Black Widow Trailer – Avengers Endgame Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

Black Widow Trailer – Avengers Endgame Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

I used to have nothing then I got this job
this family but nothing lasts forever I heard you had to leave in a hurry
it’s never easy these days so what are you going to do I’ve lived a
lot of lives but I’m done running from my past I know you’re out there I know you know
I’m out here so we gonna talk like grown-ups is that what we are it’s good to see sis, what brings you
home. we have unfinished business we have to
go back to where it all started. lucky us
one thing’s for sure it’s gonna be a hell of a reunion still fits family back together again
you got fat welcome back everyone its charlie happy
late-night video they posted this at midnight so I’m making this super late
but all kinds of Easter eggs in this this is a longer version of the footage
that they showed off at d23 so we’ll break it down we’re doing a giveaway for
that giant infinity Saga box set with all the Marvel movies all you have to do
to enter is be a subscriber and leave your favorite moment from the trailer on
the video I know you have all kinds of questions about what’s going on with
Sheriff hopper dressed like the Russian Captain America he’s playing Red
Guardian he literally is the Russian version of Captain America during the
Cold War through espionage the Russians tried to steal a version of the Super
Soldier serum and then adapted for their own program he is the product of that
all kinds of questions about Thunderbolt Ross and possible Thunderbolts set up in
future movies or future TV shows with the new version of Black Widow yelena
Belova played by Florence Pugh so the beginning of the trailer they start with
her voice over a cut with shots of Budapest that’s right we’re going to
Budapest finally that’s the freedom Monument just to let you know that you
are in Budapest when this is happening in the present day of the movie which is
taking place in the past what’s this we just did all this time travel during
Avengers endgame the voice-over dialogue that she has at the beginning of this
has literally taken from her endgame dialogue first I had nothing then I had
this family during that movie she was referring to the Avengers as her family
but in this movie taking place during the past you meet her old family that
she used to be with when she was still part of the Black Widow program and this
trailer is crawling with a bunch of black widows when she’s staring into the
mirror here in this bathroom this is probably right after she’s gone on the
run right after Captain America Civil War like in the beginning of the trailer
Thunderbolt Ross has that voice over dialogue where he’s talking to her
saying I heard you had to leave in a hurry where are you going and she talks
about not running from her past anymore I’ve done this many times before she’s
thumbing through all the different IDs all this present-day stuff with her and
Budapest in these scenes with her with Yelena Belova version of Black Widow
that’s taking place right after Captain America Civil War before Avengers
infinity war she’s on the run for a couple different reasons one of them
being that she’s a fugitive and they actually want to arrest her on sight if
she’s spotted by the Americans but the Black Widow program in the Red Room also
probably wants to get rid of her too because she’s trying to bring that down
you kind of get a sense for the narrative in the
she’s trying to save her sisters her family by getting rid of the red-room
she’s tired of running from her past her past literally running to chase her down
through the Red Room soldiers here this is just part of that flashback in the
nightmare that she got from a Scarlet Witch during Avengers age of Ultron this
is her origin story when she was going through the Red Room program you can
kind of chart how old she is just based on the haircut that she has then as she
continues that voiceover dialog from Avengers end game they flashed to the
first Avengers movie with the short haircut her talking to Hawkeye they
referenced Budapest’s during that movie obviously you see several shots of
budapest and her running around in budapest during the trailer big theory
that Hawkeye is going to show up during the movie at some point and we see
taskmaster using a very large bow which makes you think instantly of Hawkeye not
that Hawkeye is taskmaster then there’s a whole bunch of Winter Soldier footage
the soundtrack during this with the big music drops where that screeching sound
sounds like it’s right out of Winter Soldier so the soundtrack will probably
be a little bit like winter soldiers soundtrack the nothing lasts forever
lion is also just a reference to the idea that she’s still dead in
present-day Scarlett Johansson has been very clear
that her version of Natasha Black Widow is dead after avengers endgame this is
all taking place during the past even though there might be a time jump in a
post-credits scene in present-day with another version of Black Widow like
Jelena Belova most of these trailer scenes only take place in a couple
different areas one is Budapest the other is Siberia where the actual
Red Room program is where you see her trying to blow everything up then the
separate location nearby where they’re at that cabin having that family moment
together fun fact – I know everybody’s wondering if Winter Soldier is going to
have a cameo during this Winter Soldier was actually controlled by Hydra people
and Hydra was not running the Red Room so even though both of them were working
within the Soviet Union in Russia technically they’re on slightly
different teams all this footage here is just connected to this other shot here
from later in the trailer they kind of break it up where you see her in her old
uniform pre Avengers with a special gauntlets it’s more of a comic book II
Black Widow looking suit this just seems like this version of Thunderbolt Ross
who actually seems like he’s got that crazy D aging technology that they did
for ant-man and the wasp to William Hurt doesn’t look that old and present-day so
I don’t know why there D aging him this much but maybe this was just meant to be
for she joined the Avengers so it’s early 2000s era once she finishes her
conversation with Thunderbolt Ross about not running from her past anymore living
a lot of different lives she seeks out Yelena Belova also in Budapest in this
building walking up the staircase all this footage is from the d23 trailer
they showed off with her walking down the hallway with her gun pointed then
having that funny gunslinger standoff moment and because they both came up in
the Red Room programmes they know all the same moves as each other they’re so
evenly matched that they eventually just have to give up and just treat each
other like actual sisters although sisters do fight a lot that’s kind of
the joke of this scene here is that they treat each other like real sisters if
you’re not a big black widow comic book reader Yelena Belova was actually
trained to take down Natasha Black Widow and take the mantle from her
so when she debuted in the comics they were originally enemies but eventually
became friends and started working together with each other their story
within the MCU is obviously a little bit different but they always changed the
comics a little bit for the movies their fight scene is great they have the fight
coordinator from John wick working on this movie so it’s going to feel a lot like
John wick fights but also they’re using the Winter Soldier soundtrack for some
of these sound cues I think they’re going to go for a lot of Winter Soldier
type action in the movie just because that movie did hand-to-hand combat so
well they also kind of used the camera in this fight to pan around the room and
show you that Yelena Belova also has been on the run too you see all these
plans in these maps so it sounds like she’s having a lot of the same problems
as Natasha and that’s why they’re slowly coming back together to be this family
to handle the problem as a family they go on the run together then you get a
lot of scenes with taskmaster chasing them down through the city so I think
even though it comes later in the trailer when taskmaster is in this urban
assault vehicle and that has the giant Hawkeye looking bow that he pulls out
that’s him chasing after them on the motorcycle this is the Black Widow
that’s chasing after them that it looks like she’s either trying to save from
falling might be Melina Bostic off Rachel Wise’s character who’s also a
former Black Widow from the Red Room but it’s kind of blurry so it could be one
of the other black widows from present-day that it seems like they’re
also training here with a slightly different looking uniforms like the
program is still going on in present day just like Winter Soldier would still be
operating out of Siberia in Hydra in present day if they hadn’t rescued him
she tells Yelena Belova that we have to go back to where
started to where they were trained as black widows this might be a flashback
they just want to apply the way they cut this trailer that this is where the
black widows get a lot of their orders from I feel like the trailer makes it
pretty clear if you were confused before but there are many black widows they’re
all called black widows the reason why we call Natasha black widow is just
because she’s the primary version of the character in the comics we see her in
her white uniform from the comics she gets a bunch of black widow costume
changes during this she usually gets one in each movie but within this movie
she’ll wear a lot of different versions of the ones that she had in the comics
this also seems like it’s happening in present-day too just because they’re all
sitting around this table talking about the good old days like look how fat you
got Russian Captain America talking about taskmaster though I know people
have lots of questions people expecting some big twist with his identity because
he never takes his helmet off it’s kind of like the Mandalorian never meant to
take his helmet off in the comics taskmaster is a totally different person
I’m hoping that they keep him a different person so that they can use
him in different ways in future movies like a future Thunderbolts project but
he has the ability to learn people’s moves on the fly and improvise so he
could fight pretty much anybody he could fight against Captain America he fights
Russian Captain America during the trailer they just bum-rush each other so
that’s going to be a badass fight talking about david harbour’s character make all
the stranger things season three jokes that you want because he disappeared and
it was a plot involving russians but in this he’s playing alexei szostak off who
like I said is the Russian version of Captain America you see him where his
classic uniform to this still fits so clearly it looks like he’s busting out
of a Russian prison here of some kind just because of the way he looks it
doesn’t seem like he’s been kept in a deep freeze like Winter Soldier is when
he’s not on our missions but unless you know how strong he is just seeing him
bust through this giant steel door even though he gets kind of funny with it a
little silly later in the trailer when he’s making all those muscle moves you
see all of his Russian prison tats all over him if you’re not up on crime
thrillers or anything like that Russian tattoos in prisons are a big deal
they’re meant to tell the story of your life so if you’re in prison and you
don’t have tattoos is actually really weird we don’t see him use it in the
trailer but he also does have a shield just like Captain America made to look
like the red Russian star they start talking about family echoing the things
that she said in the future in Avengers endgame they said that this movie would
be a lot of her during the read off of her ledger for
good so that when it came to Avengers endgame that’s why she was so ready to
make that sacrifice so her death in Avengers endgame will make more sense
after you see the Black Widow movie when Red Guardian and taskmaster go at it
this shield here is taskmaster shield it looks a little bit different there are a
whole lot of shields flying around in this movie
this is them literally trying to bring down the Red Room metaphorically and
literally during this movie Yelena Belova firing off a giant rocket
launcher this giant scene with her in this version of the Black Widow uniform
might be happening in the past though it’s kind of hard to chart where some of
these big action set pieces are happening obviously this is just a
fraction of the footage there’s a lot of scenes of her fighting taskmaster that
they did not put in this that they showed up at d23 so that might be in the
next trailer but it’s basically the scene of taskmaster driving her car off
of this bridge then they start fighting each other and you get to see how his
abilities work as he mimics her black widow fighting style I’m sure you have a
ton of questions about what’s going on in present day because the present day
Marvel phase 4 films will take place in 2023 like Spider Man far from home takes
place after avengers endgame this is just the first movie that takes place
before all that happens so I know there’s a lot of questions about whether
or not there’s going to be scenes that connected to present-day maybe through
the Yelena Belova Black Widow character but post all your theories in
the comments below I’ll do more Marvel videos this week so if you have any big
bonus videos based on this Black Widow footage you want me to do just let me
know in the comments congratulations Thomas pitch you’re the first Infinity
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watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!


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  2. My favorite part was her gliding through the air dodging all these broken building pieces while avoiding those bullets being fired at her. I'm so excited for this movie.

  3. I loved the part when David Harbour's character was called 'fat'. I love the comedic moments within an action setting

  4. My favorite part of the trailer isn’t from the movie but it’s the title screen of Natasha with the highlighted red. Looks dope

  5. My favorite moment from the trailer is definitely David harbour’s happy noise after putting on the red guardian suit

  6. I’m excited to see that fight between red guardian and taskmaster. I think it’ll be reminiscent of the highway fight between cap and Bucky in terms of badassity.

  7. We can only hope they don't pull the usual Marvel recipe of introducing an interesting villain only to kill them off.
    Personally I would like to see an end credit scene of Thunderbolt assembling the Thunderbolts.

  8. I thought this takes place after TWS. The timeline of where this fits in the MCU just gives me a headache to think about. Otherwise, the film looks and tone wise is what I expected. Still believe this should've came out a while ago & definitely before Endgame. CM should've released after Endgame. They could've done with her like they did with BP.

  9. I love Natasha’s smile after melina tells alexei he got fat but my favorite moment would probably be yelena’s nod after the gun switch like they were going into a practice fight.

    I think there are 2 reasons people are wondering if the winter soldier will be in it. 1. The maybe given when someone asked if the “you could at least recognize me” was referring to something we haven’t seen yet. 2. In the comics wasn’t he lent to the red room or something? Fully aware they change things but doesn’t mean people don’t hope something they like stays.

  10. I loved the end of the trailer when they are in the air. Looks sick. If widow was gonna release at any time this long break between marvel movies is perfect.

  11. The entire trailer gave me chills with excitement. Im REALLY excited to see how taskmaster will used in other characters stories throughout the MCU. Maybe we will get to see Spidey and Taskmaster go toe to toe🕷🕸

  12. With Natasha black widow being dead maybe this film is to introduce a new black widow for present day (new actress etc) for phase 4
    That would be my guess but I also highly doubt it

  13. Do you think Red Guardian will become a member of the Thunderbolts? I love David Harbour so I really don’t want him to only be in just one MCU movie.

  14. What if Taskmaster is actually Halk-eye but at the end he leaves the suit behind and someone ends up taking the mantle

  15. My favourite part of the trailer was taskmaster showing up and shooting the arrow. (I am subscribed years ago, liked all your videos better than pagey's, shared the video to all my family and friends….. hope i become eligible.)

  16. favorite moment from the trailer Natasha and Yelena's "Hello" fight. most people hug or shake hands when reuniting with friends and family they haven't seen in a long time, these to ladies nope lets try to beat the shit out of each other instead.

  17. Of course, I liked the skydiving clips, but I am really looking forward to the scene where she fights her "sister". I enjoy a good hand to hand combat scene.

  18. Choosing one specific scene is just to hard! This whole trailer was dope! I especially love the new white black widow outfit, and Russian "Captain America" seems like he's going to be very funny.

  19. I’m excited for this black widow movie some people are against it but it’s awesome the white suit is awesome. I think we’re gonna get a hulk cameo somewhere. Especially after he disappears after age of ultron to get a more emotional side out of Natasha

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