Best Books for Engineers | Books Every College Student Should Read Engineering Books for First Year

Best Books for Engineers | Books Every College Student Should Read Engineering Books for First Year


  1. They sound great. It seems daunting and confusing to make the most of the college experience and career search, so I'm hoping these will clear that up.

  2. I read a big chunk of How to Become a Straight-A Student and I'm surprised at how practical it is. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Awesome, you read my mind. I need to get into reading more, I'm definitely putting a couple of these books on my list. I really want to read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" as well. Can't wait!

  4. This is kinda off topic, but can you create your own engineering company after college. Kind of like how bill gates used his knowledge to create things which built up to Microsoft, rather than just hiring people who are engineers, and you yourself don’t know much about engineering.

  5. Hey, thanks for posting the video. I'm 16 right now, and I'm dual enrolled (basically I'm in college). I'm trying to become a roller coaster designer/engineer so thank you for sharing these books, looking to read the 2 college ones by Cal Newport and gonna read the other one later… trying to get into reading cuz I think it will help with my attention span and being more productive… anyways, thanks a lot for the content, hope you become more popular on YouTube

  6. Hi! i`m 17 years old and want to become an engineer, is reading books the best thing to do right now to build my future career? Great video:)

  7. I have been hearing so much good things about "Think and Grow Rich". Definitely checking that book. Also "So good they can't ignore you". Thank you for this video.

  8. Dude wtf? You and I both have that Influence book interest. I literally have not met another CE who was into that. I highly recommend it too. I always recommend that over "how to win friends…" book, even though the latter is more popular. Similar books though… Btw, I did not read influence until May 2017. So, it wasn't something I used in college unfortunately. But I will use it in Grad School.

  9. Any recommendations for books to give a 9 year old who is good at maths to introduce engineering. Any recommendations apart from books even…

  10. are these books are quite understandable for someone who's not an anglophone ? ! ( English is his second or third language)? if not ; are they available in other languages ? ! thank u for the video.

  11. Is it just me or are none of these book for engineering there just for students
    A proper engineering book is “engineering workshop practice “ by H.grisbook and C phillipson

  12. Hello ! I really love your videos. It's really useful. I'm a College student taking up Chemical engineering. Can you please suggest about the engineer's habits that we can apply??

  13. None of these books are for engineer students man !! The title of this video is misleading, one would expect more books related to math or computer science.

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