Army’s New Hair Rules – Awkward Or Straight Up Racist?

Army’s New Hair Rules – Awkward Or Straight Up Racist?

the army is getting a little heat after
they passed a regulation that they refer to as army regulation 671 6870 dash one and what it does is it has very specific guidelines on grooming
for female soldiers now this really impact block soldiers to
be completely honest with you because they’re very specific that they do not
want twists dreadlocks multiple braids or cornrows bigger than a quarter-inch so a lot of
women who wear their natural hair feel that they are being targeted for this
and of course they passed out up photos showing what is and is not
acceptable for their hairstyles I like how they through
Noye girl there I think on the left like yeah
as one but let’s keep it real those who were
referring to but OK I so what’s their official issues they
always have a reason yes they can’t just say yeah I like the
way by people are wearing their hair yeah well I’m a a lieutenant-colonel by
then ima Justin Platt says the requirement for hair grooming standards
is necessary to maintain uniformity they’re obsessed with that %uh and also with the military
population many hairstyles are acceptable as long as they are in need and conservative in addition headgear is
expected to fit snugly and comfortably without Bowl Jing or distortion from the
intended shape the headgear without excessive gaps look that my partly explain the
dreadlocks but corn rows are very neat I mean that’s kinda the point is a
namely aa anyone would think that might actually fit better under a helmet so that seemed a little
gratuitous in there so I’m not sure they’re buying because my part of the problem why I
would be good for fit for the military absolute because at because I have too many corn rose but know because the the uniformity they
want everybody to be like this same exact expendable robot right and but I know
there’s a need for it and some people load that lifestyle et cetera but I
don’t want to be like everybody else said I don’t want my hair to look like
everybody else is in everything I do to be there identical
words it’s not for me yeah and it’s just it’s just an awkward
up regulation to put in place especially
because corn rows are need right and i think that it kind of puts
this pressure on black female soldiers to straighten
their hair to chemically treat their hair so it is uniform to other soldiers they
don’t have the same texture and I think about the really unfair
standard for them to put their army if they can you know point to specific
cases will be specific hairstyles actually
lead to problems within the military they were having a conversation but they
fail to do that and I think that when you don’t give
concrete reasons for why you’re passing the type to regulations people start to
question it is it racially biased why does make you uncomfortable why don’t
you like it give me some examples and then we’re
having a conversation he is so I would give course the military more leeway raid to determine word make sense in
whether it’s in combat or just simply for order within the ranks as I just stated I’m not that kinda
person but somebody’s got to do that and I understand that so for example like in football if it
read like the cum outta the helmet I’m always thinking that they’re
opponents are gonna grab those in tackling I with it and it seems like a
disadvantage that if we’re still doing hand to hand
combat okay that could be an issue but we’re not we you know we do drones will be due all
this kinda combat where you hardly you know see the person let alone
an opportune to grab someone before they stab you with their musket rip a up but to get the military such as
word about combat they’re also worried about how people look in that uniform
appearance so big I could understand it was just
red locks but it seems like the pic all the hair
styles that black people use where they were messy or not messy
unjust world ima yeah


  1. Well to be fair, they could just have just demanded that everyone wear the most utilitarian hairstyle; bold.

  2. Maybe they could shave their head…OH WAIT, a woman isn't even ALLOWED to shave their head. They can't even have it buzzed. It has to be at least a certain length. What a load of crap.

  3. The dangers of naturally African hairstyles, make them illegal! These new rules aren't racist, they're umm… okay they're pretty damn racist.

  4. When I enlisted in '84 the uniformity was a bald head….almost. They should shave everybodies head, black, white, hispanic, male or female, and be done with it. No race card then. Just a plattoon full of litle round brussel sprouts!!! They need to make it uniform across the board. No modified push ups, sit ups, etc….. A soldier thru and thru.

  5. Yeah it is unfair that some people will have to put chemicals into their hair. If the rules are gonna be like that then surely everyone should just shave their heads. Then you've got total equality. But they won't do that because a lot of white women will feel like they are being forced to completely destroy their identity…. Exactly what is happening to those black women with natural hair.

  6. Black people don't belong in the U.S. military. It's not your country, never was, never will be. This is our situation.

  7. There is a percentage of white men that are ignorant, arrogant, and angry. They will never understand or attempt to understand anything outside of their tiny world. The only way things will change is when they are gone and their descendants are brown, which will happen in 3 more generations.

  8. The response about how they want everyone to look the same. That's not possible. we have different skin colors and different hair colors and eye colors. Now wouldn't it be ridiculous to expect people to change those physical features? Buts its okay to expect people to change the natural texture of their hair? and why is it from curly to straight? if they want hair uniformity why not straight to curly?

  9. So I guess that means if you have an afro you can't be in the military. Have to either cut your hair or perm it white.

  10. And if you're going for uniformity, why can't everyone have to wear dreadlocks? And is uniformity really conducive to solidarity or is it conducive to blind obedience? I didn't think we were running a fascist state here. Scary.

  11. One of the main real reasons why certain hairstyles are discouraged is because of gas masks. The way these masks fit and ensure a good seal is by having a wide band of rubber that fits snugly against the scalp. Any amount of hair will interfere with this seal but certain hair styles or a large amount of hair can make the problem much worse. An incredibly tiny amount of some weapons can result in death in seconds – far less than a single drop. Any air gap created by the hairstyle is a potentially serious hazard. These weapons are still being stockpiled and used in the world so are still a serious threat. Some of the design features of gas masks is information that the military would prefer not to discuss so they have to provide other reasons or remain vague.

  12. I dont get why this should be racist. Is it only adressed to blacks in the US-army ?
    I ve been a soldier myself and met many soldiers from around the world and I cant remember any army which doesnt have rules about hair style.The French got them, the Brits, the Germans, the Polish and so on. If you voluntary join the army you accept the rules. Thats the deal most jobs got regulations. I dont realy see the diffrence. And since its addressed to everyone I wouldnt call it racist.

  13. Alright, after 4 min on google, I think I know the answer, it appears cornrows are susceptible to, and I quote directly from wiki:
    "Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia, or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair."

    Headgear. Compressive safety helmets worn tightly and closely to the scalp are a cause of traction alopecia. The lining of tightly fitted safety helmets like those worn for activities such as motorcycling, cycling, skiing and snowboarding are responsible for the constant rubbing and tugging of localised areas of the hair and scalp. Frequent wearers or those who use such helmets for prolonged periods seem more likely to suffer traction alopecia."
    So having a haircut like that might actually cost you your hair in a helmet.

    Plus it only makes sense for the military to advocate for low-maintenance haircuts from a field view.

    Are they racist for trying to avoid hair loss on people now too?

  14. If women want to join the military, then they should have the same rules as the men when they join. The men have to shave their heads but the women do not. Talk about a double standard!

  15. well if you want them to be uniform then all white must have a blond hair.and for those white fox agitating for us to go back to africa,you too must go back to europe and live us with our african resources .then we will see who is going to suffer

  16. I wish I could be more sympathetic to this, but in this instance I don't see the problem. Anyone who's been in the military knows that we give up tons of our civil rights when we join. We are told where to be, what to wear, when to talk, when not to talk, and that your superior is always right (until proven otherwise), it just comes with the job. It was for this reason (among many others) that I served my time, and then left. If people don't like the regulations, serve your time, and become a civilian again. But don't expect the military to accommodate your every want and desire.

  17. Oh, wah wah wah. You wanted equality? You wanted in the military? You want to be a first-line combatant? Then shave your head LIKE ALL THE MEN HAVE TO, and stop acting like a prissy bitch. If you can manage that, then and ONLY THEN should you be considered for a combat role.
    Jesus, you're all so desperate to prove that you're every bit as tough as the men and yet you still cry & whine about to your hair.

  18. Omg stfu the army is not being racist this is haircut regulations you dont like dont fucking join and if you are already in it the tough shit butter cup get used to it the hair cuts the army gets is for the head gear to fit properly you don't need to look beautiful for war or whatever MOS you have chosen

  19. My jrotc teacher told me today that my natural hair is too unkept to be worn with the uniform. That total bullshit. My hair is kinky and maintained. It doesn't touch my collar or make anything I do more difficult. Just this hair type is foreign doesn't make it unkept.
    Dreads, twist, cornrows? It's obvious who this is for…

  20. I think whats more of the problem is they have to cut it off or perm it in order to keep it.
    I am sure there are ways to keep it though if there are women posting on youtube with the subject. P.S!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/image.jpg

  21. The reason they go with little to no hair is that, during WW1, hair made infections, insects and gas attacks much worse.

    Also, they don't want robots; they want killers!  Get your Full Metal Jacket facts straight!

  22. It's a cultrual attack. We know there hair is different from the rest of us I don't care if they braid it to look better.

  23. they talk about uniformity as a bad thing but it is one of the most important parts of the military. You are not taught to fight for yourself as much as for your fellow soldiers, part of that is the uniform.

  24. Just as the sissy who says that he'll join the army on his terms, he'll come to training, but he won't shave his hair, his loong rebellious curls, and he'll only wear tight, $300 jeans and cowboy boots.

    And the Army will tell him he'll either come under, or he'll go out – No sissies.
    Too many of you rebellious self-willed liberals and women in the military as it is.

  25. The military doesn't have time to piss around with petty bullshit like racism. The men and women in our military don't care for such things. They are all brothers and sisters, color and gender is the lease of their concern.

  26. Don't like being told to cut your hair a certain way? Have your feelings easily hurt? Don't join the army. It's the army. Your individuality has no value when it's life and death fighting for your country.

  27. This is why most black women don't wear their natural hair……but why cornrows are not allowed it makes the hair more manageable an out of the way either that or just shave all the women hair off

  28. How many hair styles can a males, or fake the sake of the argument, black males have in the Army? Not many regardless of color/race… just saying…

  29. Why is it that black peoples hair is always marked as unkept or unprofessional and just by the color of our skin we're looked down upon as if we're aliens, and titled as ghetto or uneducated. The guy who wrote "I swear the word yellow could offend these people." He really just pissed me off tbh. "These people"? This is the way we are born why does it bother you! There's no proof as to why we can't wear cornrows, what do you expect us to do with our hair, ESPECIALLY if it's short and can't go in a bun in the back of our neck? You want us to shave it ? No.

  30. Military all over the world require dress codes. uniformity has much more reasons than to look the same. Headdress must fit neatly. I think young Turks are way off their field……

  31. Girls are just lucky to not have to shave it all off. If you join the army you agree to be uniform. It's a big part because without unison the army cNt function right

  32. "They're obsessed with uniformity" it's the military you colossal moron. their is a point to everyone looking the same.

  33. This isn’t an issue. The military is supposed to uniform. That’s the point. Standing out as an individual shouldn’t be the priority. Serving your country should.

  34. You want to join the army…and style your hair however you want?
    Do you also want to wear whatever clothes you want?
    Maybe get out of bed when you feel like it?
    Maybe not have to fight anyone?
    Do these people know what an army is?

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