Am I Good Enough For Medical School? | Snapchat Q&A Session about Medical School!

Am I Good Enough For Medical School? | Snapchat Q&A Session about Medical School!

Earlier today, I asked you guys on snapchat
to submit video questions that you’d like for me to answer. Hey snapchat, I’m filming a Q&A video so submit
your questions and I will answer them. Ok! So lets get started. I have a question. What do you recommend for people who are not
morning people? I need to wake up early so what are your tips
for waking up early cause I’m not good at it. I know waking up early is really hard but
having good sleep hygiene can really help. This means avoiding phone, computer or TV
around bedtime and going to bed around the same time every day. Something helped me a lot is having a alarm
clock lamp which starts to brighten your room about 30 minutes before you have to actually
get up. I’ll put the link in the description box
if you want to check it out All these tips aside, I don’t think I’ll
ever be a true “morning person” BUT I will say that being excited for work and being
at the hospital has made waking up early a lot easier. Hi, my question for you is when did you know
you wanted to become a doctor. Was it bit by bit or did you just one day
come to a realization? I realized that I wanted to become a doctor
during my sophomore year in college when I took a neuroscience class. Originally I wanted to do either psychology
or music therapy- but after taking this class, I felt like studying medicine would give me
so many more tools to help people. Hello! My question is how and when do you meal prep
when you have such a busy schedule? Thank you and god bless! I don’t always get do meal prep these days
but I think the best time to meal prep is probably Sunday night right before the week
starts. Hi Jamie thank for making your videos! I was wondering how do breaks work in medical
school? Is there time allotted for travel? At my school, you get a summer vacation after
the first year of medical school. A lot of students did some type of global
health programs so that they could get some clinical experience but also travel at the
same time. After second year, most people use their time
off to study for STEP 1 and maybe take one week off before starting third year. The amount of vacation after second year of
med school really depends on how much time you want to give yourself to study for Step
1. During the preclinical years of medical school,
you’ll have time to take short weekend trips and maybe even slightly longer trips if your
lectures are not mandatory. My question is: What rotations are you most excited about or interested in doing? I’m probably most interested in my surgery
rotation and emergency medicine rotation. But Also I’m interested in ob/gyn rotation too. Pretty much everything is so new and interested
that I look forward to all of them. I have a lot of anxiety & stress about school;
can you please give me some tips? UMMM. I think the best way to deal with anxiety
and stress is to figure out the root cause of them. Are you anxious because you don’t feel prepared
for school? Or is it for social reasons? If you feel like it’s going to interfere
with your day to day life or if you think it’s going to keep you from achieving your
potential, it might be worthwhile to talk to something professional. There’s going to be a lot of stressful situations
in med school and I think taking good care of yourself physically and mentally is really
important. Also keep in mind, it’s totally normal to
feel nervous about new situations. I still get nervous being in the hospital
sometimes. So some level of anxiety and stress is normal
and can even be helpful. Hi Jamie, What’s been your most favorite and
least favorite part about becoming a doctor so far? I think the my favorite thing about medical
school and the whole process is the endless opportunity to better myself—you’re constantly
pushing yourself to learn more, do more, perform better… and you’re always in an environment
where you are being tested. So even if you’re not competing against
another person, you’re always competing against yourself. I feel like I’ve learned and grown so much
in the past two years and it’s been hard—definitely—but I’m really grateful for the experience. My least favorite thing about being in med
school is that it can really limit the amount of time you spend with your family and friends
outside of medical school. It’s definitely a huge time commitment and
you tend to end up saying a lot of things like “I can’t, I have to study” and
things like that. Do you prefer taking notes on the computer
or written? It depends on the class. Majority of my notes from the first two years
of med school were taken on the computer—but some classes like bio-chem or anatomy I did
more drawing or hand written notes. If you want to find out more about how I took
notes, I recently posted a video about it. You can check it out here! What’s are the best thing to major when
you’re pre-med in college? There is no such thing as “best major”
for pre-med. You’ll likely have to take certain science
classes regardless of your major to prepare for the MCAT. Academically I don’t think any particular
major can really “prepare” you for medical school. I personally think it’s best to major in
what you’re really interested in- whether that’s science related or not. Do medical schools admissions frown upon certain
amount of credits taken from a community college over the summer? From my limited experience, most schools don’t
care much about where you took certain courses. BUT there are some schools that have requirements
that say that you need to have taken certain higher level courses at a four year institution
so I think the best thing to do is check with the schools you’re applying to. If you want to read more about other people’s
experiences, I’ll post a link from student doctor network forum that talks about this
topic. Thats a good source to see what other people
have done. Hi Jamie, I’m really young but I want to be
a doctor when I grow up. For me, I was wondering what specialty are
you interested in? So I haven’t really ruled out anything but
I’m interested in emergency medicine and possibly surgery as a specialty So my question is there any technique for
reading medical texture because I really don’t know how. Or what is the best method to do that? My experience with medical school textbooks
or medical textbooks is that I would look up certain things from the index in the back
of the book and read about that topic. I never really did a straight through reading
of medical textbooks like a novel—so.. that’s my technique for reading medical textbooks. If you didn’t go to med school what else would
you be doing right now? That’s a really good question! I’m actually not sure what I would be doing
if I didn’t go to med school…. I’d have to get back to you on that. Hey Jamie can you walk us through the timeline your studying in med school like when you watch lecture, take notes, review them. Thank you! And I love your channel. I actually have a video on my study schedule
video which I’ll link right here. Right now as a 3rd year medical student I
pretty much study whenever I can (10 minutes here and there at the hospital) or when I
get home from the hospital if I’m not too tired. Hello! My question is what specific technique do
you study? Do you enjoy studying by yourself or do you
supplement that with study groups? I definitely did a mix of both. I mostly studied alone but I usually came
together with my study group closer to the exam and we would quiz each other and just
emotionally support each other right before exams Greetings from California! How do you make that perfect cup of coffee? I have to confess- my parents are HUGE coffee
fans (they roast their own beans and stuff) so I have a lot of coffee paraphernalia from
them. I think my favorite way to make coffee is
whatever that’s the easiest—so I used to use nespresso for awhile and then my parents
left their fully automatic espresso machine here with me so that’s what I’ve been
using what would you say to someone who doesn’t
think they’re good enough for med school? I think believing in yourself and trusting
yourself even in the face of failure is a really important quality for med school. Med school can be really challenging and there’s
gonna be times when you doubt yourself and feel like you’re just not good enough. But you really have to fight through those
moments of insecurity- No one is going to do that for you. Only you can build yourself back up after
making mistakes. And trust me, there will be lots of mistakes
but getting back up and learning from them is what’s going to make you a great doctor. So that’s it for the snapchat q&a session. I’m sorry if I missed your question this time
around but I’ll be doing another q&a session soon so definitely let me know if you’re submitting
your question for the second time and I’ll try to prioritize you question. I made a playlist of the past q&a videos. So I’ll link that below if you’re interested. Thank you again! Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe if
you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Byee! So this has been a very very frequently requested
video on how to take notes so I’ve been compiling my ideas on how I’ve been taking notes and
I just wanna share them with you guys.


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  10. I think the biggest factor to succeeding in medical school is determining whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze. Medical school is a TON of work (Emphasis on a TON) and if you don't have an unrelenting determination it is easy to become frustrated and burn out. Anyone can be good enough for medical school. Finding your passion and drive early can make all the difference.

    Check out our youtube channel and watch our medical school VLOG episodes about finding your passion and study motivation! Be sure to subscribe while you are there for great advice from a 4th year medical student entering the residency match.

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    I'm one of those who is lacking in confidence school, base on the past.. I'm not even in pre-med or medical school, but I do plan on going back to school and trying to get into a nursing program.. That's the plan..

    I just wanted you to know that you are one of the people who are helping me build my confidence and self esteem, my ambition and drive, and how inspirational you are, not just to younger people looking to get into med school, but to older people like me, who have been through a dysfunctional upbringing and trying to get things together..

    To be honest, I don't know how I will do.. I was never a good student. But I was also dealing with dysfunction, which lead to a lack of interest, numerous bad habits, ZERO guidance, not getting along with teachers, bad sleep hygiene and low energy, which, as you can imagine, lead to failure.. It's going to be a long, lonely journey, but even if I fail, it would be in pursuit of my dream.. My "calling", if you will..

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  37. If you get into medical school, you are by definition "good enough" for medical school. Unless you have been affirmative actioned into a medical school – in this case you'd probably fall behind

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