What’s up guys so for today’s video we’re gonna be talking about some of the benefits of joining the military which I like talking about this especially for people that are experienced and are thinking about joining the military and Yeah, just like talking about all the benefits because there are so much benefits if you are Jordan and military but for my videos I’ll be talking about the Navy perspective since I Am in the Navy so I’ll be talking about more in the Navy and we’re gonna start after this intro What’s up guys gonna be here and for today’s video like I said we’re gonna be talking about this is gonna be like the first part because I’ll try to make two parts of The benefits of being in the military and it’s the part one So we’ll get started. Alright, my first one is pretty much consistent paycheck I can actually talk about this a lot because I like this part because you know Like military people if you’re in the military, it doesn’t matter what branch you actually get paid twice a month Which is you get it on the first and also under fifteenth of everyone so you pretty much don’t need to worry about you know, like getting a second job or something like that to actually, you know put Both to have both end meet something like that. I’m not really sure But yeah, you get it first you get paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month So if you sign up in the in the military for your next four or five years then expect that you are gonna be getting a paycheck every 1st and 15th of every month, so That’s pretty cool on my second of the list is pretty much paid vacation every year to actually give us 30 days Freely and during those 30 days. We actually are getting paid every month. The military gives us 2.5 worth of paid leave then you can you know that you can put them all together and then just go on leave all together like for me Britney, for example cuz I joined the Navy I’ve been going home for Christmas and I usually go home from like 24 or 25 days or even like I usually they extend it all the way to 29 days and During those 29 days that I am back with my family I’m actually still getting paid so I don’t really need to use my money like, you know, like I don’t really need to use the savings that I have and I can just use the money that the military still are still giving me and I’m still getting paid because I you know, we just like read I said consistent paycheck. I’m still getting paid on the 1st And the 15th every month and on top of that I am on leave some with family members and stuff like that And I’m still getting paid Everyone is pretty much the medical dental and life insurance for medical and dental I like it because you know if it’s one of those times that Not gonna do wood that there’s something that happens to you Um while you are at work, then you can just go to medical or like if it’s a dental emergency You can just go to my floor dental and they will take care of your right away And you don’t need to pay for it because you are you I mean you don’t need to pay for it upfront because did you know there are taking it away from your monthly paycheck already and It doesn’t matter what kind of like medical stuff it is or it doesn’t matter what kind of dental stuff it is And it’s still gonna take care of you. And then the other thing is of course life insurance life insurance. It’s one of those again Knock on door. Would that something happens to you during work and you know life insurance? That means I think the the military gives you up on up to like four hundred thousand dollars and then it’s gonna go to your next of kin and you Something happen to you while you are working or something like that. I mean third benefit already So next thing is very much traveling. If you are one of those people that you know, you got lucky to be stationed let’s just let’s start with like with the states or if you are from the West Coast and you got stationed in the East Coast then it’s still pretty cool because You get to see like places that you haven’t been into or if you actually got more luck here and you actually got stationed overseas Let’s say Japan Europe Spain It doesn’t matter where that is way cooler because I actually get to see the diversity of those countries their traditions The food you’re traveling and also if you are if you got lucky to be in the ship I’m not sure some people would say the ship is lucky but I like being in a ship so I’m gonna add it out there If you are in the ship and you go to like all this liberty if you if your ship goes to you know like if they actually deploy and they go to like all this Liberty ports like for me I was able to Go to Thailand p.i. Singapore. You name it mostly of the Southeast Asian countries. I probably have been there so it’s pretty cool like and you actually see all those like I said, you see their tradition you get their food and It’s just pretty cool because it’s so you’ll see like the other side of the world so it’s pretty cool like this one of like one of the most best like benefits that the military can actually give you my very lastest of course independence why I mean about this especially if you this is for my younger folks that are joining right out of high school being independent because You are gonna be away from family. I mean, you still get contact with them Ask them some questions or advices and help But pretty much being in the military it give I don’t know for me It gives me to independence actually be on my own. I’ll be I’m the one, you know, I’m getting paid for myself I’ll be the one buying my own food paying my own bills all of those but that yeah I should meet learn That the high school didn’t really you know The editor really like teach you those kind of stuff but in the military, you will learn how to be independent You will learn how to be what I mean about this is being in the military is a team work But you know on the personal level you are gonna be in depend in a way that you need to be and paddled So for my younger folks if you are thinking about joining the military do it because it will I don’t know for me it Taught me a lot of things. All right, so that’s the recap for today’s video. So first of all, this is of course consistent pay check that is divine Number two is of course paid vacation Which is thirty days and a year and two point five every month and guess what? You’re still getting paid It’s a freaking paid vacation. Number three is of course insurance your medical or dental your life insurance We got you your our government prop. I don’t want to see government property. But you know like you are a part of the government So the government got your back next thing is of course Traveling and my very very last form which I like the most as well is to be independent So hopefully this video is informative for especially for my younger folks out there and I’ll be making more of this kind of videos and hopefully We’ll see you guys on my next video If you have some questions Our comments are going to stir this Put it down in the comment section below and I will try to answer it as fast as I can And I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye


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