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  4. Hi, nice vidéo, but i would like to buy your belt or tactical vest because i can not find one ? Thanks. (Sorry for my english i'm french .. ^^).

  5. hei NOVRITSCH wie viel joule hat deine G18c? meine hat 0.85 aber die sieht be dir viel stärker aus😂 gruss aus der schweiz✌️

  6. Que manera de hacer el ridículo porque no jugais a hacer algo por que no haya mas armas y mas guerras….soldaditos de juguetes….

  7. I'm going to a 3-day Airsoft game and I need airsoft guns so I was thinking of getting your gun but I can't find it on Amazon so can you comment on my comment and tell me where you got your pistol

  8. Is it weird I would always carry a medkit even the little tiny ones Incase some ass hat comes in with a rifle that’s way over powered or I get cut from some rocks or some shit lol

  9. Hi novritstch i really ned your help i bought your ssg pistol but u cant find any holster for it so can you send me a link that would help me out love your videos man keep it up❤️ i really need a holster for the SSP1☺️

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