1. The background music is very much distracting… I suppose this is a war movie & not musical movie like SNF…

  2. Flime nya bagus keren ada tapi nya music nya itu yang engga bikin suwasana menegangkan sangat menggaggu sekali

  3. Hide the background music. Nobody want to watching movie with your music. I cant concentrate on movie even though on action part. Just listen yourself.

  4. جص أمكم أزا فهمان شي هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههہَ ة ˛⁽😂😂🙊₎ ˛هُ ˛ ❥

  5. bg music makes this movie more funnier lol, we know that this airforce of china and russia combined is no match in US lol

  6. Sound Back Ground Music Makes The Movie Ugly..Singer Voice Comes Out From The Nose 👃 😀😁😁😂😂

  7. Good movie, great filming. Love the different aircraft! This would be a great movie if we could see the subtitles. Reading the script means I'm not watching the action, missing a lot of the detail…. How many pure Air Force movies are out there? This is the only one! Too bad the American Air Force won't do a "Top Gun" style flick.

  8. Actually I played movie at 0.75 speed. So could understand every thing, Chinese seem to speak very very fast and translations off before I read it all. Anyway this movie was as good as or better than any country could produce. Has action, suspense, the heart tug, and pays tribute to any soldier that puts him or herself in harms way. No matter the what nation they are. Well done China.I served but do not consider myself a veteran as I never had to go in harms way. This movie was great and well worth watching. Each nation has honorable and brave soldiers.

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