin usually close to the borders things are in latin so the foreign visitors have more clue what is what. Balkan is pretty much a clusterfuck produced by separation of once one nation. Today everybody want to be fake, unique and "special" yet not seeing the bigger picture what really are they and what is going on in the world and around them. Just another political idiotism.

  4. I was blown away with the ship but when yous stopped for the dog my heart broke you guys are true gentleman real men instantly have me hooked for life can't wait to see what yous will do and I will be going through all you old stuff

  5. Thank you guys.!
    That was very interesting.
    You did the right thing with that Puppy, you guys are the best.!
    You should consider making "tuli" your channel mascot.!
    I'm subscribed to you guys from now on.!
    Thank you.!

  6. Cool video, in the begining of the video i see a abandon building on the mountain, is hat the abandon hotel i have heard about??

  7. in yugoslavian school, you learn one week with latin alphabet and one other with the cyrilic (my both parent leanr like this in yugoslavia)

  8. The Craigs List ad was just as interesting as the video. Old Mine layer 4 Sale very rusty but it still runs. Meet me Under Croatian court house steps I give key for 40 American and ticket to Los Angeles…

  9. I figure you found this ship in Montenegro,which means it was stolen during the war with serbs and montenegros from one of the ports in Croatia…the name KRK is after one of the biggest islands in Croatia.

  10. Where are this guys from?? Because the titles on their videos are in english but i dont know WHAT THE FUCK are they saying on any of them

  11. According to some forum (and Google Translate) the PV-17 tag indicates that this was used for fresh water transport. PV = pomoćni vodonosac. The technical specs said something about a capacity of 380 tons of water. Also before that, it sailed unter "PN-17" to transport oil. (pomoćni naftonosac)

  12. The fucking politics from west and USA destroys my country!!!! Why? Because the USA want to be the strongest. And they want to be near to Russia. Fuck the West politic.

  13. Fuck you USA. The country is ok, and the people is ok. But the politic sucks. They make the war, they destroys my beautiful country. We was Yugoslavia, a great country. Fuck off Clinton, Fuck off white house. Go away from Europe!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Why the croats and serbians dont get along? They are both christians.

    Btw congrats croatia for fifa final. U played good

  15. well done with pup . interesting you would of thought a Musium would like to have a look round the ship before it's lost to history

  16. Why you didnt make explore in kupari military resort. You was there. It have mutch beter history. In that hotel tito was guest but in that hotel in sumer89 slobodan milosevic serbian lider and yu general make idea to brake jugoslavija and change the border and make great serbia. By the way that ships brutal atack 6. 12. 1991 on saint Nikola day. You can found on yotubu how they destroy old townof Dubrovnik and Kupari military resort. You was thwre so you can imagine outrage and madness. Special there was destriyer ship name SPLIT that ship i think is only ship in world history who open fire on town Split,and he took a name from that town. Also from kupari resort till montenegro border everething was burned and destroyed. Internetional airport was complet destroyed and after montenegro inginier they took complete airport sistem and electronics. Towes cars truck fuel airport bus electric cars tractor even stairs for airplain and all equipment they install in Tivat airport montenegro. Also ACI marina they towed big ships and yacht and all from private house. And montenegro that war call WAR FOR PEACE. And that was organized robery of montenegro,not civil war how people call today becouse they dont want pay war demige. So you can see how nice people live next to as.

  17. Brilliant video, short but sweet just the right amount of footage. Love your videos even if I have to watch with subtitles.

  18. Thank you for saving the puppy, he's so cute! So glad he found a home. He looked happy with you guys as well 😀

  19. Uncover the mystery of Tarajharyo of Nepal😀

    Love u guys hope u know iam a guy form land of Everest who loves seeing u guys

    It would have been good if you guys add some English subtitles cuz there might be peoples who can't understand your language😊

  20. Cool video, but as a someone who lived in the bay for 20 years i had to make a comment😁. Not all tunnels are submarine tunnels, only one is the other two are meant to hide larger ships like the one you called a destroyer( which was actually a russian large patrol boat Koni class that was retrofitted with guided anti ship missiles). Also you were tresspassing on a ship that was in service 😁. Both ships were sold later on

  21. Yugoslavian ship… actually only 4 minutes of video is about ship. Golden rule of every explorer: look but dont touch!

  22. I can’t understand a word, but still loving watching you guys my fav explorers on YT and helping that puppy shows proper compassion ♥️💕

  23. I must say, I don’t think I could have left the puppy behind, I’d have had to take him/her home with me. But, it was a great thing that you did. And for that, I applaud you!

  24. The highlight of this video was when you stopped for that puppy. What you did for it shows that you care allot for life. Thank you.

  25. Great job guy's, and thank you for getting the vintage electronics in the video… a lot of fantastic radio equipment from the cold war era… You should have used the original Yugoslavia flag instead of the one that you chose… Yugoslavia was a super power back then, it's no wonder why NATO broke it up…

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