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even a web browser version of it too; it’s on literally everything! Go down below, join up on
the Discord, I cannot wait to see you guys there,
answer your questions, give away a ton of merch and
other things in the future. Thank you guys so much for
watching, I will see you all on the Discord. [Upbeat EDM Music] [Preston Sighs] – [Teacher Phillip] Yeah, yeah yeah, you know yuck it up but listen, listen… – I don’t want to be here. – …it’s called cactus. – [Teacher Phil] Nobody ever wants to! – I know it’s called cactus!
I know what cactus is, where did all the other
students go? Why am I the only one here, if everybody else… – [Teacher Phillip] Oh, because
you did this to yourself. – What do you mean? – You did this to yourself! – What do you mean? What do you mean? – Backtalk, the sass… – Is this detention? I
thought this was class. You’re rippin’ into me. – [Teacher Phillip] Technically,
this is detention – This has got to be against
some kind of teacher rules. – [Nick] Yes, he’s right
there. He’s right there Barn. – [Teacher Phillip] No, this
is cause you read it… – Is that my boys, is
that my boys? Boys, boys, what’s up guys? Come in! [Voices Whispering] I’m so bored, please, he’s
teaching me about cactus. Literally he’s teaching me about cactus. – [Nick] I’m not supposed to be here, I’m not supposed to be here,
I’m not supposed to be here. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, keep
crawling, keep crawling. – [Teacher Phillip] I can see you! – No you can’t. Eyes on
me, teach, eyes on me. I’m the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. Yeah, eyes on me, you
can’t see this. [Laughs] – [Teacher Phillip] Okay
so, I will pay attention to Nick and Barney. [Preston Laughs] Oh good! – [Barney] Preston, come on,
let’s get out of here, man. – Guys, you’re busting
me out, I’m out of here. Oh! Nick! – [Nick] Come on Preston! [Screams] – Nick, you gotta stay Nick,
you gotta stay, Nick I’m so sorry, you look great
though, you look great. Barney let’s get out of here,
let’s just leave Nick behind. – [Barney] Alright, amateur’s move, Nick. [Both Laughing] – Yes! Oh, you made
the teacher the seeker. – [Barney] Ha ha, teacher– – Man, we really guys, have
got to talk about is that we bully Teacher Philip
too much guys, leave a like down below on the video
if you think we should keep bullying Teacher Philip.
And also, leave a like if you think we shouldn’t
bully him. So either way, leave a like. – [Nick] And, leave a
comment with what kind of silly nickname we should call him. – Yeah we’re gonna give him more nicknames Dude, next video he could
be Teacher Miguel or Teacher Rylie– – What? – I don’t know. – Okay, Preston– – [Teacher Phillip] What
are you talking about? – [Nick] I really hope your– [Male Voice Interjects] – -better names than that. – [Teacher Phillip] Yeah. – [Barney] Because that was terrible. – [Teacher Phillip] That’s an awful name. – [Barney] Hey, no, maybe we
just shorten his name and we just calls him Peach. – [Teacher Phillip] Yeah, that’s
alright, I could do with that. – No, we could call him Pet! – [Teacher Phillip] What? – Yeah, he could be our
pet, we could pet him. – [Teacher Phillip] Preston,
what is wrong with you? [Laughter] – [Nick] I’m not going
to call my teacher a pet. – Why? He’s got like the
bald head, I feel like we could rub-a-dub-dub it.
Do you ever get it waxed? – [Teacher Phillip] Seriously? – Do you get it waxed? – [Nick] Hi, Teacher Philip. – [Teacher Phillip] Yeah, hi. – Do you get your eyebrows done, Teach? – [Teacher Phillip] Every day. – Do you really? – Every day in the morning. – How do you get them done? – [Barney] Wow, you’ve got
some thick eyebrows, man. – Yeah. – [Teacher Phillip] They’re like crazy– – They’re like slug-a-rinos.
Like– [Laughs] Dude, can I water them? Will they grow bigger? – [Teacher Phillip] You can if you want, I mean, that’s kind of counterproductive. – Why is it counterproductive?
I want them to grow. – Because they’re going to grow more! – Well, I want them to grow
big and strong! Be very big and strong. You know what I mean? – [Barney] Yeah, Teachers Phil,
you’re grumpy like Rapunzel but with eyebrows longers– – Yeah. And you can let
them down, and then people will climb on them and it’s
gonna be great. It might hurt a little bit, some
discomfort, I warn you. -[Barney] I’ma yank yours eyebrows off. – Yeah. – [Nick] Guys, let’s go
easy on Teacher Philip. You know what? I think we should… – What? – …all give him a hint.
Preston, why don’t you tell me where you’re hiding, I’ll come… – I’m hiding in Room 4.
I’m hiding in Room 4. – [Teacher Phillip] Room 4. – Yeah, Room 4. – [Nick] I don’t believe
that these rooms actually have numbers. – I, they do! We were just
in there and you guys busted me out, what do you mean?
Guys I think sometimes… – [Nick] That’s what those
squiggly lines on the sign mean? – Okay, Teacher Philip
you might need to start re-structuring your teaching,
because Nick doesn’t even understand how to count numbers. – [Teacher Phillip] Uh, not my
fault he doesn’t show up. – Well, okay, but that is
your fault. Part of the teacher’s job is to encourage
students to show up. – Oh, I encourage him! – [Nick] And stop their
friends from breaking them out. – No, no, no, on that part.
I mean, he couldn’t have done anything, Nick, you
were armed and dangerous. How did you get past
school security with that? I mean, it’s a lava bucket. – [Nick] Well, I know all the
secret spots, so, that’s kind of how I did it. – I knew it. I knew it. -[Nick] Preston, sometimes I’ll
show you a secret spot. – You want to show me a secret spot? – [Nick] I mean, if you want
to see a secret spot. – I mean, I want to see
it but I understand what you’re trying to do right
now, you’re trying to lure me out, you want me to
come out in the open… – [Nick] Preston, I am shocked, and appalled… – …and you wanna doodle
bang me! Yeah you wanna… – …that you would suspect me of… – …doodle bang me! – …collaborating with
someone as ruthless as [Boing] Teacher Phil. Look guys,
you think that’s what I’m about? – Guys, can we trust Nick? – [Barney] No, you
cannot! [Voices Interlap] – [Teacher Phillip] Yes, Barney! – I agree, I’m putting on
the hater blockers right now guys. – [Nick] There’s no, oh,
don’t do that Preston. – Oh yeah, haters are blocked. – [Barney] Yeah Preston, hit ems with haters block. – High five Barney, high five. I love this guy. – [Nick] If you guys are
high fiving each other, does that mean you’re super
close to each other? – I mean… – [Teacher Phillip] Hmmmmm. – …IRL, when you’re a really
close bro with another bro, Internet cannot keep you
away. A simple high five on the camera, you’re good. – [Barney] Spiritually,
we always has connections so is nos problem. – Barney, I’m actually really
surprised you and I both haven’t been found yet.
This is just a bro thing. – [Nick] Okay, let’s not just
talk about that, right away. Let’s just wait until maybe I find you. – Nick, I think you’re
just bad at ze games. – Oh no guys, I think
I’ve been spotted, guys! – [Barney] You said it! How did you see me? Oh, my legs! – [Nick] See, here is the thing Preston… – My legs! – …you are red. And you
are trying to camouflage in something that’s green… – I was trying to contrast. – …so, what? – I was trying to contrast.
Compare and contrast. That’s what girls do all
the time. They, contrast, you contour, have you seen
that little make up and stuff right? [Laughter] I was
just trying to get in touch with my feminine side. – [Nick] I don’t think you should be
watching make up tutorials… – What? – …instead, could I suggest
a couple of hide-and-seek tutorials. – Well, I mean… – Any of my videos. – You can find them on the
PrestonPlayz YouTube channel. If you guys are wondering, by the way. – [Teacher phillip] Makeup tutorials? – No! Hide-and-seek, well, actually… – [Barney] Preston, you got roasted! – Actually, you can find,
Barney, I did get roasted but you can find one on my channel,
there is a make up tutorial and I looked fabulous. – [Nick] I am shocked and appalled. – I looked fabulous, I
was pretty pumped too… – [Barney] Yeah, yours
always looks fabulous. – Oh Barney, dude, come on. – [Nick] Barney stop kissing up to him. Just because he’s going to win
hide-and-seek doesn’t mean… – We’re bros! – …that he’s the best. – Are you just announcing yourself? – [Teacher Phillip] Like
order of the day here. – Did you just denounce yourself Nick, that you’re gonna lose? Are
you baggin’ on yourself? – [Nick] No, Preston… – Are you doggin’ the boys? – …no, that’s what you think. – Dude you are so dogging yourself. – You think you’re gonna
lose, or win, and that… – Do you even know what
you’re saying any more? – [Nick] I don’t even know what
I’m doing anymore, Preston, I usually win and then we
play with you and I lose, and I don’t like this anymore. – It may be because I cheated
last time. If you’re referring to our previous hide-and-seek
episode, I was using teleport commands. – [Teacher Phil] I knew it! – But only the last round,
only in the last round. I promise. – [Nick] That’s the round
that counts the most! – I know but that’s the
round I had to use everything in my arsenal. It’s your
fault for giving me game mode. – [Barney] Preston, don’ts
worries about a thing, man, as long as one of us wins,
it’s a win for the bros. [Preston Laughs] – It is a point for the
bros, Nick, you savage. – [Nick] What? I didn’t do anything. – You totally killed me.
You totally killed me. -[Nick] I have no idea what
you’re talking about… – You piece of… – …let’s just play another game. – Yeah, I’m coming back in the
next round, I’m coming back like Shaq. – [Nick] I’ve got the best secret
spot, you’ll never know. – Yeah just go head and just
stand right there, you know, right now. You look so good. – [Barney] Uh oh! Run Teacher Philips. – Stop slithering underneath me, Nick! – [Teacher Phil] Oh man, oh man, oh man… – [Nick] I’m not, I’m not, I’m leaving. – You were slithering around
me, what were you doing? Were you tying my ankles together? – I was not doing anything of the sort. – I feel like you got
a rope, and some floss, and you tied my ankles together. – [Barney] Hey Preston, he’s
flossing on your ankles, man. – I know he’s flossing on
them, no, it’s good I broke the floss guys. He had the
weak kind, not even the dental recommended. [Voices Interlap] – Why is Nick’s teeth so ugly? – [Nick] It’s a long story,
but basically, one time I had pretty teeth, and
then I ate a lot of pizza, and now I have ugly teeth. – What? – But, it’s a weird thing, I
think pizza makes your teeth look uglier. – What? [Preston Laughs] Nick… – [Nick] Preston…this is a
secret…okay, okay, fine, you caught me, you caught
me, you’re so funny. – Yeah, I caught you [Preston Laughs] – [Nick] You’re so funny Preston. – Dude, see me on the staircase?
You don’t even have… – [Barney] No, you’re doesn’t know… – [Nick] I know exactly,
Preston, follow me if you want to live, and/or find Barney. – Okay, okay. – [Barney] No. – Barney, look, it’s not
that I want to tag you, but I have to win, I’m a really… – [Barney] Hey, Brahemovitch, if you’re… – [Nick] Look, a secret sign
right here, what’s that say… – No! – It does say that guy Barney
was here. Wait, are you trying to trap me? Are you
trying to trap me, Nick? – [Nick] No! I’m coming
down too, this is his house. – Oh. – [Nick] He lives here. – Whoa, Barney, we gotta talk
about this. What is this? – [Barney] Hey Preston, – [Nick] That’s his bathroom,
I wouldn’t go in there. -[Barney] Just side track that
guy, side track that guy. – I can’t side track him,
why does he have apples… – No! – …down here. What is this? – [Teacher Phil] He loves apples. [Fire Alarm Rings] – Oh. Oh. Sorry about
that guys. False alarm. – [Nick] Yeah, if you could
not set off the fire alarm. – Why do you have a
cannon ball in your room? You have a cannon? – [Barney] You gotta be
prepared for self defense. – [Nick] There’s lots of
apples in here, I’m just going to borrow a couple. – There is a lot of apples,
Nick. Does he grow them down here? I’m actually really surprised. – [Barney] You guys better not touch those apples. – [Nick] I think it’s an
underground apple farm. – [Teacher Phil] We’re
totally gonna eat ’em. – We had to take your
apples. We’re gonna eat ’em. – [Barney] No! Don’t! I’m
coming out! I’m coming out, don’t touch them. – No, no, Barney… – Don’t touch them! – …Barney, they’re like,
you gotta share! Barney! – [Barney] Looks, if yours apples comes
from this bucket over here… – No, I’ve got your apples
Barney, I only took three of them, okay? Don’t be so greedy. – [Nick] I took six. – You did? – [Barney] Okay fine, because yours bro. – Yeah, but Nick isn’t a
bro and he took some apples so you can, you can
kill Nick though, if you want. – [Nick] Well, Preston
has the gold apples… – [Barney] Revenge will be
sweet. Revenge will be sweet. – How did you know I have
the golden apples, Nick? You spying on me? – [Nick] Pause. Yeah I’m spying
on you, what do you think? This is me you’re talking about. – That’s just weird, man,
we gotta talk about this. You can’t spy on me, it’s gross. – [Barney] Yours guys came
down to my home to finds me and you didn’t even finds me. [Laughter] – You’re not even down there. -[Barney] I’s am. I’s am down there. – No, you’re not. – [Nick] Preston, you
didn’t search all the rooms. – Okay, well, Teacher
Philip’s on the roof. How does he, he’s got
the roof access keys, and I don’t have that. Oh, I
found the roof access keys. I found the roof access keys.
Don’t let him get away, guys. Guys… – [Nick] Don’t go down there! – Don’t let him get away,
I got him guys. I got him. – [Teacher Phil] Sorry,
I was enthralled with the apple discussion. – Stop, don’t talk about blueberries. – What? – Yeah, enthrall, that’s a
type of blueberry, isn’t it? – [Nick] Preston, why do
you know all these weird, arbitrary facts… [Preston Laughs] – I just… – When would you ever need to
tell me what a blueberry is… – I just, I know that the
enthrall is a blueberry from Africa, and Zimbabwe. It’s
a combination of the two. – [Teacher Phil] Got a lot
of free time, huh, Preston? – I got a lot of free
time, when I skip school. – [Barney] Who wants to be a millionaire! That’s a question you sees on
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. – Oh, Barney, you know
who’s gonna be on… – [Nick] Guys, I found
him he’s in his house! – [Barney] No, your doesn’t sees anything! – Preston, he’s in his house,
you didn’t even see him. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I
found a dungeon in the school, and I’m really, I really
just got creeped out, guys. – [Nick] It’s not a dungeon,
that’s his house, man, you can’t say that, that’s mean. – No, there was a very
creepy dungeon down here. – What? – It’s some witch craft. Yeah. – [Barney] Hey, some places
are off limits, Preston. Be careful. – [Nick] Preston, Preston, this way. – Do you want to see the dungeon? – No, I want to show you
Barney! We’re trying to… – Is he actually down here? – …play hide-and-seek here. – I didn’t know he was
down here. No he’s not. – Look! – Where? – There’s this room over
here, where the shower is. – Oh, I didn’t see this room. – And then this room over here, and look! – Barney, how many apples do
you have? There’s literally just apples everywhere, all
kinds, golden, non-golden, dude, Barney, we’ve really gotta talk about your apples, man. – [Barney] It’s so awesome
isn’t it, come sits down and enjoy these apples with me. – Barney, there’s no apples
in here, it says there’s apples, but there aren’t any apples. – Hey, hey, it’s aesthetically pleasing. – Barney, I’m gonna eat
all your apples Barney. I’m eating all your apples. – Hey, it’s not a cool move, man. – Guys, guys, come on. – [Nick] Can we tag him? – Okay, okay, I got him, I got him, Nick, you gotta learn some patience. -[Nick] Preston, the only reason
I do this is so I can win. You know that. – Well, I started out as
a seeker, so technically, you lost and I won. [Groaning] Nick, sometimes you just
make it too easy for me to dab on you. [Groaning] – [Nick] Dab. It’s on, Preston. – It’s on, Nick. Oh, here’s
the ol’ Nick, guys. Man, Nick, you really smell bad. – [Nick] I smell perfect. – You smell bad, Nick. – [Nick] Just so you know, I don’t
care if you think I smell bad, but, I smell perfect, just establishing… – Nick you smell really bad. – …that fact for anybody
watching the video who doesn’t think that I actually smell
bad, I smell perfect, okay? – Nick, you don’t smell great.
I’m gonna be honest with you Nick, you don’t smell very good. – [Teacher Phillip] I don’t know
who you’re trying to convince. – [Nick] No, I smell perfect,
I know, very good is less than perfect. – Nick, I just think that
you smell really bad, and I think it’s okay sometimes
to admit that you forgot to put deodorant on. – What bad, like, you can’t,
he’s so bad, with his… – Like Brad Pitt? – …his bad, bad self, you know. – Dude, Brad Pitt’s a pretty
handsome guy, I’d prefer if you’d stay away from
refraining the name of Pitt in vain. – [Teacher Phillip] What?
What are you talking about? – I’m talking about Brad Pitt! – [Teacher Phillip] No, I got that, Preston, but what are you talking about? – [Nick] We’re aware of that. – I don’t know, I just
think you guys are using Brad Pitt’s name in vain.
That’s all I’m saying. – [Nick] Technically is right.
Oh yeah, there is a spooky dungeon under here. – Yeah, did you find that? That is… – Oh yeah. – …more than spooky and
we’re gonna have a conversation about that later down the road. – Okay I mean we could, but
we could also talk about where you’re hiding. I think
that would be a really… – You know I’m not really following… – …interesting conversation. – …you right now. -[Nick] But like, it’s this cool
thing, where like, right, follow me, you give me a
hint about where you are, and then, perhaps I find you. – I’m still not following,
Nick. I’m not following. I can’t follow when you
use big words like that. – [Barney] Yeah. – [Nick] Okay, let me try
and speak a little bit more your speed. – Break it down. – [Barney] Three step
process. Three step process. – Maybe even two. – [Nick] Preston, tell Nick, how to win. – I only speak Spanish. – [Teacher Phillip] What? But
you’re not even speaking… – [Nick] Hablay, Español, para Nick… – Nick, you mixed in some
English there, and it was too much. I need to
hear it in Japanese now. [Laughter] I’m really… – [Nick] Hokachiniwa! [Laughter]
Konichiwa, young Preston. – [Teacher Phillip] Oh, boy. – [Nick] Come, to tell Nick where. – [Teacher Phillip] Pretty
sure that’s not Japanese. – I’m pretty sure Nick
just said, hi, or hello, and then, young Preston.
Do you think in Japan they just switch from, hello
in Japanese, but I’ve… – [Nick] Everybody’s young. …seen some old people in
Japan, Nick, I’ve been there. You haven’t. How would you know? – Oh, you have? – Yeah, I saw there was some… – [Nick] Interesting concept. – …old people there,
alright, they were sucking some ramen down, like
[Slurping] I was really jealous. -[Nick] Do they make that noise? – Yeah, just like that.
Actually some of them do! They make the little slurp
pop. A little [Slurping] I have snuck into the school
but I was right behind you when you started the hide and seek. – [Nick] I did that to you last round! – No! [Laughter] No, dude! – [Barney] Get wrecked, Nick. – [Nick] Stop using my ideas! – I didn’t even know,
I’m just so good that I executed it perfectly. – [Nick] Here’s the thing, Barney,
I have a sneaking suspicion that you are gonna sell Preston
out, you wanna know why? – No, no, no. Barney
would never sell me out. Barney… – [Barney] Don’t, Preston,
don’t you worries, man. – [Nick] Really, because all
of his apples were missing? – Okay, I might have taken
a couple apples and I might have eaten them, but at the same time… – [Barney] Preston! – [Teacher Phillip] No, you definitely did. – They were golden. I’m
golden. Like, you know about this, I’ve got a thing, I
own the rights to everything that’s gold. I got the Midas touch. – [Teacher Phillip] But
you ate his apples, they were his apples. – Well, I mean, I’m the
king. I can do what I want. – [Barney] Preston, I’m
putting on my big sniffer nose, and I’m gonna smells you out. – You’re not gonna smell me,
Barney. You like, I can’t believe Nick can’t find
me, dude, he’s such a piece of garbage. – [Nick] Preston, I don’t
wanna talk about it, okay? [Preston Laughing] Just stop, you don’t need to
talk about this, just take your win, like a nice Southern gentleman, and just nice and no bragging… – Nick, he’s salty. -[Nick] …no telling me that I’m
losing, I’m not salty Preston! Okay? – He’s salty, he’s salty. – [Nick] If anything, I’m pepper. – He’s salty. – I’m the opposite of salt. – He’s salty, Nick,
you’re salty. Okay Nick, how mad would you believe
if I told you I was right here the whole time? – [Nick] Preston! You weren’t right there… – I was right here in the trees. – …you weren’t right there. – I was in the tree like
this, look, look. Like this. – Preston. – Dude, you’re gonna come
say hi to me, man. Nick. [Screaming] Nick, it’s okay man, we
get it, but I’m gonna… [Popping] – [Barney] Bye byes. – Nick? – [Teacher Phil] Where did he go? – Guys, I think he rage quit. – [Barney] Preston, you
made him so distraught, he vanished! – We made him rage quit,
guys, it’s awesome, wait no, this is it. – [Teacher Phillip] No, it’s not awesome. – Yes it is. Think about it,
we never have to see each other again. I mean,
you and I will never see each other again, Barney and
I will, because we’re friends. – [Barney] Yeah, we’re bros. – But we’re never gonna
see each other again. Because the only reason we hang out… – [Teacher Phillip] Hey, it’s a win. – …yeah that’s what I’m saying. – It’s a total win! – The only reason we ever
see each other is because Nick brings us to these
crazy [Pop] places, Nick, no, no, no, Nick, no… – [Barney] He’s back. – No, he’s not, guys,
I got him, I got him. – [Nick] Sorry guys, I just
disconnected by accident. – Guys, I got him don’t worry. He’s… – [Nick] What? Got me with what? – I got him guys. Anyways,
as I was saying, he’s gone… [Laughter] Guys, he’s gone. – [Barney] Wow. – The hide-and-seeks are over. – Preston, Mr. Preston, you’re a savage. – Thank you, Barney, I love you man. – [Teacher Phillip] Yeah Preston,
you know you’re really, you’re really super
cool. [Knife Unsheathes] – Hey, hey, Philip, what are you… – No, I’m not going to
waste that, I think I’ll just do that instead. – [Preston Laughing]
You missed! Okay, okay. – Oh it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter! – Okay, okay, fair play
Teacher Philip. I’ll remember this next time buddy.

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