1. I feel like Bernies achievement was totally brushed over on this, Bernie is leading put some time and respect to that don't brush it aside and talk about Pete and Yang 😡

  2. Having a sick, poorly educated, chronically indebted, burned-out citizenry that can't afford a kid, much less kids, is not good for the nation. This is in response to all the "Don't get sick/go to college/buy a house or ESPECIALLY have a kid if you can't afford it" crowd who apparently expects at least half of Americans to live like monks and nuns for life, only with roommates so they can afford the rent.

  3. Stephen needs to call out the two Democrats voting against the impeachment, basically the Constitution because their constituents are mostly MAGA people. They are just as bad as the rePUKElicans who are ignoring the Constitution over their own political career $$$


  4. Send him "back to the golf course?" Seriously, has he left it??? It would be nice if we could stop paying so much for the planes, limos, secret service agent golf carts, etcetera, etcetera… This presidents extra curriculars are bleeding us dry!

  5. We have to be careful that the next president we vote in is normal and not going around squirting creme into men's mouths or anyone's mouths. That is not appropriate behavior. Let's not go down the trump road again be it d or r!

  6. Sorry, Yang looks like an immature middle school kid. We already have a "president" with no political experience making a fool of himself on the world stage.
    We need to dig ourselves out of this hole, not go in deeper. Hard pass on this idiot.

  7. Have you felt it? Bernie leads with college students -> college students aren't serious
    Bernie now leads in California so would Colbert say: Califorrnians aren't serious?

  8. LOL Who cares if the whipped cream thing is supposedly a NH "tradition" – Jaysus, did his team not even remotely think, hey maybe we should reconsider if we want a photo op of Yang that people are going to totally end up photoshopping into him holding his cock and filling young college guys' mouths full "cream" going around the internet during his presidential campaign? Come ON! This is what PR bloody people are PAID to AVOID. facepalm

  9. I think it would been fantastic if Zach Graumann had just tapped Yang on the shoulder cuz he thought he was next. 🙂

  10. Wow, Trump is at 17.3% and has only lost votes from previously by 0.1% which is I think the lowest decrease. I am really surprised and confused why he is still a substantial contender even in the wake of the impeachment. Makes me worry for America that he might actually win another term.

  11. I'm a college student and it's not surprising to me. I think my generation can detect BS miles away. That's why Warren, Bootyjudge and other folks don't get our votes, but Bernie does

  12. It's almost like educated people actually care about policy and can see right through Platitude Pete's bull shit. #Bernie2020

  13. Yang is absolutely my first pick, but I'll take Bernie too. The whipped cream thing is just funny. No idea what prompted it but it makes me laugh :p #Yang2020 #BigCoatGuy2020

  14. delete my comments cause its the truth. cant handle the truth get out the kitchen . 80% of you voted trump now your all voting for more idiots. yaaaaaAAAayyyyy. 80% of the country need to pull their heads out of that dark place and take a deep old breathe.

  15. Im so over with talk about politics. 3 years is quite enough. Can we go back to having Colbert going ‘undercover’ with pubic, and we can have a break and a great laugh? Colbert is fantastic with these, love them!

  16. Whoever wins the INDEPENDENTS has a CHANCE at beating Donald Trump….America is not ready for socialism (whether you believe it works or not) yet. Bernie and Warren are not going to win the independents. Yang actually has a chance at it…..Democrats, choose wisely

  17. I guess it's a retirement home election for the most part.  I think I'll bet on the young smart Asian. Just to piss off the fanatics and racists. Besides…polls are by trolls. Their policies obviously don't mean a thing to those groups.

  18. Yang is the only one even taking about doing UBI which is inevitable in order to transit to a RBE. Please check out this and more with The Venus Project!

  19. It is interesting to observe, how Colbert tries to promote mayor Pete and make fun of Sanders. Papa Stewart would call BS on that.

  20. Bernie's leading with college students and working families because his policies work for them and he fights for them. Mayor Pete works for 1 billionaire donor: McKinsey and ignores college student's problems of massive debt., health care and income inequality. Pete's a fraud.

  21. I like how they show a video of Andrew Yang with voters, but not Joe Biden.
    Please watch the MOST LIKELY democratic nominee call a voter at a local gather "fat": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKV0oAPENdg

  22. This poll puts #AndrewYang2020 in 4th of the Democrats, and this poll includes the President in second place. Here is the link with the full poll slide within the video. https://youtu.be/V4I-jXg09jo?t=40 #YangGang

  23. Funny how Colbert went from being the best late-night political satirist to being a centrist stooge unwilling (unable ? = advertising $$$) to do what's right.

  24. Good point Buttigieg is not really experienced enough to order around and take importance over doctors, generals, Seal teams and scientists. It's supposed to be a big job for the top boss to do.

  25. #YangSTRONG #YangSMART

    Freedom Dividends IS NOT A HANDOUT, do your research…without us as customers who buys things on Ebay or Amazon…they wouldn't be a billion dollars companies, SO YES we want our shares of the investment!

    Because had they been paying their taxes all these years…the government wouldn't of been as greedy(maybe) and not raise taxes on us or cut fundings from educations!

  26. Watching in over and over again Loving this Yang's campaign scandal! The big coat guy is Zach the Guardian! Thank you Steven! Yang2020! This is the kind of hot-headed scandal I can definitely live with


  28. Maybe college students know, as many of us, that Bernie is the only one with a solid record of fighting for ALL Americans and know their entire future is dependent on Bernie to save their lives.

  29. You ought to endorse Bernie, you sell out. He likes all the stuff you preach on your show. I can't decide if it's because your own taxes would go up, or if the people who own your channel dictate what you can say.

  30. So can we agree not ALL media is in on this blackout of Bernie? Clearly Colbert and other comedians acknowledge him regularly

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