U.S Navy fleet is the largest in the world. It is best in the world both in terms of quality
and quantity. The 7th Fleet is based out of Japan, plays
a very important role as it is forward-deployed and oversees a vast area. Reports now indicate that from mid-2018, AN/SLQ-59
which is also known as SEWIP (Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program) Block 3T is supporting
the 7th fleet Urgent Operational Need (UON). In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
installation of new SEWIP Block 3T AN/SLQ-59 electronic warfare system to U.S Navy 7th
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20 million players from all over the world! China claims most of the South China Sea. It said that it has “indisputable sovereignty”
over the area. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and
Taiwan have disputed these claims. The route is significant as about $5 trillion
in trade through shipping passes each year. Countries like the US, Japan and India have
no claims in the area and want ‘Freedom of Navigation’ as per international maritime
laws. China has tried imposing a unilateral decision
as per which all ships & aircraft navigating in the area need to identify itself to the
Chinese Navy. U.S military regularly sends warships and
aircraft in the region to establish ‘Freedom of Navigation’ and this is mostly done by
Seventh Fleet fleet. It is headquartered at U.S. Fleet Activities
Yokosuka, in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is part of the United States Pacific Fleet. At present, it is the largest of the forward-deployed
U.S. fleets, with 60 to 70 ships, 300 aircraft, and 40,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel. U.S Navy warships face a credible threat from
the Chinese anti-ship missiles. First is the YJ-12 and its variants. According to Chinese sources, the YJ-12 has
a speed of around Mach 2, if launched from low altitude and up to Mach 3.2, if launched
from high altitude. It has a maximum range of 380 km or 236 miles
depending on launch altitude so it can be fired from far off. In the terminal phase, the missile can travel
at a very low altitude of 15 m, which makes it hard for the sensors to detect. When this missile appears over the horizon
and gets detected by ship’s sensors, the ship would only have some 45 seconds to intercept
it before impact. The speed, range, and ability to skim close
to the sea surface make it one of the most deadly anti-ship missile in the world. A saturation attack by YJ-12’s will be hard
to defend against even by sophisticated defenses of the U.S military. Second is the DF-21D. DF-21D is an anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM)
and is capable of targeting a moving aircraft carrier strike group from long-range
It has a maximum range exceeding 1,450 km or 900 mi and is thought to be operational
since 2009. DF-21D has hypersonic speed and can be launched
from land-based launchers. It can carry a large single conventional or
nuclear warhead of 600 kg or about 1320 lbs. United States Naval Institute in 2009 stated
that such a warhead would be large enough to destroy an aircraft carrier in one hit
and that there was “currently … no defense against it” if it worked as theorized. Ship defense mainly consists of active or
kinetic weapons and soft or non-kinetic systems. The main active defense of U.S warship be
it a supercarrier or destroyer or cruiser are the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)
and RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile. The Phalanx CIWS is a close-in weapon system
for defense against airborne threats such as anti-ship missiles and helicopters. It was designed and manufactured by the General
Dynamics Corporation, Pomona Division which is now a part of Raytheon. It consists of a radar-guided 20 mm Vulcan
cannon mounted on a swiveling base. It has a max rate of fire of 4,500 rounds/minute
and has a range of 2.2 mi or 3.5 km. The RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
is a small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missile in use by U.S. Navy. It is a point-defense weapon against anti-ship
cruise missiles. It has a range 9 km or 5.6 mi and a max speed
of Mach 2. RAM intercepts the incoming missile. RIM-162A ESSM for anti-missile role with a
range of 31 miles or 50 km and speed of Mach 4 It can be quad packed in single Mk 41 cell. Soft kill approach includes expendable decoys
and as well as Electronic Warfare system. One of the main EW systems is the AN/SLQ-32
.It is deployed in almost all large US Navy surface combatants. The system has the ability to detect different
types of battlespace elements passively and can also direct electronic warfare like jamming attacks against targets radar and communication modules. AN/SLQ-59 is designed mainly by ITT Exilis
which is now L3Harris and developed as part of Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement
Program (SEWIP) It is a Transportable Electronic Warfare Module
or TEWM for short. As the name suggests, the system of this kind
is designed to be easily transportable. AN/SLQ-59 is modular and highly adaptable
and can be reconfigured to counter newly emerging threats. Its self contained, shock-resistant, weather-resistant
enclosure and can actually be moved from one warship to another if required. So, while AN/SLQ-32 is highly integrated,
AN/SLQ-59 is more of a plug-and-play system that can be attached to virtually any surface
combatants as per threat perception to improve its combat survivability. The capabilities of AN/SLQ-59 is kept classified
but is expected to have a significant improvement over the AN/SLQ-32. One of the major enhancement is that AN/SLQ-59
will have new ways to jam radars & communication components that are jam resistants. It is very important to note that the AN/SLQ-59
is deployed to the 7th fleet warships as Urgent Operational Need (UON). So, U.S Navy feel that 7th fleet face a genuine
threat and it needs to respond quickly. This indicated why the South China Sea is
considered to be one of the most dangerous flashpoints in the world. There is a reason for this. On December 20 last year, a high-profile Chinese
military commentator, Rear Admiral Lou Yuan during his speech in 2018 Military Industry
List summit told that disputes over the ownership of the East and South China Seas could be
resolved by sinking two US supercarriers. As reported by Taiwan’s Central News Agency,
he stated that China’s latest crop of anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles was capable
of sinking American supercarriers and fear of casualty will frighten America. He had said that the loss of one super carrier
would cost the US the lives of 5000 servicemen and women. Sinking two would double that toll. Admiral Lou was added, “What the United
States fears the most is taking casualties. We’ll see how frightened America is”. Military, as well as political voices in the
U.S, have pointed to Chinese provocations in the South China Sea. Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma
sometime back had raised serious apprehension about Chinese activities in the South China
Sea during a Senate hearing earlier this year. Inhofe said, “It’s like you’re preparing
for World War III. You’re talking to our allies over there
and you wonder whose side they’re going to be on.” Keeping in view all the aspect in view, it
can be is easily understood that China is trying to dominate the region and is actively
pursuing military options to achieve its goals. Slowly but surely, the South China Sea has
become a major escalation point and one day could trigger a full-scale military conflict
between two nuclear-armed nations.


  1. Taking your casualties, China needs to remember whose in the White House, An inept moron that has no concern for any KIA's or collateral damage. He doesn't even know what that is. So if China thinks you'll scare us Americans by sinking a couple carriers you're sadly mistaken, we have 12 more. You'll awake the sleeping giant once again, once the industrial machine came to life again in this country nothing can stop her. Not even your weak ass nukes. There's a reason we outspend the next 10 nations combined on military. China your so silly. Smoke a joint or something, relax.

  2. The only thing China is good at is just more talk, over and over. They had the chance to destroy U.S .forces in the past if they had the guts to do so. But the truth is they know better if they did, they will be crushed. Their tactic is clear which is they will provoke and instill their tactic slowly so as to not to look conspicuously. Meantime they will continue to brag and that's good for the U.S. because this way, U.S. will continue to upgrade their weapons to counter them.

  3. I pray China's not that stupid you're not going to get us to hide in the corner by punching is in the face…. Mama ain't raised be bitch…I believe Trump said it best FIRE AND FURY, THE LIKES OF WHICH THIS WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN

  4. Why would the Chinese go to war with America? Hell, they have outposts in every county in America. The outposts are called WALMART. So why would they Chinese destroy their own properties? They won't.

  5. Look, im down China has amy "support" XD fucking commies

    Marines: "we don't go because we have to, we go because we want to"

  6. Not no more the Chinese are at the last stage of building a deep blue fleet.
    Keep your eyes on China they want The Pacific.

  7. Sinking an American Carrier would be equivalent to bombing a city in the USA. There's no way on God's green earth , any American will let that go unanswered. China would be in a world of hurt.

  8. The US can destroy all of communist China's illegal artificially built islands in 15 minutes with just one Ohio class missile subs.

  9. We started a 20 yr war over 3000 people.. 2 carriers sinking and it would United us like many sad things have in our past and we would light China up like the 4th of July… see that is one thing this Admiral and the rest of the world doesnt understand.. we may fight amongst ourselves like right now but we will ALWAYS unite under fire and WE always prevail because we know what it means to fail so we CHOICE to fight every single time! They take a single sailors life and we will fight, that is who we are .. I love this nation..

  10. Americans are scared, worried, won't and don't want to fight back… Did not the Axis proclaim the same in the 40s? Have not the Russians and Chinese made the same claims since? We'll be your best friend, or worst enemy, your call.

  11. Strange how people forget about the attack on Pearl harbor and how it awakened the military beast of the U.S.A. China would taste the full military might of America!

  12. Why would China want to attack the US? Attacking countries is an American thing, not the Chinese or Russian or Iranian thing…Wtf? Yankee go home.

  13. Never forget president bill clinton allowed the loral corporation a to show china how to make their ballistic missless work. Now after a few million pieces of silver our enemies now have missile that can reach the united states and not blow up after launch. Hilary presided over uranium 1 which allowed Russia to take control of 25% of our uranium They are now multimillionaires living the good life . thanks bill and Hillary i am sure our enemies smile when they see our great leaders.

  14. It is very unlikely that a 1000lbs conventional warhead can sink a carrier, probably not even 4 of them. That said, all you have to do is damage the flight deck to the point it cannot launch or recover aircraft to take it out of the fight. Like wise steering and propulsion.

  15. That Admiral Lou is a mathematical genius! Man, when he came up with that quick calculation of how many American Sailors would die if 2 U.S. carriers were sunk instead of just one, my mind was totally blown!
    There's just no way the the U.S. can stand up against the mental prowess of the Chinese Military High Command.

  16. As a true Murican, I will feel secure and safe only when everybody else is destroyed. I don't trust any of our "allies" such as Western Europe or Australia, Japan, South Korea. Our only true friend is Putin and his country which is currently China. Trump and Putin forever!

  17. Your repetiveness of these systems is a real pain in the arse. Less than a quarter of the video relates to the title subject. Stop treating your viewers as dumb idiots

  18. what the hell are those YJ missiles such a treat if the US carriers are more the 500 miles offshore anyway and any ICBM will be meet with the very same response from a couple US missile subs targeting downtown Ping Pong:)

  19. We're in a different time now. This isn't 1914 or 1939. Any large scale war between countries like China and US could risk a dangerous escalation that would impact citizens.

    We have a different perspective because we've been separated from the real devastating effects of war. Only soldiers can truly know it.

    With the technology of today, massive damage can be done that hits home, either physical damage or economic.

    We have to change the way we think. We have to evolve intellectually to avoid risking destroying the prosperity we have created.

    Only a fool would risk taking steps back. Communication and collaboration should take priority over pride and chest-beating. Otherwise, with the military power of today, HUGE loss is imminent to an extent that will make WWII look like a football game.

  20. Even if chineese sink a carrier and take SCS they will be blocked from Pacific and Indian ocean where they don't have home field advantage

  21. Gee now… i do realize most of the people in China at this age have very little schooling… (due to the Cultural War… all schools including elementary, middle, high and college/trade schools were were shut down for a bit over 10 years… it is could be understandable that this guy doesn't know much about history… but it might behoove him to at least read something about Saddam Hussein and a number of other notable historical leaders who based their strategy on the premise that the US cannot deal with having many casualties… so they might bluff they will attack… but they won't… you could even attempt to get some helpful pointers from Saddam… ooops, what a dolt.. what was I thinking… that's right… Saddam somehow got arrested and killed by those 'imaginary' US troops that would never go to war because their fear of casualties… hummm… maybe don't need to read a a long book about it… the news headlines from back then alone should give you a good indication of how successful your strategic thinking is… good luck with that.

  22. My dad was a Commander reporting to the Admiral of the 7th Fleet (fleet operations and planning) when it was in Naples, I would hope China would not try to do such a thing. To sink a super carrier unprovoked would be tatmount to Pearl Harbor all over again. Pray that such foolish talk is only foolish talk and not ignorance of the might of a super carrier group and especially the nation which stands behind her. Stand tall 7th Fleet we are behind you.

  23. America, speak softly and carry a big stick. Do not provoke with words and continue to patrol the S China sea. No backing down to anyone, period.

  24. Umm errrrr ughhh, I'll just STFU on the technical points… The Navy has screwed the pooch by not putting AN/SLQ-32 V3 (or a modern equivalent ESM/ECM system) on all of its DDG's!!! The Navy brass doesn't know/understand EW well enough and lessons learned (cough, gasp, ackkk, can u say: USS Stark, HMS Sheffield, Atlantic Conveyor) are all too quickly forgotten when new budgets come out. Like the SLQ-32 V5 (aka Sidekick) was before, the SEWIP appears to be a band-aid (I hope it's a good 1!!!). To bad the Office of No Results squandered so much money on their pet AIEWS project, the lies they told and the money they wasted (I guess their brothers-in-laws got rich). My former EW brothers have moved on and are now CTR's, well whatever you're called now I hope you guys have the tools you need to cover your ass and those of your shipmates!!!

  25. This kind of talk of sinking a US carrier from the so called Chinese military commentator is nothing short of reckless and short
    sighted. Sure America cares about it's troops that why they are the best equip, trained and fed of any military in the world. I sense
    a touch of jealousy by this Chinese commentator by even thinking he'd like to know how afraid the Americans are. If the seventh
    fleet passing through the South China sea is a sign of fear, what does he think a fearless US Navy looks like? Is he an idiot?

  26. That's what Japan thought in 2nd WW. Americans cant take casualties.

    These Chinese assholes eat dogs and their brain also becomes like dog.

    All technonology all wealth China has is by stealing from USA.

    Today that option has gone. USA will keep on improving its technology now China technology will become obsolete within 10 years.

    If USA stop trade with China it will be finished in 5 years.

  27. Sinking an American aircraft carrier would mean the beginning of a nuclear war. That is sure. If you mess with a country that has thousands of atomic bombs like the USA, you know they will answer you. So the Chinese will do very well to think twice before doing so. That is if they can really do it. I think there is a lot of propaganda about the capabilities of those missiles.

  28. Just stick AEW on a Sea King helicopter, that's what we done in the Falklands War but it didn't work out to our best advantage.

  29. I really hope the Chinese don't believe ,we/the USA are afraid of taking casualties !!! To defend Our interest!

    Because we will eliminate the Chinese navy and airForce then we will blockade exports and imports until their economy collapses!!

    Japan in 1941,thought the attack on Pearl Harbor would demoralize US!!! It enraged US!!

  30. if Chiana is so tough,why don't they retake Taiwan???? 🙂

    Because it will be like shooting fish in a Barrel!!
    Get sum!!! 🙂

  31. Hey as someone in the Navy MC community, thanks for including photo creds. The best high quality photos come from DVIDS and!

  32. You guys do a terrible job with Chinese names. Specifically place names and people's names. I like you videos, so I'd be happy to help with pronunciation if you want to pm names used in future videos.

  33. we will see how afraid admiral yuan is when B2 bombers fly in and destroy all of his communication assets and command bunkers.

  34. Again, in previous episodes, you have said these hypersonic missiles create a plasma cloud around the missile. That's a 2 way blind. The missile can't see where it's going.

  35. The Chinese are very shrewd and long-term planning. The one thing that they never counted on….Trump. Man, did that ever throw a wrench into the works.

  36. Yiu better go to russian border an tested yor new wf or near to syria baltic etc china is not your favorite change the player and god helo to america i he wonted

  37. consdiering the chinese in all out war are willing to send hundreds of thousands to die like they did in korea, they would have plenty of kamikzaee pilots flying stealth missiles smallerthan amig 21 with atleast 1 ton warhead that cannot be fooled by electronics and will be hard to detect, fly super sonic, fly low,

  38. If the PRC ever sunk a Navy carrier, the Navy would be keep all remaining carriers as far away from China as possible.  The US military is way too scared of taking losses.

  39. If Lou Yuan sank two of our ships, millions of American citizens would immediately enlist just for the small chance of being the first one to buttfuck his smoldering corpse.

  40. They can try but America is well prepared history tells us not not to mess with America and it’s allies they will end up a loser at the end of history.america is the only country fought two wars at the same time and won.china better think twice.

  41. I say again, can you remove the distracting sound effects or music you have playing in the background as you're talking? You say you take critiques from your subscribers seriously, so please do so.


  43. Well I hope the new EW suite does the job right the first time- remember when State Department thought their embassy in South Korea was safe when Dear Leader Rocketman hacked in or the mega hack of the SSN of federal employees chief suspect China! Different platforms but it does show us our potential enemies capabilities

  44. Chinese admiral is delusional and his strategy will only endanger his own innocent countrymen. His suicide plan to sink 2 US carriers to scare Americans from interfering and from further action will prove disastrous having a total opposite effect making America that was divided a total united society motivated by the enemies underestimation which forces the most experienced and most advanced military power on Earth to focus all attention on only one enemy instead of the usual many enemies in many different places in the world. Making America far more deadly than it already is,
    but with a blood lust as a country sick of being fucked with,
    that won't sit by next time and play victims witnessing 9/11 style hits. Just because Americans cherish life will prove foolish thinking there's a fear of losing it.
    Outcome of Chinese aggression, underestimation, and stupid theory of fear of losing lives will only produce a response that would make the pearl harbor revenge look like kids at play.
    Cause and effect,
    World ending potential…,
    Signs point to yes.
    Calculating PLA initiating suprise military offensive against US military
    Probability of PLA initial battle victory…, Likely,
    Most likely outcome of full confrontations of the 2 militarys of non nuclear war,
    very highly likely producing PLA demise, US victory..,
    almost certain
    2 countries non nuclear war adding allies….,
    PLA and allies demise inevitable
    US and allies victory guaranteed
    Nuclear exchanges between China and USA, end of world…, Likely
    Total annihilation of china….100%
    Total annihilation of America…. Highly unlikely.
    Conclusion- any Chinese military action against USA= biggest mistake in the history of PLA resulting in reducing chinas total military strength back to 1920 era
    assuming of course they are allowed to exist at all

  45. let's just say China managed to sink 2 US carriers with it 10k plus casualties, do you honestly think that the rest of the Americans would just cry and ask for a peace treaty or concessions?? haha.. how much more the rest of the world?? btw, im not an american..

  46. FFS give one of your allied nation full equipment and gear and they would win a war for you. I'm talking about the Philippines, their armed forces have shit gear but they have the most experienced soldiers in all Asia.

  47. China claims most of the south china sea? The united states of america claims the whole world even the SPACE, MOON and MARS!

  48. It’s all very simple, attack the USA and the entire world would attack China. Then quick starvation would ensure their unconditional surrender. Finally the deployment of Rods of God would surgically target and remove all threats. China would be wise to pursue other ambitions.

  49. Go ahead and sink a U.S. Carrier. Go ahead and start world war 3. The entire earth will be destroyed. That's what would happen, because if China sinks a carrier (and that's assuming they can actually do it) you already know what the U.S. would do in response. Yea you have these oh so super scary anti ship missiles, go ahead and use them. See what happens after that.

  50. Send an envoy to quietly tell them to stop wasting money on building fake islands on top of sand bars in the S. China Sea because if a conflict starts the first thing we will do is nuke all of them into a big hole in the water before we send in a carrier group

  51. Let's Wipeout all the Chinese Communist Pirates , Bandits and Crows as well as the Chinazi Forces ….

    Stop the Spreading of Chinazism ….

  52. To bad china didn't realize is that it's not that we fear taking causality, we just dont like too, specially for a reason people dont agree on. But sinking a carrier or 2 would definitely give a reason for us to take causality. Were not like the Chinese or old Japanese way just by throwing all there men to certain death just to gain nothing and do it again. We usually take the approach that gives us the most kills per dealth.

  53. This has with a MAJOR failure in Obamas China strategy. He said that a strong China is in everybody’s interest. We rip the results of that policy now. He has been way too naive…

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