BEST PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that Flies 10000 feet | Galaxy Fighter ⓶

BEST PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that Flies 10000 feet | Galaxy Fighter ⓶

Today let’s make the Galaxy Fighter one of my most favorite paper airplanes To make the Galaxy Fighter you need a printing paper I’m using U.S. letter size First step, I will fold the paper in half horizontally Unfold the paper Now, I will start from the left side first I fold it straight to the center crease. Repeat the same fold to the other side and next step, I start from the tip here fold it to this edge Very simple. Now, turn the paper this way Start from this side, I fold it to the center crease. Okay! Repeat the same step for the other side turn a paper back like this unfold the paper unfold this side as well Now, fold this side up like this Push this crease to the center crease when you hold this side of the paper you can fold this one down Fold this side back! Now, repeat the same step for this side. and fold this triangle shape back to the other side This is what we should have for now. next step I will fold this layer. You can see the square shape here This i the part you have to fold it up Fold it up like this.You can see how i fold it It is a little bit difficult to fold When I fold it up, I don’t know how to estimate it but one way I know I can do is when I fold it up like this, I will not fold it straight up at all You can see this side begin pushing in so I will fold this edge to the crease here and also this edge to this edged down here You can use this edge as your reference line to fold it in I just done one side, and now I do the same fold for the other side turn a paper like this and fold it down. We just have done the hardest part Then, turn the paper over you can see that this if line are straight up with the line up here that means you fold it correctly Now, you can fold this triangle shape down Then, you can fold the paper in half see it is very easy now you need to make sure that all edges are lined up Just like this edge lined up with this edge everything looks perfect for now Next step, we are going to create the wings we use this edge and this edge as references to fold so I will do it now! and repeat the same step for the other side you can turn the paper over like this so guess what is so cool but this paper airplanes? It is very aerodynamic as you can see here there is no drag on the head so when the winds blow, it will fly throw here There is nothing to hold it back However, to make the plane we need to create the stabilizers, and I will show you how to do it right now I fold the paper back like this As you can see here the wings, I will estimate about 1/2in or 1.5cm Then I repeat the same fold for the other side as you can see here what I have I will fold this one up Make sure that one of your hand hold the the wings when you fold Now, unfold the paper Unfold the stabilizers Curve the wings up a bit to make it flat. here you go! This is the Galaxy Fighter and I hope you guys will enjoy the paper airplane If it flies well for you, like the video, share it with your friends and subscribe my channel, and also Thank you for watching 🙂


  1. It will only go 10,000 feet if I throw it from the Burj Khalifa and I tested it and it worked…It only costed me $379 to fly over there…

  2. My class is dong a project to make a airplane that flies up to at least 1000 inches so this will do perfect thank you so much

  3. On the hardest part, I have a way to make it easy peasy lemon squeaky.

    First, on the hard step, fold the bottom edge of the spring square to the center. Repeat on other side. Next, fold the tip of the spring square thing and fold it down on the edge your previous folds make. Next, unfold the three fold u made. Now, on the horizontal crease, fold the layer up like tri does. Line up with center crease and the previous folds will immediately go to the shape u want. That is how o make it easy

  4. I think you have a awesome plane. The only thing is that it doesn't really fly if you don't fold it properly, BUT if you do… Then you have the best airplane EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This was awesome! Usually I suck at folding complicated stuff and easy sometimes but I tried this the first time it worked perfectly. It flew behind my neighbors house and found it at the closest Safeway from my house. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! <3

  6. what is this it dont fly 1000 feet and dont fly proper what video is this
    i will not subcribe ok i will not
    you understand or not

  7. Your instructions where not clear at all, if you make more videos like this explain instructions better, horrible.

  8. TriKdanG, just to let you know that if this airplane went 10000 feet that would of maken the new world record paper airplane distance which is 226 feet, and 10 inches. Still a good airplane.

  9. It flew so far that it reached Antarctica and now its gone wet by landing in a glacier …………..

    It totally went 10,000 feet…… I'm sure

  10. 飛行機に特化した動画ばかりで、極められてるのが伝わり素晴らしい✨です!!綺麗に紙が折られる動画を見るのは、気持ちもスッキリします(*´∇`*)

  11. When everybody says this video is clickbait but your just creating the paper plane to test it out

    paper has joined the chat

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