Alex Jones Calls Navy Shooting False Flag (Within Hours Of It)

Alex Jones I was doing his show
yesterday and remember the shooting happened what time did the shooting happened
yesterday 8:20 a.m. but there weren’t any real reports on it until early afternoon maybe afternoon alright and so Alex one on air it
couldn’t have been is probably about an hour after the
first reports came out actually there’s it the reason why I believe that such as
using going off memory is because when he was
telling you the body count he was saying oh there’s
five people better one person dead the 12 number hadn’t even been
established at that number was established probably around three o’clock or 330 so
this was directly after the shooting Alex Jones
comes out on his radio show and goes conspiracy do the shooting happened my 17 minutes ago how do you know this well let him explain opens all or a %uh
the same team responded the Boston bombing xlxx false flag up one side and down the
other they are there to make sure the truth comes out they’ll ok the russian ship States passionate
support a glittering clear evidence in person other areas
other nazi stage mass shootings in operation Mr as a pretext exploration operation
Northwoods about by the pentagon just a special
election for on taxation when you have multiple
shooters like this yes sheen written all over it and and
how they didn’t do it as in the water just happened real everyone
to show off the girl use and shoot them in the corridors are
are you telling me for the the the the fares for the trail operation tale says go out with a mask
or the contractors and shoot some people taking notes also
they were bad shots why they’re probably stall until a few people Friday brackish stallion stakes false flag here’s my
question for Alex Jones is there any shooting that’s not a
conspiracy after every single one they come out
immediately like they are even give it like all week even after like a preliminary
investigation where we have somewhat understanding what’s happening
but nothing’s concrete but we have an idea right you can see me in a week for a
preliminary investigation in little bit understanding about what happened filled the first day he do this with any
hope to go first hey we should say to you by the
way today here it’s the same day issuing just
happened seventy minutes ago that bodies are still on the ground your
conspiracy how do you know this have you heard evidence so you never know proof have
never heard of people actually doing but determining by doing forensic
investigations exactly what happened raising a town understanding the motives
behind renewing or the police work he doesn’t mean anything yes golan ok
their big it’s a conspiracy why do you know that because that all
the others were conspiracy yeah but they’ll with other one you said it immediately
do it was conspiracy but I know their conspiracy so is there any shooting it’s not a
conspiracy so this one was a conspiracy there was
Sandy Hook conspiracy aurora was a conspiracy I even on Rush
Limbaugh dabble in that one %uh day you know they said of you watch The Dark Knight Rises in the movie and a
split second there’s a notice of something that foreshadows the shooting
that’s gonna happen at Sandy Hook gone yet we got I know there was a roar
arsenio wanted to that there’ll they’re looking in in
hollywood movies for signals have your heard a coincidence they may be used a name that’s similar
or the same is something that happened somewhere somehow I mean we have
measuring in so many places across United States
about every movie doesn’t have something you could say look at foreshadowing to a shooting so
it %uh what okay with the Sikh shooter was
that something there was a conspiracy was the Fort Hood shooting a conspiracy
was the IHOP shooting a conspiracy was I’ll the mall shooting a conspiracy
member the mall shooting that happened just before I think it was Sandy Hook
where was like a big shooting was like up the same weekend they covered it for
like a day strongly and then back I drowned out when Sandy Hook
happen it where they all conspiracies or what percentage than we have eleven
thousand gun that’s on average per year in the united as 5,000 r5000 I’m a
conspiracy 10,000 all 11,000 are only 7 a.m.
against urs you tell me I mean I don’t know man you got all the answers you
figure this all out look it what I’m trying to get across to
you guys don’t believe these decades who he wants to substitute actual information by simply
superimposing his preconceived ideology so his ideology is well the globalist
run everything in the NW all runs everything they’re doing this to take
away your guns so everything fits that mold yeah but it
doesn’t fit that mold now years I the thing that they never
had an answer to any number willing to destroy their entire theory I a friend of mine who somewhat boy body
into the series although I think I convince them otherwise but I always as a simple question
because they brought this up at Sandy Hook well they obviously stage in why why did they say because they want take the guns got here okay then why did they take notes you know your theory is wrong or they
forgot to do the most important part in it they forgot to do the N Go love it fell yeah they’re gonna do you try a den what another shoot they got nothin they got nothin what the
strongest gun bill that was proposed was an assault weapons ban universal
background check and high-capacity magazine that right and the assault weapons ban was uneven
retroactive you know that means if you have a solid
now you’re grandfathered in so under no proposed bills and that one
are the doctor fucking comey nevermind a vote in the house are the
Senate right so they died and I wasn’t thinking where
to go and do like they could even get a fucking watered-down background check
bill passed %uh that has is riddled with loopholes
and you’re saying the state has to take the guns but they were woefully
inadequate Gary a ticking away the guns but that doesn’t
make any sense a ends

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