Blandford Army Cadet Force video1983.Subtitles.

Blandford Army Cadet Force video1983.Subtitles.


  1. Enjoyed the vid
    Your lucky you live in that area
    The area I live in there wouldn't be much to do but march and rifel practice

  2. I was only the camera man making a training film. Nothing to do personally with the ACF. I am surprised that after all these years no one in the video as yet has come forward.

  3. @russenberger Lee Enfield rifle and Bren gun, it looks like a Sergeant Infantry cadre, in those days we got the Army second hand cast offs, mind you training was simpler then, now we have more up to date equipment, kit and SA80 variant along with LSWs to use, but training is more complicated with risk assessment and forms etc……

  4. omg
    i was a cadet dureing the 1980's i loved the bren and the .303 lee enfield no4 rifle but hated putee's ;p i would give anything to go back the annual camps the weekends away.bivys and bashers hexy blocks and mess tins and compo im glad to have been part of it.this video brings it all flooding back thank you for the post amazeing post !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Haha I just left cadets recently as its getting more and more shite discipline wise and health and safety wise. it's funny to see that cadet with the Bren, half of the cadets that I know now wouldn't be able to carry that thing! Lol I had some great times as a cadet seeing mongs getting bollocked by a rifleman, one time in particular stands out, someone had their webbing undone so the rfn emptied the entire contents of his webbing into the field lol

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