1. this helps I'm 15 and a lot of my family has been engaged in military affairs and I'm deciding whether or not I should join. I want to be the best I can be for my country. these videos r really helping me get over A LOT of cons I had about joining the military.

  2. @ Howcast: do females have to get their hair cut before basic training or can they have it long but pull it back into a bun?

  3. i kno some females have their hair short. but regulations and everything have changed dramatically. so i was asking howcast. girls regs are different than guys.

  4. ohh really? i hope so. cus im enlisted in the army. and i mean if i have to get it chopped off theres no question but id rather have my hair long. soo hopefully thats true.

  5. Gah. Stupid phone. I'm androgynous with an ever changing gender identity (its usually gender neutral but sometimes changes) its much less stressful to just have the gender neutral hair and clothes than change it. I really disl

  6. I really dislike that my fucking uterus defines how many push-ups I can do and prevent me from getting the hair cut most recruits get. I'm not a fan of shaved head but if its required it should be for all or none, but its not even an option for me because of a uterus?

  7. I don't generally support the military but I don't dislike national guard since they do more good than bad. I'm thinking of joining because I have family in ok, dc, ca, mi, wy, and Canada and I want to be a medical doctor

  8. Um so what if you are already bald??? Believe me I'd rather not be, but genetically my baldness started to happen from age 16 on..I have very little on top so I keep it shaved close anyway…I dont see it fair that you could be "recycled" as the guy said based on that…

  9. I want to be in the military. im a female. why can't i have my head shaved? I would actually prefer it. I want to be treated as equal to men, so why not? If it doesn't matter what your hair looks like.

  10. exactly! If im going into the military and it's required for the men to have shaved heads shouldn't we at least get an option? I would tell them to shave it all off. Isn't that what we're working towards? Women's equality in the military? Im right with ya.

  11. "Also, women, don't shave your head like the style of a men's haircut; that's actually considered a FAD and is not allowed in the military."

    Women shaving their heads right now is a fad, just as men getting their ears pierced, wearing skinny jeans, or coloring their hair is currently a fad. Quit complaining. Plus, why does having a penis disqualify me from growing my hair out, having it cut to a certain length, and then fashioning it into a bun at all times? What about gender equality???

  12. if you wanna be treated "equal" so bad how about you try and reach the same physical requirements that men have to during PRT and fight for the access to combat zones as a women?stop bitching about something that isnt important,its a hair cut.

  13. So if I were to have chest length hair and I'm getting ready for Basic Training, can I keep my hair length if I'm able to put it in a bun, do I still have to cut it?

  14. Ok, I KNOW the Navy cuts male and female. If a females hair is over her colar they're chopping it. But I've been told that all other branches will not cut a female recruits hair if it is pulled back and secured into a bun.

  15. @Natalie Grays
    …That's not at all what he said. He said that you'll get a hard-time for it. Having hair like a guy doesn't mean you won't get accepted. It's useful to listen to the entirety of the message rather than just a short bit…

  16. Do they care about dandruff? Mine is not bad at all and hardly noticeable but I don't want someone accusing me of having psoriasis because of a dry scalp.

  17. Has anybody realized that he has the 1st Marine Division patch on his right arm? But yet your wearing an Army uniform, like dude wtf get your branches right. #stolenvalor

  18. so if my barber cuts my hair the day before I leave it will get recycled?? I am particular about my hair and who cuts it. I don't want my hairline all messed up because they don't trim it or even have them cut against the grains of my hairstyle.

  19. Sooo women in the Military don't have to shave their heads and get to do less push-ups …. yeeee oki same pay check tho right?

  20. I think that soldiers don't have to cut there hair! Or put it in a neat style! Like ponytail or anything. They can have whatever hairstyle they want

  21. Bs honestly.

    I don't see a problem with a man bun if women are allowed to keep their hair. Sexist standards.

  22. Beat advice was at the end of the video. "Just get your haircut, get yelled at by your drill sergeant and walk through graduation"

  23. Why can't a woman in the military get a mens haircut? It seems like that would be more practical, I am surprised and confused. Somebody explain please!

  24. My waves are going by by idgaf im doung it before i go even if i get in trouble im not going to regret and be depressed

  25. Why don't women get their hair shaved like men? And why can't men shave their head? I've always shaved my head and used to consider the military for a while.

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