Best Undergrad Major For Law School (and College Degree)

Best Undergrad Major For Law School (and College Degree)

– Hey legal eagles, one of the questions I get most from college students is, “What is the best
undergrad degree or major “to prepare you for law school?” Well today I’m gonna talk
about the various pros and cons of different degrees and
by the end of this video you will know what is
the right major for you. So stick around. (upbeat music) The thing about law
school is that it takes a lot of different skills working in conjunction with each other. First and foremost, you
have to be a great writer. Second, you have to be
good at researching. You have to be good at logical thinking. You have to be able to
make good policy arguments stemming from philosophy and government. You have to be good at
historical precedent. You have to be a good orator. All of these things need
to work in conjunction if you’re going to get
the most out of law school and you have to use all
of these skills together in order to be a successful law student. To get good grades. And as a result there is no one major that prepares you for law school. Law school is unlike anything else. In undergrad, in high school, there is just simply nothing like it. And there is no one major
that really prepares you for what law school is like. Final exams in law school are based on what’s called an issue
spotter hypothetical where you’re required
to think like a lawyer. No undergrad major prepares
you for thinking like a lawyer. In fact, law school
doesn’t even prepare you for thinking like a lawyer either. That’s why we created a masterclass to actually teach students how to think like a lawyer. And classes in law school are taught using the Socratic method which is also completely different from almost any seminar
or lecture that you’ve had in college or in high school. Professors pepper their
students with questions to reveal the right answer. Much in the same way that it’s said that Socrates peppered his disciples, Plato and Aristotle with questions to let them find the right answer. But this methodology, it’s totally unlike anything that you’ll see in college. Especially where you have large classes of hundreds of people or more where there just simply isn’t the ability to go back and forth between
any particular student. And the subject matter in law school is also totally different
from any undergrad subject. No one will teach you
the law that you need before you get to law school. Sure, you might take a business law class or an accounting law class but that is such a small, tiny percentage of what you’re going
to cover in law school that there’s no way for
any particular major to really lay the foundation of what you will need
to know in law school. So the question is this. If no major really
prepares you for law school and no major can prepare
you for law school, what major should you
sign up for in college to best prepare you for law school? Well the answer that
I always give is this. You should sign up for the major that you are most interested in. Get a degree in a subject
that you find fascinating. Law schools don’t care about your major. When you apply to law school,
no law school is gonna look at which particular major you had. But they do care about what
grades you got in college or in undergrad. So if you major in something that you’re really interested in you are much more likely
to put more effort into it and to do well in college. And that will translate
into better grades. Not to mention you will have
spent four to five years studying something that you really enjoy because you’re never going
to get that time back. Odds are you’re probably
going to enjoy law school less than your time in college. So you might as well enjoy the most out of your college experience. So sign up for a major, get a degree in something that you find fascinating and you’re willing to
study for four years. Then when you show up for
your first day of law school you’ll be in basically the
same boat as everybody else. You’ll be starting from zero. Because no one’s major or
degree actually prepared them for law school. So it’s okay that you’re
starting from the same point as everybody else. So what is the best major for you? Well, that depends. It depends on your personal preferences. What do you enjoy studying? What are you fascinated by? What can you see yourself
studying for four to five years? And what can you reasonably do to get good grades in
that particular major? So unfortunately, I can’t
give you one particular answer that works for everybody. There is no one major that
works for all law schools and even pre-law majors
don’t really prepare you for law school. For those of you who are unsatisfied with an it depends answer, well I’m sorry to say that you’re gonna have to get used to it because if you’re going to become a lawyer you’re going to hear it depends a lot. If you ask a lawyer anything, nine times out of 10 you’ll
get the answer that it depends. So let me know. What major did you sign up for? What are you going to study in college and what have you been studying? Do you feel like it was
a good use of your time for four years? If you want even more
strategies and tactics before you get to law school, download our free ultimate
pre-law checklist. It’s our free gift to you. The link to that is down below and it will give you a head start before you get to law school. Also please click on the
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on how to crush law school. And until next time, at Legal Eagle. Think like a lawyer and ace the exam. So the thing about law school
is that it takes a whole. There. In Socratic method. Aristotle and Plato. Well the answer that I always give people, let me try that again.


  1. Im a sophomore in college. I'm majoring in psychology and minoring in political science. Should i just minor in philosophy or stick to political science?

  2. I live in Ireland but want to go to law school in New York? Can I get an undergrad degree here then go to New York for law school? Will they accept that?

  3. I am majoring in psychology and until very recently I wanted to go to law school to be a lawyer. I decided I do not want to be a lawyer anymore, but now I do not know what I want as a career. I have some ideas, but do not have anything like when I wanted to be a lawyer. I think there is a small part of me that still wants to be a lawyer and after watching some of your videos that part of me was stirred up. I was told by one of my psych professors that my personality type would not do well in the legal system; I am very passionate about seeking justice and helping people in need. So I guess, my question is, apart from grades (my grades are excellent so that won't be an issue for me and I am also very good at conducting research, writing essays, etc), does having a certain type of personality affect how well people perform as law students and as lawyers in general?

  4. I studied Entrepreneurship(focused on the finance side), and have been a pilot in the Navy for 6 years(wait what?). I think if I decide to pull the trigger one day and dive into law school the regime of insane amounts(4 constant years) of study will help me get through. I too got a degree Im passionate about, and still am passionate about, despite not currently an entrepreneur.

  5. Got a Finance undergrad, now working on an MSA (Masters in Accounting) and seriously considering heading into law school (after watching Suits i got more enticed with law and the legal field).

  6. I've read that some schools like to see STEM majors because it's becoming increasingly important for lawyers to understand the technical aspects of various issues. Northwestern in particular has a lengthy statement about this on their admissions site. You talk about undergrad majors only in terms of whether they prepare you for law school, but shouldn't we also be considering what skills might complement the things you learn in law school? You'd think an engineering degree would be valuable to have as a patent attorney, for example?

  7. I’m a senior in high school who wants to eventually get a JD with a specialization in Environmental Law at UCLA, that’s the end goal. In the meantime though, my Bachelors will probably be Environmental Studies or something related to that.

  8. Is there one or two in particular that would help to specifically become a corporate lawyer? I can’t really decide between political science, economics, psychology, and philosophy

  9. I majored in philosophy and political science. The philosophy major required that I take an upper division course in formal logic, which I found to be tremendously helpful in preparing me for the LSAT. Philosophy majors also spend their time analyzing and constructing arguments, thinking critically, and writing long essays packed with cogent arguments. As for the poli sci major, perhaps I am biased, but I think it provided me with an edge over those who majored in other disciplines like English or the sciences.

  10. Hey legalEagle community, does it matter what undergrad school you went to. I'd like to go to national university for accounting. Input?

  11. So it's okay that I'm an animation student? Because my only job experiences involve being an underpaid salesman and an animator for the new transformers cartoon

  12. Right Now I Am Going Towards a Chemistry Major But I’m Getting interested In political science and law school after undergraduate. I’m Just so lost rn and of course i still have time because I. Am only a first semester student but damn am i in a pickle rn…

  13. I don't plan on going to law school (I just find the legal system fascinating), but I recently graduated with an English degree from a small university with very small class sizes. In my last two years, most of my courses were daily back-and-forth discussions and debates on various readings, our own work, etc. I can't help but wonder what that sort of teaching style had on the way I think and how that might help or hinder me if I went into law school. Unfortunately I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars or hours of time to find out lol

  14. ive read that philosophy majors score highest on average on the lsat… in philosophy you study logical sequencing and have to interpret dense theoretical texts so i do think philosophy has its advantages

  15. "Law school doesn't even prepare you for thinking like a lawyer." I can't comment on this guy's masterclass, but no truer words have ever been spoken re: law school.

  16. I had no idea what major I wanted to do other than law, so I went to the UK where law is an undergraduate degree and will be practicing in London in August!

  17. From what I understand, the answer is true that you gave. However, if you want to go into patent law, from what I understand you need a degree that goes along with hard sciences. To be a patent agent or patent lawyer you have to have pretty much a STEM degree. You should do a video on this…please, lol its what I'm interested in.

  18. I want to do corporate or contract law, so I'm planning on majoring in Accounting or Business. Any ideas on which to chose or any other majors that'd be good to do?

  19. How do you prepare to take the LSAT's after/during your undergrad degree and how can your degree help your success on the test?

  20. I live in Europe and I can go to law school fresh out of highschool, do you think that's a good idea? I considered getting a law degree immediately but since you said to study what you like I am thinking of getting my maths degree first, what do you think is a better idea?

  21. If you pick a subject that fascinates you, after 4 years you may end up giving up your law aspirations and pursue it instead. Maybe it's better to study something you like, but like less than law school to keep your law ambitions alive.

  22. I'm planning on becoming an immigration attorney. I'm a highschool student though, and taking honors classes in history, english and physics. Is there anything that'll be beneficial to a highschool student to get into law school? I've done research on what it is somewhat required, I was told to take sicology & public speaking but my school doesn't have that. I've also decided to go take internships but i haven't been able to see anything available in my area. So I'm really stuck here and would like to know some feedback or anything useful in my situation please.

  23. Im a history Major and Ive been contemplating law school lately, its weird because I never even considered Law or being a lawyer but who knows…

  24. Just curious, I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate. Even a degree that is arguably much harder than say a buisness degree would not play any factor in admissions?

  25. I want to dual major. I know I will take philosophy, but I’m undecided between poli sci and economics. I know eco will prep me better for LSATS, but I think I can get higher grades in poli sci. Which should I take?

  26. I transferred to my University in Spring 2017, I will graduate in Spring 2020. I triple major in Criminal Justice, Multicultural & Gender Studies with a General option, and Political Science with an option in Legal Studies. I am also working on my paralegal certificate.

  27. My husband is a nurse and he’s looking into law school. He’s always wanted to be a lawyer but his parents kind of pushed him into nursing. He thought he was stuck with nursing but I reminded him that you don’t need to have a particular degree to apply to law school. Thanks for information you provide on this channel. I’d love to know more about how you get a job after law school, different types of lawyers, etc.

  28. After watching this video, I disagree with it. You named a few skills such as(critical/logical thinking, writing, research, the Socratic method of teaching) that I think will be improved in certain majors more then others. For example if your trying to improve your logical reasoning then Math, Philosophy, etc or if they're trying to improve their ability to write then a degree in English. A person trying to become a lawyer should evaluate themselves and pick a major in the area that they are either strong, weak, or have an interest in. But I understand/agree with your main point in that none of the degrees are going to have such a material effect on their success in law school.

  29. I'm a scientist, not a lawyer, but there are a lot of JD's who are scientists are heart (and scientists by credetial) who work in patents + copyright arbitration etc. It really depends what you want to do

  30. I’m majoring in Architectural technology at a CC rn and I am planning to transfer to a 4yeaf school but I do go back and forth on majoring in business but I suck at math does business require like exesive math and I am wanting to go into law school

  31. Journalism is excellent pre-law. It has writing, research, critical thinking, and issue-spotting as core skills. Oration, argument presentation, rhetoric are there too as you have to interview people (fr man on the street to govt officials) daily, pitch your stories, argue with editors/colleagues (lol). You get familiar with the law and people who work on or around it when you cover the police or justice beats or do any political reporting. And determining what angle or lead is most important in a story and what facts are relevant are good training for spotting legal issues down the road

  32. Could you do a law review of the movie “Something Borrowed,” it’s a chick-flick but two of the main characters are law students.

  33. hi, i am currently a high school student and i'll be taking humanities and social science for senior high and Legal Management for my law school preparatory, is it a good choice or nah?

  34. Right now I am a school speaker, and I have a dream that after I am done with school speaking to maybe become a lawyer. I have already done about 98 events, do you think that experience will remotely help me in anyway?

  35. Socrates would go around asking well respected members of the community questions to reveal their ignorance. We have no record of him asking Plato anything, and he never asked Aristotle anything because he died before Aristotle was born.

  36. I can't watch videos where someone talks with their hands so much. And go buy razor blades and shaving cream. You look like you hung out at another bar all night.

  37. I’m going into economics for my Major to become a lawyer. I wish there was more information on economics but I have faith in the degree and having good marks.

  38. Ive been wanting to be a lawyer for a while. I have the grades and the skills for it, but my confidence for public speaking isn’t good.

  39. I was planning on going into civil engineering because of my love of math, from which I could work my way into Harvard Law. Is this a good idea or should I sway towards something else? I love law just as much as math but if your undergraduate major really doesn’t matter for law school, why not get the best of both worlds.

  40. At Texas A&M they offer "Society, Ethics and Law" which on their website says "Society, Ethics, and Law (S.E.A.L.) is a university degree that has been designed for students who are interested in pursuing law school, or developing a highly transferable skill set that is useful to non-profits and businesses alike." What do you think about this degree and is it something I should consider? I at first was considering political science but I believe this looks more applicable. Please help?!?

  41. I am a Legal Studies major and a Psychology minor at my school. My major courses include Contract Law, Civil Procedure, Personal Injury, Legal Research and Writing, etc. I feel as thought my curriculum is preparing me for law school.

  42. After watching this then going to download your checklist, I read your profile on the download page.. I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack and I’m only on my first semester of undergrad—

  43. Do you need an undergrad degree (bachelors) to attend law school? Can't you just take all the prereqs and the LSAT?

  44. Im about to go to college, and I was literally going to pursue Musical Theater, but recently I have been thinking about becoming a lawyer a lot, if undergraduate majors don't really matter would it be ok to just major in an elective? or should I switch majors to something that might actually help?

  45. Disagree. Philosophy best teaches you the logical thinking and argumentation necessary to succeed in law school. Many philosophy classes are taught using the Socratic method as well, so that experience would likely prove useful.

  46. It’s 3:00 am here. I couldn’t sleep because of my thinking. I just wanna say thank you! You made me wanna work hard on my major and I wanna study so hard until I finish my four years and I will go raid my bout with everybody else! Law school!

  47. I've heard lawyers advocate for music and philosophy degrees. Philosophy degrees teach critical argument thinking and evaluation. And music majors discipline helps in law school
    Journalism majors on the other hand, are taught succinct writing styles. And in law school you need drawn out arguments in their entirety writing styles. Also heard politics science majors are useful for law school, unsure why?

  48. I’m thinking to major in mathematics, but my friends tell me that’s a stupid idea… anyone want to help?

  49. just finished my first year of undergrad. Initially, I wanted to double major in History and English. But I didn't enjoy the introductory History course and now plan on changing to an English specialist instead and might minor in classical civilization. Many people told me to major in Political Science or Philosophy because they believe these two majors are critical in preparation for Law school. It's true that it really depends on you and your interests. Instead of trying to choose what major or degree prepares you the most, improving your reading comprehension, and writing(style & skills) is essential. Although I don't have much experience to be giving tips and this seems to be obvious to most people, I learned the hard way. To all the high school students that might read this comment. READ READ READ. Read anything you can get your hands on. Books, magazines, scholarly articles…Speed reading is crucial in undergrad and even more in Law School. Also, by reading more you pick up more vocabulary and improve your overall writing style. I would also recommend taking essay writing classes, before undergrad and some are even taught by university professors. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  50. Hi atty! I picked A.B Lit ( Eng) and am starting school a few months from now. Im scared im wasting my potential and was wondering if there are better choices. Thank you!

  51. Why does the US system make people get a totally different degree before law school? It doesn't make much sense to me

  52. Going into my senior year as a Philosophy, Poli-Sci Doubble mojor. I think its been great, certainly love philosophy more than the Politics side.

  53. A philosophy degree will best prepare a student for law school. Philosophy majors score the highest on the lsat and do better in law school hands down. Check the statistics. It's concerning he didn't say this.

  54. I'm majoring in anthropology with a minor in english. I'm thinking of being an attorney with a focus in criminal justice but I'm still not sure, I'm also thinking of doing forensic anthropology.

  55. I think I will major in History and minor in Philosophy to help me in Law school. Also I have a certificate in professional acting.

  56. Just finished my second year as a Legal Studies Major. I have taken courses such as Legal Research and Writing, Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, Civil Procedure, and Contract Law. I will be taking Personal Injury Law/ Torts and Evidence and Discovery. What do you think about my studies?

  57. I signed Up for the Major in How To Kiss a Hot Sexy Lawyer Like you. I want to Ace That Exam Fo Sho! You Single ! Yum Yum !

  58. I want to go to law school & i'm currently working on my undergrad degree in history. From my research, this is a good major for prospective law students as it'll teach you how to write, read a large volume of information, and research skills.

  59. Hey LegalEagle,
    I plan on taking do my Undergraduate in Aussie and then hopefully do law school in the states. Do you think it’s worth doing a Bachelor of Law (LLB) in aussie and then do JD in the states? Or just do a degree that I’m interested in strong at (based on high school results)

  60. I dunno how this all works because I am not at university yet but I am going to start studying environmental and economical law in October. Also considering I am in Germany I know I cannot be a lawyer with the Bachelor/ Master but I might be able to later do sth similar to the bar but I dunno yet. Planning my life over 3 years ahead is even scarier

  61. Comm/English double major working on teachers license, working as a para at a school, here. But I would like to be a lawyer. Here's to hope.

  62. My lawyer cousin has a undergraduate degree in music education, so it really doesn't matter. If I were going to try I'd probably do philosophy, I have hung out at their parties, quiete eloquent drunk off their ass communists and anarchists is a weird vibe I can get behind.

  63. I'm a criminal justice major which is a lot of fun and isn't tedious, however I think I may switch to political science. Every thing I do in undergrad is only for the cause of attending law school. I love the law and everything about it, especially as a subscriber of yours. Thanks for the encouragement.

  64. Hi I’m majoring in biological sciences. There’s a part of me that wants to become a lawyer even though I’m trying to become a doctor.

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