Best $200 Laptop for College Class Note Taking

Best $200 Laptop for College Class Note Taking

– Hey, YouTube, what’s up? This is Ben from, and I’m a student at UCSB, also known as the University
of California Santa Barbara and my note taking has
thoroughly changed this year thanks to a $200 laptop
purchase that I made. This is the Acer CB3-131
Google Chromebook. I’ll tell you about it in a second but first, I want to tell
you about my note taking. First, I was taking handwritten notes, so I couldn’t take enough notes in classes and they were messy, so going
back to my notes was an issue. Then I would bring my MacBook Pro to class but the battery life wasn’t
super good, it was decent, and I got really distracted because I have Photoshop and Lightroom and all these apps on my computer, but most importantly, I had iMessage, which you, if you’re
using a MacBook in class, probably have and you probably use ’cause 95% of the people
I see in my classes are either on Facebook
Messenger or iMessage and it’s because it’s so easy
to kind of multitask in class and not fully pay attention. That’s when I decided to get a Chromebook because it doesn’t have iMessage on it. I was gonna get a MacBook Air at first but this doesn’t have iMessage, which is actually really good
for staying in track on class. Also, it’s a little bit
slow when you load web pages which is good because that means you won’t wanna go on Facebook because literally, this thing in class, if I try and load a Facebook
video on my News Feed and I’m scrolling through, it takes 30 seconds to
load a 15-second video, so it’s super annoying and slow, but it works perfectly on Google Docs and Google Slides and Google spreadsheets, so once you’re on your
spreads, it’s perfect. The other thing is typing on
this is pretty comfortable. The keyboard is pretty similar
to the MacBook keyboard. I can type about 100 to 120
words per minute on this, no problem, it’s really comfortable. It’s super light, as you
guys can see right here. I can just toss it around and I’m also not worried
about throwing it in the air and doing that ’cause if it
drops, it’s pretty durable. It’s made of this kind of hard plastic. People can write on it with a Sharpie, I wouldn’t care, and it’s
only 200 bucks, brand new. Worst case, I actually
bought this one on eBay for a hundred bucks,
so they’re really easy to find online and they’re great. The other thing that I
love is the battery life. I get a legitimate 10 hours
or more per week on this. I take it to every single class. I have about 16 hours of classes a week and I charge it once, once in a week. I use it throughout all my classes. Then around Wednesday night,
maybe Thursday morning, I’ll charge it for a couple hours. It holds over 10 hours of
battery life, and then I’m set. So, that is the Chromebook. I highly recommend it for 200 bucks. You can’t go wrong. You won’t get as distracted in classes. All your stuff will be on Google Docs, so it’s automatically there. If you’re taking your notes in class and then you wanna pull up your notes on a friend’s computer, just
log into your Gmail account or if you wanna use the school computer and work on something there,
log into a Gmail account. And the thing is you don’t always need to be connected to Wi-Fi with this because it saves all your
Google Docs offline as well. So, if you are on an airplane, for example traveling, or you’re in a car, you need to access your
docs, they’re there. You can still edit them,
you can add even more notes. And then once you connect to Wi-Fi again, then your notes go into Google Docs and it’s updated and it works great. So, I highly recommend this laptop. It has everything you need. It has a headphone port, HDMI port, so you can even plug it into your TV to watch Netflix or whatnot. It is pretty bendy and I don’t feel that it’s gonna break or anything, and it’s a little bit smaller
than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, so it’s super light and
comfortable to carry around. Again, this is the Acer CB3-131, whatever, I just call it my Chromebook. If you guys have any questions about it, leave them down in the comment below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and I’ll see
you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Peace.


  1. Hey Ben, thank you for this informative video.

    Sometimes in class, you'll need to take notes which are not "ordinary" like typing on the keyboard, for example diagrams, math equations, graphs, etc.

    The first thing that pops into my head is to use pen, such as stylus.

    What do you recommend doing in this situation?

  2. Is their any additional costs to the computer? Is thee note taking and picture/video editing apps? And do you have to buy anti virus still? Thanks

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