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  2. UPenn was my dream Ivy school! I would love to go to graduate school there. CE, do a video on the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

  3. 2:30 though lol I applied for both Harvard and Penn for my grad. I think I somehow prefer Penn(as if I’m positive to get in lol) very interesting video!

  4. So glad you went to UPenn. It's one of my top 5 undergrad schools I'm thinking of applying to next year. I can't wait to go on college visits and check out this school myself.

  5. The same girls that said there was a balance of academic and social life also said that it was hard to balance academics and extracurriculars when asked what was bad about Penn… hmmm

  6. LoL. It isn't Harvard (top 5 at everything), but I don't think it's trying to be either ……

    If you want to go into business, law, or medicine Penn is for you. It's a top school for what it does.

  7. No matter how many videos I watch of this guy. I still can't forget that he really went on Yale campus and gave a Yale tour as a Harvard student lmao.

  8. *Best thing about Penn- If you up for it- you can graduate with 2 degrees without the extra cost!

    *Worst thing about Penn- The suicide rate!

  9. There are other great top-flight universities outside of Ivy League schools. Consider doing videos on some of those as well.

  10. Maybe the girl that claims "The worst thing about Penn is that it's not Harvard" was being sarcastic. But if she was serious, she should have never attended UPenn and hogged a spot from candidates that were passionate about UPenn. Regardless if she just "slightly" better of a candidate. A rejected candidate that was "slightly" worst would probably do better at UPenn than her if they were passionate about what they do. To quote – "You do the best at what you are passionate about." Furthermore – its interesting to see Ivy League students knock on each other. Its like the University of California undergrad kids. Where the top UC (Berkeley, LA, SB, and Irvine) all knock on each other in some way. Life lesson folks: doesn't matter where you go as an undergrad – it don't affect your chances of a grad school if you choose to apply.

  11. She must have gotten denied from Harvard,

    UPenn is a great school!
    Don't hate on the game, hate on the player! (YOU)

  12. I didn't know that Penn State had a campus in Philadelphia. My granddaughter will be so happy. She wants to go to Penn State, but also wants to stay near a city. This Philadelphia campus seems perfect for her. I'm going to email her the address to this video.

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