Airman pulls off two sneaky sibling reunions | Militarykind

Airman pulls off two sneaky sibling reunions | Militarykind

(upbeat music) We figured lunch would be good because there’d be a bigger audience, and it wouldn’t disrupt a class, but it still would be, you know, meaningful for him. (upbeat music) We went and checked to make
sure he really was sitting where he was usually sitting,
’cause that would be the day, you know, that the kid would move, and not sit in the normal place. (chatter) (upbeat music) (applause) – [Man] Surprise! – He was kind of shocked
and elated at the same time. His face was kind of like, you know like is this really what I’m seeing? It was such a happy moment
for the two of them, then after they left I did
tell then the whole lunchroom what that was all about. Like, that’s his brother. He’s in the military, you
know he’s serving our country. He’s home for a little bit now, then he’s leaving again,
that’s why he was here. (upbeat music) (laughter) (crying) (applause) (upbeat music)


  1. This was nice. But something that I’ve noticed in these types of videos, is that some soldiers (like this one) aren’t prepared to cope with their family members emotions. It’s like they don’t want them to keep hugging or crying. You know what I’m saying? They should be trained on that too.

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