Army Conditioning Workout – Old School Calisthenics

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I challenged myself with an enormous volume for pull-ups and push-ups So today because this routine is also part of my full week of training The playlist which by the way can be found on my channels feed I will complete a military-style workout consisting of pull-ups and push-ups in the army They put a lot of emphasize on conditioning training. It makes sense They need it the most and that is why you will often see them performing high-volume calisthenics meaning hundreds of reps Done in a silk weight or in a pyramid weight while this is great to develop muscle definition With a high intensity and a short pause. It is also great for overall endurance, but especially for muscular endurance Therefore in this video you will see be performing a pyramid style workout I firstly begin with two ups with the purpose of completing 225 reps and only after I move to push-ups I don’t count the break time, but it matters how long it will take me to the end of it the routine starts with one set of one Pula it continues with the second set of two reps the third set of three reps and Up until I reach the last set of fifteen reps, then I come back to 14 reps One set after another until I reach the last one of a single repetition in total 225 pull-ups, I will show you how to handle this kind of volume Impossible to do it’s a lot of struggle for me too because I am used to be doing volumes of 100 pull-ups And now I have to do more than double. Therefore stay tuned You’ll learn a lot from this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel also I have plenty of similar routines all basic and from developing a muscular body or endurance with Calisthenics in my program it is called high volume calisthenics workouts and the link is down below in the description I Already feel a nice pump Hello guys now the next one Here is the challenge the 14 reps the 15 and then again 14 13 12 11 and 10 reps 13 have two more. It’s alright We have some fun too. Oh now I have to do 14 rats. I’m gonna change the grip I can’t do regular plots anymore for hypertrophy. Usually it’s enough to do 100 even 80 blocks per workout however to truly gain some muscle definition You have to push it there further so go beyond your level if you can only boost 18 reps in a workout or 100 reps in a workout it is okay to pursue that Almost every time highly recommend you to try and double the amount of reps even if you rest more even if you Break them in more sets which doesn’t really matter Just try to push yourself and see how you feel if you enjoy it then Integrate it into your weekly training keep the form correctly for as much as possible, but don’t get used to it Okay, if you will change and do classic sets and reps pay attention to the forms like to Whitman 100% is correct this workout Or advance but only because they are Consisted in many and many reps otherwise, it is pretty basic really easy You can adapt it and do it likewise. I Barely did the first 8 reps. It was already hard at fights now I have to do five more Is this making me look bad he is performing a lot better right now than me Yeah, this motherfucker right here Yes, yes, yes he finally collapses I Cannot consider this Apple rap Didn’t do a volume like this in a very long time Otherwise, I would build it up a bit get the volume of 115 then 200 not directly from 100 to 225 it’s pretty insane for me, but if you can do it perfume Now I have to do 10 reps More after five minutes what Hey one more by the way, I he’s got One more ah, come on it hurts so much At this stage, it feels like I have the strength to pull for three reps But then all of a sudden I perhaps and this is the fatigue I must tell you this and I think you know already if you have to create general muscle fatigue the main issue with this sort of training is That you can’t not overload workout after workout after workout in essence the high volume training works perfectly for building a great body you Can’t hold on it all over again So after a week where you overload it? Then it comes a week when you have to be load and do something more relaxing when I was in my early 20s I would recover a little faster from a workout like this so I go get a massage Roll with a massage roller and stuff like that. It’s like this Go up you’re trained highly and then you go back down It doesn’t matter even if you still want to keep up with the same volume You can’t at some point your but your body would definitely not let you do it 1 1 hour and 35 minutes. Let’s go And We kept it so far. All right nice and smoothly Now it’s becoming tough Lister, but you can see that even though we did 225 pull-ups How smoothly we can push up Push ups do to build a big chest You have to push it a lot to do hundreds of reps each week and to eat a lot I guess you can develop the chest up to its potential Pretty nicely with push-ups maybe weighted push-ups dips. Did you subscribe to my channel? I Tend not to believe him Push-ups and pull-ups are very different exercises if we compare them by intensity Thus I think I did a mistake and I should have doubled the amount of repetitions For food for push-ups in order to fill them as intense as I felt the full ups If you can also execute push-ups so flawlessly like I do then maybe you should double the amount of reps No problem, even if this workout it will take you a lot of time I skipped a lot of sets in this video because I don’t want to make it way too longer than it should be I basically Was able to execute every set without any problem, even if I did 225 pull-ups before But trust me that was more than enough For me to Haley Hill this workout have my muscles very sore Days after I’ve done it What this shit good job One hour and 50 minutes. Leave me a feedback. Try this routine. I actually challenge you Smash the subscribe button and stay tuned because I’m gonna upload the next routine for you

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