Alright! | Chindi College Days ft. Badri Chavan & Akhilesh Vats

Alright! | Chindi College Days ft. Badri Chavan & Akhilesh Vats

Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Mishra, I want a burger, some juice & honey chilli potato and listen Put as much honey as you would put in a girl’s plate Okay? Hriday Where’s our youth headed to? Bro, I was just going towards my friends Pro Tip Your first year college mates aren’t your friends It’s just a matter of one semester After that you’ll curse them and vice-versa Listen Give me your plate Bend down Just go and tell them Find a new daddy for yourself I don’t come to college to look after you Understood? Good, leave now I belong to an affluent family too I have money in every pocket of my clothing Here you go, keep this Keep it now, what happened! Here, keep the bigger note Also my metro card, it has a balance of ₹300 It’s still not sufficient, just wait Hey Kuki There’s a bad news, don’t lose your calm Hriday had a head injury Kuki Doctor said that he needs a dressing on his wound Please transfer 300 rupees What doctor? He has fractured his toe too? Oh God! Please transfer an amount of 600 rupees! You’re doing it, right? Thank you Make way for 2 meals bro The Dean got sick while jogging in the rain There is a definite scope for a mass bunk Due to the massive sale of Paranthas in the canteen The pickles have been wiped clean Also, Duggal has won ₹10,000 on “” Those who still haven’t paid for their back logs You’re left with only 2 days The quote for the question paper is ₹1,000 This was today’s breaking news More trending news will be delivered tomorrow by your friend Nilesh Talwar Don’t eat so much so that even your lungs get filled with food He is not choking on food His cough is a result of deep throat Bhanu, you still need to clear one back Yeah It has already been paid for He begged from his daddy for ₹1,000 You deposited the money, right? (confessions of a foodaholic) You spent 1,000 rupees on Bhelpuri? No bro! The other day we consumed alcohol too We had alcohol from that money? How are you gonna arrange ₹1,000 again? I don’t need 1,000 rupees What do you mean? I need ₹5,000 What? Why? I need ₹5,000 because I have 5 back logs to clear I never told you as I thought you’d consider me a failure As a consequence I would be lonely After which I would enter the phase of depression and I heard, people don’t eat when they are depressed I would’ve starved to death my friends Okay, I’ll eat your meal too I’m not depressed right now Shove it in your mouth The day you got drunk and slept on your puke Didn’t you realize what we would’ve thought? You’re ashamed of telling us about your 5 back logs Yes I’m a jerk I have bathed in my own puke You can insult me as much as you want It’s okay But Hriday Simar Please help me for the last time Who knows, maybe your dad could be of some help Bhanu do one thing Here Kick my ass What the hell are you doing? Pull up your pants Take out your 5,000 from here Just pull it up! Guys! There’s just one last solution Don’t you guys be tensed Take ₹500 and enjoy Duggal brother This time we have a bigger problem We’ll need a little more than ₹500 I’m not in a game show I can’t assume how much money you want Quickly tell me how much you want No, actually… Be quick Time is passing by Holy shit! You bought an Apple product? What game are you playing? It’s not a game, I’m playing poker on “” You bought an Apple product by playing on this app What are you saying bro! Real cash gets tranferred into your bank directly I’ve got these earpods & my phone from this money You just need to use your brain “Pokerbaazi” is a great app indeed Bhanu Please be quiet for 2 minutes Duggal bro, we need ₹5,000 Huh? We need 5,000 rupees Are you investing in a start-up? No, no We wouldn’t be even able to pull it off We’ll return all of your money You just help us out this time I will go on a diet, save some money & return it to you Done, done! Have some shame before lying to me, you fatass I don’t trust you 2 at all Hriday Yes brother I’m lending money on your guarantee Okay bro Thank you Duggal brother! You’re the best guy in college Yes, you’re the best Duggal brother! The very best Bro, can I get some chips? Okay, it’s fine We’ll leave now Don’t you feel like a politician’s son already? Go to hell with this feeling of yours You’ll face a lot of difficulties paying him back Bhanu, I’ve said this a 100 times over Go and smoke in the bathroom Bhanu Dab your cigarette There’s someone at the door Then go, get the door Get rid of your cigarette, there’s someone outside Chuck it I’ll get the door Who’s dying outside, be patient I’m coming! You jerk! Sir, it’s just a prank.. Sir I’m a prankster Can’t find him I’m so tired of all this Bro, we are saved Now nobody can ask us to evacuate this room I gave a bribe of ₹2,000 to the warden How much? ₹2,000 You gave away 2,000 rupees? What else could I’ve done? He was about to call my dad and when I tried to stop him, he gave a warning to leave the place Now nobody can ask us to leave this house Bhanu, pass me a cigarette He has just been caught smoking a cigarette So what am I supoosed to do? I don’t wanna interact with the two of you You have weird cravings How many times have I asked you not to smoke My anxiety kicks in & makes me remember my uncle Try to ignore your anxiety We all do the same You’re asking me to ignore this? Your uncle never had cancer, that’s why it is easier for you to say this My dad had to collect money bit by bit for his treatment My uncle’s health had deteriorated so much so that people started giving him money out of pity If you don’t speak about it, how will I get to know things You gotta share these things In such a case, everyone would’ve volunteered to help Even Bhanu would’ve helped Bhanu? Answer me You would’ve helped, right? Bhanu? Bhanu.. Brothers.. Today, I need to talk to you about something important Don’t call me your brother You ate a tray of 30 eggs which I bought without even telling me Okay, friends! Is it fine now? I’ve been living here since 2 years and you guys are my family I love you guys! Bro, everything else is fine But I haven’t shat since the past 3 days because the pressure didn’t build up enough This process has finally found a flow to it You better speak fast or else I’ll shit all over the place Bro, I… Yes, you.. Bro, I… Yes, you… Bro I… Speak up! I have a stage 3 lung cancer We always used to smoke a cigarette in the morning How come you’re detected with lung cancer Really, what is the other way to get lung cancer? It felt really good that you shared this with us How can we be of some help to you? I know I know you cannot spare me of this horror But What you can do is, uplift my mood Just one time This one last time I want to gulp down a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey One last time Just do this much for me I’ll die peacefully Take this! You were very good to me Bro, if now my eggs disapper all of a sudden I’ll know… it was you Control your emotions Alka Ma’am A beautiful red rose for the lady in red It’s maroon Oh, my bad 5,000 rupees for my 5 back logs My child, do you even remember how many back logs you had? Wasn’t it 5? Bhanu, how brainless can you be? At the maximum, it would be 7 My child, you had 4 back logs to clear Here, take back your 1,000 rupees Just 4! Take it! Bro, I have only 4 back logs Okay I told you, there were only four Let’s have some drinks out of this money Come on, let’s drink it up! What bro! Guys, return my money I’m not doing it Don’t you worry I’ve earned ₹1,000 by playing poker on “” I’ll send the cash on your number Guys, download “Pokerbaazi” to play poker and withdraw without depositing a single rupee The link is in the description below You’ll get the cash on one condition What? Ask the audience to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE They are so smart, they’ll even COMMENT on the video You better clear my dues Alright! and guys, be Alright!


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  2. Poorest content from this channel, promoting all wrong things, looting money from people, cigarettes, drinks with no responsibility and all this with no message, in the end no lesson or redemption of the Protoganist. Super dislike.

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