Airsoft Sniper Tips Series | Finding Cover

Airsoft Sniper Tips Series | Finding Cover

Ok, tip number one for sniping When you get to a position like this you’re gonna want to stay back two or three feet get behind it and then peek up. If you’re right at a piece of cover like this and you need to pull up like that you’re exposing a huge amount of your space. Poi get over here.
Roger. Tip number 2. If you can get one of your buddies to come and put fire on an enemy. [Shooting] It’ll keep his head down. That’ll give you time to set up a shot and take it the next time he peeks. Tip number three is places to find cover. At any place you find cover, you’re gonna want to find three positions and switch between them. In this piece of cover, an “L” shape like this gives good cover for my body and allows me to shoot through. Something low like this allows me to get low and surprise who’s coming up. Something like this covers most of my body, keeps me upright and lets me move. Poi move up.
Roger You’re never gonna want to find a position like this with just plywood because it doesn’t allow you places to pop up to get the surprise on the enemy.


  1. not going to lie I have always thought air soft was goofy but I have been watching your videos and welp im sold. btw poi is the real mvp

  2. Nice tips, especially about finding different places to peek out of. So many people just pop up and shoot, pop up and shoot, pop up and shoot, and it becomes so easy to predict where they'll be and take them out.

  3. Even though I don't snipe (yet), this was extremely helpful for an noob like myself. Keep up with the videos, hope to play at Panther again soon!

  4. Or your me with a dmr find a nice cozy warm place in the sun and then spam a whole squad and take them out in a few seconds #PGis cold blooded animal like tiny rick literally

  5. You need to do one on windows. Too many people stand right at the window to shoot, rather than standing back a bit so they are standing in the shadows of the building, exposing less of their body and don't have their barrel sticking out the window.

  6. Ah the great Canadian west coast, The winter is either soaking rain or depressing amounts of snow that makes the prairies laugh

  7. I really like how this was done. Most tip videos are just people standing around talking and describing things for 15 minutes, this was a lot more engaging. Nice job.

  8. hello dayton i was just wondering if you have ever shopped at the surplus store in new west, i havent really been in there much but thier co2 is really cheap to buy

  9. This is a awesome video keep making more like this. These type videos will help a lot of people to play better airsoft… to make it a funner game

  10. Me and my freind just started so he bought a sniper and a bought Steryr AUG and they are worth it so now we just challenge people that we know

  11. ………. Welp… It looks like that last piece of advice has really changed how I'm going to snipe! Thanks, great tips!

  12. i really like how you explain it ,so easy to understand gonna sub to this and wait for other sniping tips and sniping positions

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